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How I Lowered My Dadโ€™s Blood Pressure In Just A Few days – NO Drugs or Diets.
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5 Best Foods For Lowering Your Blood Pressure, Naturally
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Or you can watch this video about the worst food that increase blood pressure:


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๐ŸŒก The Secret To Living Longer, By Controlling Your Blood Pressure
Imagine if you could
Live longer
Reduce premature death by 27%1
Lower your risk for cardiovascular death and heart disease by 43%1

Simply by controlling your blood pressure levels. No drugs. No diet changes either.

Yesterday I got very important question from Max and he asks:

โ€œHow low is โ€œtoo lowโ€ for blood pressure? Mine is about 105/55. My doctor said that could be too low, but I feel fine. What do you think Dr. Sam? Should I be worried?โ€

As long as you are not feeling dizzy or passing out or feeling weakโ€ฆ then it is totally okay to have that level of blood pressure. There are a lot of โ€œnormalโ€ people walking around with even lower blood pressures of 90/50… on no medication and it is just normal for them.

The only time doctors โ€œshouldโ€ treat low blood pressure is when there are symptoms, such as dizziness, lightheadedness, muscle weakness, fatigue or the experience of passing out. Any of these could result in a bad fall or you passing out while driving – all things we donโ€™t want to happen.

So, low blood pressure is fine. Unlike โ€œhigh blood pressureโ€, which can literally kill you in an instant and why itโ€™s called โ€œthe silent killerโ€.

How To Live Longer

Now, this is a very interesting topic for me because I have a family history of high blood pressure, especially on my dadโ€™s side.

When I was doing research on how to lower my dadโ€™s blood pressure naturally, I discovered that the lower your blood pressure, the healthier you are.

By keeping your blood pressure below 120/80, you could
Live longer
Reduce premature death by 27%1
Lower your risk for cardiovascular death and heart disease by 43%1

Whatโ€™s even more fascinating is that in a detailed analysis of 18 clinical studies of almost ยฝ a million people (498,561 people),3 revealed that people with PRE-hypertension had a

55% increased risk of cardiovascular disease,
50% increased risk of coronary heart disease,
71% increased stroke risk.

Listen carefully – I said, PRE hypertension, which is a systolic level of 140 mmHg. Regular โ€œhypertensionโ€ is over 160 mmHg.

Thus, the typical person walking around, labeled as having โ€œhigh blood pressureโ€ is even WORSE off.

Anyway, the point here is you MUST lower your blood pressure if you want to live longer and feel better.

Because this is such an important topic, Iโ€™ve written a bonus article about how I quickly lowered my dadโ€™s blood pressure by 23% in just a few days, naturally – NO diets. NO exercises.

You can access it by clicking the special link below, in the description area.

Please make sure you take a quick look right now, while itโ€™s fresh on your mind.

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