10 Winter Outfit Ideas | Sammi Maria


10 Winter outfits for cold weather – Which number is your favourite? Links below
*these outfits are layer-able, they are for Inspo so feel free to wear thermals and/or huge coats over top at your leisure 😉

Silver Arc necklace – https://www.sammimaria.com/products/paris-arc-necklace
Silver stacked hoop earrings – https://www.sammimaria.com/products/london-stacked-hoops
Silver chain necklace – https://www.sammimaria.com/products/new-york-chain-necklace

Top – Topshop http://bit.ly/383Q1Bt
Jeans – Topshop http://bit.ly/2UryjUz
Blazer – Mango (Similar from Stories http://bit.ly/3805ClO)
Boots – Topshop http://bit.ly/2v6qFoc
Bag – Stories http://bit.ly/30zcOlP
Brown jacket – Glassworks

Jumper – Stories http://bit.ly/2SlIyXZ
Jeans – Topshop http://bit.ly/2UryjUz
Boots – Topshop http://bit.ly/381fknL
Coat – Allsaints http://bit.ly/3bhgAFi (Similar – ASOS http://bit.ly/371v9tt)

Top – Topshop http://bit.ly/31sl9Zb
Joggers – Topshop http://bit.ly/3be9Bx4
Boots – Zara
Coat – RUVE https://ruveshop.com/collections/womens-clothing/products/cliva-jacket
Bag – Stories http://bit.ly/30zcOlP

Jumper – Stories http://bit.ly/2H3LpPT
Trousers – Topshop http://bit.ly/3aCYcXm
Blazer – ASOS (similar – Topshop http://bit.ly/2ndoNpR)
Boots – Topshop http://bit.ly/381fknL
Bag – Prada
Necklace – Missoma http://bit.ly/2Uurwd0

Jumper – Stories http://bit.ly/2KYto8c
Jeans – Topshop http://bit.ly/2G3AS70
Blazer – ASOS (similar – Topshop http://bit.ly/2ndoNpR)
Coat – Stories http://bit.ly/2KZKG4S
Boots – Topshop http://bit.ly/2v6qFoc
Hat – ACNE http://bit.ly/2Sp4dOO
Scarf – ACNE http://bit.ly/3b986QN

Jumper – Pretty miserable https://coolulu.com/collections/prettymiserable/products/prettymiserable-unisex-sweatshirt-socially-awkward?variant=31613209247830
Jeans – Topshop http://bit.ly/2UryjUz
Coat – Glassworks
Air force 1’s http://bit.ly/39925lc

Cardigan – Stories http://bit.ly/2tBnqom
Skirt – Realisation Par https://uk.realisationpar.com/the-naomi-wild-things/
Coat – Glassworks
Bag – Prada
Boots – Stories http://bit.ly/2KxMvrN

Jumper – Stories http://bit.ly/2tBnFjg
Trousers – Topshop http://bit.ly/2twcNTB
Coat – http://bit.ly/2H1OU9u
Boots – Topshop http://bit.ly/2v6qFoc
Bag – Stories http://bit.ly/30zcOlP

Tee – Topshop http://bit.ly/2OtDq2O
Trousers – Topshop (Similar – Mango http://bit.ly/2vLziVl)
Coat – Stories http://bit.ly/2KZKG4S
Boots – Topshop http://bit.ly/381fknL
Necklace – Sammi Maria https://www.sammimaria.com/products/new-york-chain-necklace

Shirt – Topshop http://bit.ly/2FUhnxM
Leather leggings – http://bit.ly/3869hyg
Boots – Topshop http://bit.ly/2v6qFoc
Beanie – ASOS http://bit.ly/2umkfRJ
Coat – Topshop http://bit.ly/2umkE6H

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  1. wow I'm so early lol ok so: i love EVERY single outfit, details and all… literally nothing felt like it was too little or too much. this is lowkey why i stuck around ever since i discovered this channel, our senses of style are extremely similar (despite me not getting the chances to dress like this most of the time loool) love you Sammi and i hope you feel better soon! take care of yourself and everything will be okay. x

  2. Honestly, every morning when I get dressed for work I always think, what would Sammi wear? You always kill it!!! I live for your styling videos. Always inspiring me!!!

  3. hey sammi! I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for many of us! You helped me find/express my style, you made me fall in love with fashion, thank you! xx

  4. I’m torn between the jeans with the white sweater/ grey hat/ black coat and the all grey outfit.
    They’re all fantastic thank you for this video sammi.

  5. Can you do an outfits video on how to dress casual but put together when you have a day all day in the city? Specifically on good shoes that are good to walk in and bags that are good on the tube/train

  6. Come through, Sammi! #3 was a whole vibe! #5 with black coat…casual but put together; my uniform. #10 was giving me model off duty; cool girl…like very cool girl. So good!

  7. Hey Sammi, I was wondering if you have no profile picture on your account currently, or if it just doesnt show up when i watch your channel (in which case i thought it might be handy for you to know). Anyway love the video as always ♥️♥️ much love

  8. They are obviously nice, but I would not wear anything stomach revealing in winter, that’s just calling for a cold or something. It’s bad for the kidneys as well. Also your joints will thank you one day for keeping them warm instead of knees out ankles out.
    It should be titled spring outfits or something, as this is misleading and will cause young audience to dress like that and freeze for fashion.

  9. I don’t know why it took me so long to watch this – I LOVED IT. Please keep these coming. Clever styling and you look bloody fabulous. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  10. You are still, by a mile, my favourite fashion youtuber on here. Your styles videos are a dream and always inspire me. You never abandon your style, just incorporate trends into it. Loveeee 💜😍


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