10 Minute Ab & Oblique Sculpter | Total Body Transformation Workout


Have you heard of 11 abs? It’s those two lines in the center of super chiseled abs, and that’s what we’re working toward in today’s Total Body Transformation workout! This means targeting those middle abs and transverse abdominals.

Last week’s weighted arm workout inspired me to do something I’ve NEVER done before… a weighted ab routine!! Don’t forget – this video can still be done without a weight or with any object you have laying around like a book or can of soup!

You have 8 ab moves today. We’ll do each for 1 minute with a 15 second break in between. They are:

1. Twisting Crunch (R)
2. Twisting Crunch (L)
3. One Arm Roll Up (R)
4. One Arm Roll Up (L)
5. Boat Infinities
6. Twisting Side Plank (R)
7. Twisting Side Plank (L)
8. Shoulder Tap Plank

Workout starts at 2:23!

March workout calendar: https://www.blogilates.com/march-2020-workout-calendar/

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My outfit & yoga mat are from: http://www.popflexactive.com


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With a wide range of free workout videos available, Cassey’s channel focuses on ab exercises, butt & thigh exercises, arm exercises, pilates, cardio routines, fat burning workouts, high intensity interval training workouts (HIIT), stretching and flexibility routines and so much more!


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  1. Question for anyone out there. I don't have diastasis recti but after 2 kids I just want to be on the safe side. Is it even worth it to do the shoulder tap plank if I did it on my knees? Is that actually a workout? I know with planks on my toes, that I can start strong but it starts straining the abdomen in a way that I'm not comfortable with. I'm wondering if it would be better to alternate that move with something else.

  2. OHHH thanks for enlightening me on the "11 abs". I've seen quite a lot of videos here on YouTube about it and me being super dumb, I thought it meant that you basically had lots of lines showing hahaha. You hairstyle with that scrunchie is so cute! I loved the new first move. THe side plank with a weight? Not so much, but I'm fine. It's fine!

  3. Cassey I'm so happy that you're using weights again in your videos!! I bought a pair of weights initially to use for the Awesomesauce Arms workout, it's so nice to have new videos to use them with!!

  4. Side planks are one of those moves that I never can seem to do right. For the twisting version, is it ok if I twist both of my feet? I can't seem to keep the front one flat on the ground like you did. Thanks for a ton for all you do and for these videos!!

  5. Cassey: Don't worry if you don't have a weight, you can use a book instead.
    Me: picks up hardcover copy of The Deluxe Food Lover's Companion from the shelf next to me I got this 📗💪🏼

  6. Hi Casey, Tom from Chasing News on My 9 and Fox 5. We would like to set up an interview with you about Apartment workouts. Please let us know the best way to reach out to you. regards, Tom DiDonato

  7. Hey Cassey, do you have any advice on how to convince unhealthy parents to change their ways? I started working out with your videos and eating healthier, but unfortunately my mom has become extremely panicked at this- she thinks that I'm anorexic even though I'm 5' 6 and 130 pounds, and refuses to let me exercise more than 10 min a day. She has freaked out that I'm starving myself and is constantly trying to get me to eat junk food(cookies, chips, etc) and insisting that I have a full bowl of rice at every meal. I'm not losing weight right now either, in fact I'm gaining weight from this…

  8. What do you mean we've never done this before!? We did do another abs workout with a pink wight! It was sooo hard, but at some point I was able to do it without pausing <3 Love

  9. I like this new 10min series, Idk what it is, but if I can put it into words, it's very straight forward (I can decide if its right for me based on your intro) and I like being able to choose three 10min videos for a 30min work out. I like to do a couple of your HIIT videos and do a target video like this. Plus these new videos have some nice low mod cardio in them 🙂 Very nice.

  10. My supporting shoulder hurts so much when I do side planks even though I think my form is okay! Anyone have any tips? I always fall out of my plank in like 10 seconds because of my shoulder which gets super annoying!!

  11. do you have videos for beginners? im new to exercise and found this very challenging, some moves in terms of balance or it was hard on the knees or elbows to have put weight on them against the floor. thanks

  12. My absolute favorite new video!!!!!!! Im ALL about adding the weights to my body workouts! LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! Thank you SO MUCH CASSEY!!!! In my opinion YOU'RE THE FREAKEN BEST!!!! I truly wish I had you as my own personal trainer!🤗💗🤗💗🤗💗🤗💗🤗💗🤗💗

  13. LOVED this workout, I haven’t been active for around a week and it was the perfect pace and difficulty to get me motivated for more morning quarantine workouts!

  14. I think you create well produced content when it comes to visuals, music, set up of the video, intro, your speaking abilities, attitude, ability to connect to the camera… all quality. I am continually unimpressed, however, by the quality of your workouts themselves.
    I only know your teaching style through this limited online scope, but what I have watched without comment for the past half decade is disappointing. With the resources you likely have access to, the connections you probably have or could make, and the experience you have in the fitness/Pilates world in general, you should work towards a legitimate traditional Pilates certification. If you already have one, there is LITTLE TO NO evidence of this acquired skill set in any of your videos, or it was a crap cert. The training in understanding alignment, breath, and CUING, would do wonders for the effectiveness of your classes. The fact that you've been doing this for YEARS, have millions of subscribers, AND your channel is called blogilates perplexes me more than anything. (do you just like the way it sounds?) To a lesser degree, it seems like an insult and disservice to Pilates and Contrology as a movement system/tool for connecting with the body and spirit. Worse still, advanced athletes and Pilates literate people could easily read your channel as lightweight scam on beginner to intermediate people who may not know enough to be critical and to question what or how you're teaching.
    "And you're just gonna go UP… then all the way back down. Just like so. Good you guys…" is not going to cut it anymore…. I get that every teacher has a style, but that is not a style of teaching. That is passive non-critical regurgitation of words. That is not sufficient for proper engagement, understanding alignment, or flowing breath into your movement patterns. Common mistakes? Alignment corrections? Why? Why not? I want to know how YOU understand the body/movement, and then I want you to tell me. (I like that you mentioned the transverse abdominis, that's new, but does it seem like you know what it does? – side lying twists to prioritize TVA connection – Maybe, maybe not) It's nice to be able to teach to beginners with very little understanding of their anatomy and different modalities of movement, and yes, it's easier to do so because… it's for beginners, or because your target group is (possibly) mostly casual (#insta) exercisers rather than athletes, but at some point it seems you use this reality as a crutch that informs how Basic™ your content continues to be. The underlying "why" of each exercise and how it connects at a deeper level to the "why" of the routine, and beyond that, the "why" of the style of movement and body connection that make the movement Contrology is important! Again, love your production quality, energy, and attitude… those things are great to have and hard to come by, but those are the LAST things I am concerned about when it comes to moving our bodies. Understand the human body, understand your own body, understand your clients. And don't forget to exhale completely!

    PS.(exhalation and simple limb movement activate your TVA)


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