10 MIN BOOTY ACTIVATION – to grow your glutes / optional: Resistance Band I Pamela Reif


If you want to grow + shape your BOOTY, it’s super duper important to activate those muscles properly & feeeeel them working. A good question is always: when doing squats – does your BOOTY burn or do you only feel your THIGHS? / Anzeige

Those exercises are amazing to target your glutes and really set them on FIRE. I get the best results when I add a resistance band / booty band around my thighs. This forces the sides of my butt to work even harder & reminds me every second of those 10 minutes to engage my booty properly 😀
You can also perform this workout without the band .. but I would really recommend you try it with one 🙂

I do this routine at home or BEFORE I have a leg day with weights. Also for heavy squats, deadlifts, etc: I always make sure I do a booty activation session beforehand, so I hit the muscles in the right way.


♥︎ Your stuck with me for those 10 minutes anyways .. so make sure you use them wisely:

1. Training legs is a lot about the mind-muscle connection. I always try to THINK about the muscle I want to work on (e.g. booty) and concentrate 100% on using this exact muscle when performing a movement.
You can do a squat without thinking about anything .. but you can also do a squat, pushing through your heel, pushing your knees outwards, using the strength of your butt on the way up & finally: SQUEEZE the butt cheeks at the top position.
2. For all Squats: make sure to always push through your HEELS (back of your feet) on your way up. This puts more focus on the booty.
3. Also try to keep your knees behind your toes when you squat down. This is more friendly for the knee joint.


If you need more breaks – TAKE THEM! Don’t worry too much about that. You will improve over time 🙂 that’s the best feeling! The video is in full length which means you can just follow whatever I’m doing 30s for each exercise.

I recommend switching up your workouts to give your muscles enough time to recover and to hit them from different angles. If you want to challenge your body in another way: check out my Ab Workouts, Upper Body Routines or HIIT Videos.


you can find FREE WORKOUT PLANS on my Instagram Channel. 30min, 45min and Beginner Friendly combinations. Check out the Highlight Bubble “Workout Plans” for that.

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  1. We need new video every week We wish you, my sister, to shoot a video of exercises for every muscle in the body with equipment and without equipment such as back workout no equipment, back workout with weights, etc. for all muscles, inner thigh, chest, shoulders, etc. .. Do not tire yourself, only one video In the week Please fulfill our request Also, we need you to download videos that you previously photographed I love you, sister, take good care of yourself, and I only follow your exercises because I love them, so I am asking you all this. I just want to rely on you.

  2. Ich weiß jetzt schon dass ich das bei den vielen Squats am Anfang erst mal nur in den Beinen spüren werde 😅 Vielleicht wäre es einfacher gewesen wenn du als aller erstes die Übungen auf dem Boden gemacht hättest weil man da wirklich sehr isoliert den Po Muskel trainiert und ich finde es dann einfacher danach bei den Squats den Po zu spüren und nicht Hauptsächlich die Beine 😊 Ich denke anderen geht es wahrscheinlich ähnlich da viele diese Mind Muscle Connection noch nicht so besitzen 🙈
    Aber trotzdem super Video man kann es ja trotzdem nach seinem Geschmack machen (wie man es selbst am besten im Po spürt) ich werde einfach in der Mitte anfangen und zum Schluss den Anfang machen 😅

  3. Anyone want to start a group chat on snap where we all motivate each other, work out, do self care, and glow up while in quarantine and don’t judge each other’s body’s I’m 14 but idc how old you are or what you look like I just need more motivation

  4. Hi Pamela, I do your exercises according to you plans every week, and I love them! Your plans really motivate me to exercise.
    This is actually just what I needed, as my but is getting a bit smaller during quarantine, since at home I do not have weights, but I have bands which are cheap!
    More exercises with resistane bands, please! Or any relatively cheap weights to order! Thank you xx

  5. Aren’t Squats a thigh exercise though? I’m always confused about that. Some people say if you want to grow your booty stop making squats because it will mostly affect your thighs but in literally every single butt workout there’s squats 🤔

  6. Hi Pamela! Thank you so much for this video, but because of my problem with my knees, I can't do the first half of this workout. Could you please make a video-workout for the booty but not involving exercises with knees? 🙂

  7. HELLLOOOOOO ❤️ Those exercises are amazing to target your glutes and really set them on FIRE! Also, if you have a stubborn butt, that just doesn't want to grow.. activate it with those kind of movements first 🙂 I get the best results when I add a resistance band / booty band. So if you got one at home: USE IT!

    PS: new Home Workout Plans will be up on my Insta Story this evening. 

    xx Pamela

  8. This is perhaps a very stupid question but I'm new to this fitness and such. But what is the purpose/goal if the band? What are the benefits and such. (I apologize for my English)

  9. das wird heute gemacht! An manchen leg days spüre ich den boote nämlich richtig gut und machmal echt nur die Beine:D danke für deine mühe immer und liebe grüße von mir und meinem Kanal <3

  10. I just did the workout and I feel amazing! Please more workouts with a resistance band! But I wondered if you could film a workout with dumbbells? It could be very cool to train with some weights☺️ (those who dont have a dumbbell could use a water bottle)

  11. Don't do it for a round booty! If you do this every day, I promise you have hip dips after that!
    Quite good exercises in gernerel, but there are too much exercises which train the upper booty muscles..

  12. mein neues Lieblings Workout! so kommt mein resistance band auch mal zum Einsatz 🙂 und nachdem ich schon 100 mal das 10 Minuten booty burn video gemacht habe, ist dieses jetzt mal dran 😀

  13. Ive been doing the 6 pack 10 minute routine from 2 years ago . .its a killer but very good . . . must say Pam looks like shes gone really skinny in the past couple of years . . . .dont lose ant more weight youre gorgeour !! Madfit for me . . . .

  14. I absolutely love your workouts Pamela but I have a question : is there any benefits of not having any breaks ? Because I am kinda struggling to do it without taking breaks

  15. Hi! Pamela, your gym is amazing, i liked it! 🙂 Btw are you naturally so beautiful or is it all about body exercises like these? I am older then you that's sure, but we have kinda similar body shape, except i have more percentage of fat beneath the skin, and less muscle… I would really like to be shaped like this in some 6 months to 1 year. Is it possible? 175 cm/57 kg here.

  16. Gottseidank hat ein mir unbekantes Genie den Spiegel erfunden 🤩🤩 Du bist eine so wunderschöne und starke Frau und ich spüre den Frühling so hart 😍😍 dass ich mich mit diesem Comment einfach nicht zurückhalten konnte. Gute Gesundheit und einen heißen Frühling! 🙂

  17. Can you make another butt workout to do after the activation? Could also be with weights or resistance bands, but still that you can do it from home 🙂

  18. I really liked that you gave a little time to get down to the mat, usually I struggle keeping up with you in this point, loved the workout! ❤️


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