14 DAY PANDEMIC GROCERY HAUL! What I’m buying to survive a quarantine (Trader Joe’s Edition)


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I hope that today you are safe and healthy. Times are so crazy right now. for the entire world. Sam and I are self quarantining right now, trying to minimize contact with others. Our entire team is working from home indefinitely. Gyms, restaurants, and bars are forced to be closed right now. Many of my friends are on lock down. It’s just a matter of time until LA is on lock down too.

I went to Trader Joe’s this morning to stock up on 2 weeks worth of groceries. It was eerie to see people lined up outside the store…and weird to be counted into the store as customers were counted out. Luckily, when I went in the morning, everything was pretty much stocked so I got what I needed. On Instagram you guys wanted to know what I bought so I decided to film this video for you.

My heart aches for the people out there who won’t be getting a paycheck this week, those who can’t pay for groceries, and can’t pay for rent due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. I pray that you can get what you need to make it through this difficult time. I realize I am very very fortunate – being able to even buy groceries is a privilege.

I hope today’s pandemic grocery haul video brings some minute level of joy or freshness into your quarantined life. I’m sharing with you my healthy pandemic grocery haul staples like cauliflower rice, coconut aminos, sweet potato gnocchi, eggs, chicken breast, green beans, shishito peppers, baby bell peppers and tomatoes as well as more “normal people” grocery haul staples like bread, tortillas, ice cream, mochi, ravioli, cheese, cereal, rice, pita bread etc.

Let’s all please remember to be nice to each other in these crazy times. And please please please, pay attention to the CDC and watch out for updates from your local government! We all need to work TOGETHER to help save one another, especially the elderly.

Sending you my love and strength to you and your family.


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  1. Please do some cooking / what I eat videos with these ingredients!! Some of the things you mentioned in the video sound delicious already (breakfast burrito, sushitto peppers, etc)

  2. The title isn't really gonna help with the panic buying. In my country you can't get everywhere yoghurt or other stuff anymore. That's really frustrating because we need groceries for 6 people.

  3. Great video! I see what people are saying about using the word "pandemic" but the WHO said it's a "global pandemic" so I, personally, don't see a problem with the word…. since it's accurate.

    It's interesting to see all the stuff you buy and what you eat versus what Sam eats. My husband (also named Sam lol) eats a lot more carbs than I do, so usually when we make food, his will have rice and mine won't, or he'll have bread with soup, and I'll just have soup, etc. It's cool to see that you and your husband do the same thing. It really makes the most sense for tall men to just eat more carbs than their short, tiny wives lol (I'm 5'3)

    I would love to see some cheap, clean eats videos, or even just little demos on IG if you get bored!

    P.S. I am so glad to hear that you are self-isolating, so many people (even here in Canada) aren't taking it seriously yet. I'm glad you're using your platform to show that this is actually a serious issue and people should self-isolate even if they aren't showing symptoms themselves. It's good for us and everyone else to simply self-isolate for at least 14 days.

    P.P.S. I'm doing your 14 day quarantine workout and it's just what I needed to get out of my slump I've been in since the beginning of February! It's tough but not too tough, but also all my muscles hurt and it's only the 4th day!

  4. Stop hoarding people! It´s so ignorant and you are messing up other peoples lives when they can´t get food because everything is sold out. Shop like usual and everyone will be fine.

  5. Are you sure that half a grocery store will last you 2 weeks? But screw reasonable people who because of panic fed sheep can't do their groceries now.

    EDIT Not calling you a sheep here but your video helps to enable and encourage that behaviour. You prioritised comfort over necessities in difficult times. Instead of showing off how comfy your isolation will be you should be providing viewers with tips how to stock on healthy necessities.

  6. You guys are so over sensitive it’s ridiculous. She didn’t buy an outrageous amount, if this was a month prior none of you would be in her comments section like this. If you don’t like the video don’t watch. Throw yourself a pity party if it makes you feel better.

  7. they say it in the radio, the tv, everywhere, all the time: DON'T HOARD GROCERIES. even our politicians say it repeatedly… if everyone would just keep buying the things and amounts they normally buy, everything would be fine. however, with people out there who hoard food, there is not enough left for those who really need it or can't carry such huge amounts home (old or weak people). please, do not animate people to panic-buy such amounts…

    this is the first video of you that makes me seriously upset. and probably the only video of you that I will ever dislike.

  8. I really dont think it is an appropriate time to post this type of content or at least with that title & thumbnail. Sure you arent hoarding / panic buying but its still quite a sensitive time. Would probably be better if u filmed a week of what you & your husband (and even your dog) ate instead of what you bought during this period of time.

  9. I don't know why everyone is mad, she's showing people how to buy the important stuff, she's not hoarding, she's not buying 30 things of toilet paper its just "hey im as stressed as u guys are, come shopping with me and lets NOT panic buy" like? y'all are mad

  10. You’re not in quarantine. Being in quarantine means that you know someone who has or may have COVID-19 and you have to remain in isolation because of this. You are SOCIAL DISTANCING to ensure that you and or others do not get the virus.

  11. You guys, this looks like a regular grocery shopping trip for my family. That's all i'm sayin'. There is no borderline for what is "hoarding" and what is "not hoarding" yet, so you can't accuse someone of hoarding (even if it's easy because they're a celebrity). Hoarding, at this stage in this situation, is not a measurable thing unless you are trying to decide what is "hoarding" for YOU PERSONALLY– which is the most important thing right now. So please, for the time being, until we get a more definitive measure of "hoarding", refrain from accusing a regular-sized shopping trip for some as "hoarding".

  12. To the people offended by this video, they’re buying food to last WEEKS. My normal grocery bill is around $400 a month. I spend around $100 a week on average. For one person. In all reality this will increase. If anyone is in need of any additional assistance there are a lot of local options to help with baby supplies, warm food and toiletries. Contact your local 211.

  13. so selfish! DON'T HOARD. it's simple. your behaviour makes other people panic because they are standing in front of empty shelves. think about your actions.

  14. You know, maybe it would have been a better choice to put some new apartement-friendly workouts up? With no equipment or only a mat? This is a bit of a strange choice right now. Some people are on deaths door or in lockdown where I live.

  15. Y'all, she didn't buy 5+ of anything. She bought 2 items if it was a staple & only 1 of most other things. This is NOT hoarding in any shape or form. I don't personally agree with the whole quarantine thing, BUT If the government says everyone stay at home for two weeks and my family eats a box a cereal a week….then when I go to the store I would buy two boxes so I don't need to run to the store again during that time. That is Exactly what Cassey did here. Cassey don't listen to any of these negative comments, I thought your video was cute and helped bring alittle laughter to a stay-at-home day. ***Also Y'all, She bought mostly veggies. Did anyone stop to notice that she only bought ONE carton of eggs, ONE loaf of bread, ONE quart of milk!???? The staples that are blank on the shelves everywhere were NOT what she got extra on….
    Love you Cassey & I hope you will ignore all these negative people <3

  16. Social distancing is staying inside as much as possible and that's what she is doing. Trust me, I've seen hoarding and this is not hoarding! On a positive note, I appreciate you, Cassey, for putting up free at home workouts!! I've becoming restless and it's been hard not being able to go outside. Doing your workouts has made me less anxious <3
    Don't listen to these fools!!

  17. Hey Cassey, I've been reading some of the comments and I hope you don't let them get to you. I appreciate a video from you during this time. Life is changing so drastically and having your vids makes it all feel a little less weird. Also, I know my family wouldn't be able to purchase groceries like you, but that is in no way your fault. So don't listen to all these people complaining about their situation or about the tone of the vid. There are some people who don't mind and actually are happy to see a new vid from you. Ik I was. Stay safe and healthy. We'll get through this.

  18. That specific Traders Joe's is always SUPER crowded too. I avoided that one and went to it's other nearby stores, plus I feel that their parking lot can only hold 15 cars. Thanks for the great vid and your positive light!

  19. Y’all need to chill. She’s not buying a crap ton of toilet paper or hand sanitizer. She’s buying food for 2 weeks so she doesn’t have to go to the grocery store. If I had the privilege to work from home i would do the exact same thing, but I’m a nurse so I still have to work. I get that everyone Is stressed out I’m one of those people, but attacking her isn’t going to do any good. My heart goes out to anyone who lost their job due to this virus. Remember we are in this together. Let’s be kind to one another instead of attacking each other.

  20. People complain so much! Thanks for giving us content.! I like seeing how healthy people grocery haul instead of seeing only processed frozen food options. Don’t mind the negative comments.

  21. Trust me people, it's not hoarding. I saw people buying 30 boxes of frozen pizza at one time or more than 10 packets of toilet paper in my country XD i agree that the title should be different, but please stop being so sensitive about it lol

  22. This is a regular amount of food for two weeks so people can stop complaining about her hoarding. Cassey wanted to be honest and relatable with us, most people are buying for two weeks right now. I do wish my grocery store was like your Trader Joe's. I would gladly wait outside in line if it gave people time to stock the shelves and decrease the amount of panic purchases. Grocery stores in Northern BC are looking pretty sparse right now in a lot of sections. I really do need to buy a bag of rice and bag of flour and there is none on the shelves anywhere.

  23. People are so annoying. This is NOT hoarding. Shes buying enough food for herself & herself for two weeks. She also lives a healthy livestyle so she may eat more as well and need more food than the average sedentary individual as well.

  24. I don’t think you did anything wrong. If you were truly panic buying, you would’ve gotten like 10-20 of everything in the store but you didn’t. However maybe alter the title of the video? Just because this is a very stressful and even triggering time for a lot of people. Just a suggestion

  25. It's kind of fun to see what kind of food you eat. You did well and have a nice healthy variety. I have a bunch of chicken noodle soup and spam! LOL. I have other stuff, too, but definitely not a healthy variety like you. And no, this is not hoarding. Who says that? My parents would do monthly grocery shopping and then only buy 'fresh' items like bread/milk/eggs as we ran out during the month. Hoarding is 5 big packs of toilet paper and 10 loaves of bread….

  26. This is awesome! You’re showing us exactly what they’ve asked us to do. Stock up for two weeks so you’re not going out shopping unnecessarily. I applaud you for that and also: wow! Having to make two separate meals is not easy! I would be like “Forget that! Gimme the carbs!” 😋

  27. Watched this video right after finishing 19th day of March workout! Thanks for keeping me busy and entertained throughout my quarantine!! Broke the boredom for a bit🥰

  28. I usually go to the groceries once a week and buy enough to last for… well… a week. But a few weeks ago I decided to buy enough for an emergency 2 week quarantine in case anyone here got sick and I had to stay indoors for a fortnight. It's shocking how much you need to buy if you want to be well fed and have toiletries for 2 weeks. I was calling myself crazy for buying so much but now I'm glad I did… I'm still not touching that stuff because you never know how bad the situation might get, and I might not want to or be allowed to go grocery shopping IF – God forbid – any of my loved ones around me fall ill…
    I honestly hate this situation. I'm terribly scared and worried. I hope we make it through unscathed.
    I live in Germany and lots of shops, restaurants, clubs etc. are closed now. So are playgrounds. But that doesn't stop people from gathering there. I don't understand their ignorance. How can anyone be so incredibly careless and selfish ? Honestly, don't they think cops don't have anything better to do than patrolling such public places and send people home ?

  29. I get that she put up the disclaimer to make people feel better, but as someone who can’t afford to buy all of that it’s hard to watch. It is a sensitive time and while it might not be hoarding, it’s a hell of a lot more than I can afford. Especially to people who are losing their jobs right now and are worried about food, watching one of your favorites stock up on a ton of things you wish you could have doesn’t make you feel incredible. I know she meant well, but it felt insensitive. I love you Cassey, but this wasn’t the move

  30. omg instant deabo. what a shame🤦🏼‍♀️ everybody says to stop panic buying but you as a rolemodel encourage everybody who watches this video to do it

  31. Haha I’m watching this video on my phone while working out to another one on my T.V.! Thank you for sharing your picks, I’ll definitely be picking up some of these things after the quarantine is over 😂

  32. How about making videos on how we can all help and support those who need it the most! Let's spread some more love and think of everyone especially those living day to day

  33. At my local stores, people frantically filled their carts with things that didn’t even make sense and will be in the trash once this is over with. It’s good to see what a reasonable pantry looks like. And YouTube was already chock-full of things I can’t afford, so watching this doesn’t break my heart.

  34. This video is so misjudged, it's unreal. You must realise how privileged you are to be able to go out, have fun buying a frankly HUGE amount of food and then make a haul video for goodness sake. I honestly think it's great that you have created a career that will not be on the line at all even if you have to stay home for a couple of months, even if you did get ill (and I hope you don't) you could get better at home, not post or create any content and you would still have a legion of subscribers to welcome you back. So many people in your country and mine, let alone people in poor countries are in a completely opposite situation. I know you added a disclaimer but the fact you felt it necessary to even write one should have maybe given you a clue that you had veered off what should be a clear path. This video is vulgar.

  35. while she might not be hoarding, i don’t think this video is appropriate for the sensitive time being. the title and generally the whole idea of this video is insensitive and seems tone deaf. not really sure a monetized, grocery “pandemic” haul video to “survive” a quarantine is needed at the moment. 😕 yes, i understand that people can simply not watch the video if they do not agree with it, but that does not mean we cannot criticize after watching. the internet works both ways.

  36. In an effort to self quarantine and save money have been living off of protein powder and peanut butter for the last five days lol. Hope everyone is staying safe out there!

  37. I honestly don’t understand why everyone is getting so pressed in the comments. She went out and bought all this food so she wouldn’t have to go back out and risk getting sick. She had a disclaimer on this video, so if this was a touchy subject for you right now you should’ve clicked out. She understood that this is a difficult time right now and not everyone is able to buy this much food. She was just sharing what she bought at the store and for that I don’t think everybody should be attacking her.

  38. Sorry, but this is not a normal load of food for 2 weeks 😅 Maybe for 4 people. Especially as you already had lots of food at home. At this stage, its fine to have a small stock of 1 week worth of food.

  39. Lots of people complaining in the comments, but what did you guys expect? She eats healthy and if she can afford it she WILL eat healthy and buy fun things to eat while in quarentine, like, come on. Plus there are LOTS of healthy alternatives to buy and still be healthy. I can't afford what she gets but I can afford to make it myself. For example: freeze bananas (super cheap) and make and ice cream with that, buy dry beans, lentils and chickpeas, those last really long, are nutritious, have vitamins and you can make burgers and vegetarian chili. Potatoes are also not that expensive, and roasted ones are great. Personally I am so happy for Cassey, that she can be well in these times. She is trying to entertain us. If you want survival tips there are TONS of videos on youtube on what to get. This channel is for positive vibes, love, sharing, staying healthy and support. SHE GIVES US FREE WORK OUT VIDEOS FOR GOD'S SAKE AND SHE EVEN MADE A SPECIAL PLAN FOR THE QUARENTINE FOR US, SO GIVE HER A BREAK.

  40. Questions I have to ask everyone:

    1. How is this hoarding? She got exactly what she plans to eat and no more than that?

    2. How is this panic buying? Did you see the grocery store? It was fully stocked and Cassey would have never bought more otherwise. If you really think she's a good person, you would know that.

    3. If Cassey eats 3 meals a day for 14 days that's 42 meals for her and that's 42 meals for her husband. That's 84 meals in total, which is exactly what that looks like. If she rarely eats out in real life, then that's going to be a LOT of cooking.

    4. Finally, would you rather Cassey go out to the store only every other day (3-4x a week) and risk infection herself or spread infection if she is asymptomatic or stay home for 2 weeks? It sounds like you all are asking her to get people sick or get sick herself, so you all are kind of the problem.

  41. When someone makes a haul of expensive clothing does anyone get upset? No. So why are people getting upset about this? Her job is making FREE workout videos and all of her videos are for OUR benefit. So if she wants to buy healthy food to keep up the lifestyle she needs to keep putting out videos for us, good for her!!! You don’t need expensive clothes but you do need food to survive.

  42. this video and the comment section is really disappointing… nobody is saying that she shouldn’t have access to this food/she doesn’t deserve it, the problem is that low-income families can’t afford to stock up like this, so when people buy groceries in bulk there isn’t enough stock left for them. if someone is living paycheck to paycheck, there’s no way they can afford to buy four weeks worth of food at once. mass-buying food products is leaving the poor to starve

  43. Guys will you all CALM DOWN?? Jeez. I wonder if ya'll watch vids of rich people showing their houses and attack them because there are homeless people out there in the streets. Or go on pregnancy announcement vids and bash the prego women for showing off because there are women who can't have children…Cassey is out there buying food for a quarantine, that wild wild lady someone please stop her…

  44. I'm sensing some bandwagon comments. She shopped at a fully stocked grocery store, and purchased an appropriate amount of food especially if you are preparing to stay at home for a long period of time.

    Research the best foods to buy. Get simple foods you'd actually eat and enjoy. Make a list (and stick to it). Try not to buy all at once. Do what is within budget. Don't get emotional from watching what someone else bought.

  45. Omg, why people are so sensitive. You just did a good amount of shopping that will last for 2 weeks. Finally someone is buying healthy foods, Other people just buying the whole supermarket. Doesn't make sense why people need 10kg sugar, rice and pasta, like its the end of the world. Dont listen to the haters. If you could, would be nice to share healthy recipe ideas with us. Thank you. I would like to buy food dor 2weeks so I dont have to go shopping two times a week,but I have a small fridge and tiny freezer.At least I have brown rice,people are not buying healthy foods :D.

  46. Yeah, people getting upset here have absolutely no reason to be. She will eat all this food eventually. If you’re not stocking up, then don’t complain about those of us who are. Some people aren’t able to afford a large amount of groceries, this does not qualify u to make everyone else feel guilty when they’ve worked so they can. Save money, put yourself in a position where you’re not living paycheck to paycheck. Live frugally until you’re able to save. People blow their money on fast food and fashion without thinking to save and cause themselves more trouble. Stores stock up for this exact reason. Chill out just let people live

  47. Thank you for sharing healthcare ideas! Also, buying 2 weeks worth of groceries is what the government currently recommends (for those complaining). And this seems like a pretty normal amount of food for 2 people eating every meal at home.

  48. Contrary to the myriad of angry comments I think now is the time to be open and outward with our lives; share our moments in any way we can. I'm a baker and I got laid off yesterday but I refuse to let negativity take over; we just do what we can and keep smiling. Anyways, I really like this haul and all the tips and tricks. In fact, I'd love to see more of these once everything goes back to normal. Perhaps it would be fun to do price-limited grocery haul challenges for a week, 2 weeks, etc? 🙂 But for now the snack ideas are awesome 👌

  49. Dude that is like my normal groceries for my family LOL(minus the non vegan food obviously) so it may seem like a lot to some people but to me its really not.

  50. $278 for what you bought is so gosh damn expensive!!!! I don't think it would've cost that much where I live.

    I can understand where people are coming from with the whole "some people can't afford to buy that much", "some of us will be left with nothing" etc. I did have some apprehensions before watching the video BUT she's doing the smart thing by not doing too many trips and stocking up. Plus, she bought quite a lot for Sam (which I found super sweet!) and not too much for herself, especially if you're not counting all the sauces & condiments. Both of them are keeping their lifestyle – they are different people with different tastes AND diets

  51. You bought a little of many things, this is the smart way to do it.. Think about it what would you buy if you did not have the ability to buy groceries every week. You would buy a little of "everything". It would be wonderfull if everyone did it like this 🙂 Hugs from Denmark (also in semi quarantine, I have to go to work some days)

  52. Hey guys, I've spent the last few hours responding to comments and thoroughly reading through your concerns with this video. I understand that we are in hard times right now and that all the news we're receiving about COVID-19 is giving ALL OF US anxiety. When the W.H.O. announced that the Coronavirus was officially a worldwide "Pandemic", I got really concerned. Restaurants, bars, gyms, and public gatherings were all forced to close and then everyone was encouraged to begin self-quarantining to help flatten the curve. Here's the thing – we all need to work together and stay inside for this to work. So that's what I'm doing.

    But of course, seeing how divided we are on this issue, and how much news is being shared, I can see that no one knows what to believe right now…

    I am sorry if this video hurt you in some way. That is not intention. My goal ALWAYS is to help you find the JOY in everything you do – be it in fitness, cooking, or just doing you! The point of the video was to show you how to stock up for a quarantine in a healthy and realistic way for 2 adults with 2 different diets, one "health freak" and one "normal"! I had only seen hauls with lots of canned and processed stuff that I wouldn't eat so I wanted to show you my haul.

    Look, I know I am privileged to be able to buy 2 weeks worth of groceries at once. If you watch the video (which I feel like a lot of people did not because most of the negative comments came within minutes of me uploading an 11 min video hmmmmm) I already address this. To those who are without a paycheck and are struggling through this, I am so sorry and my heart aches for you. I have friends in the same situation and I have personally reached out to them. I pray that someone will reach out to you too. And I pray that you get what you need to get through this soon.

    Finally, let me just say this: less visits to the grocery store = less chances for me to get the disease = less chances for me to give the virus to my senior family members = less chances for elderly people to get Coronavirus.

    Please be safe and stay healthy. Let's all do our part to keep one another from getting sick!

    Love you guys and see you for our next workout. <3 Cassey

  53. I am also going to join the comments by saying that where I live you could never buy that much food for such an amount of money. As we expect prices of groceries to rapidly increase, for me you have made reasonable choices! Much love (Under quarantine as well) ❣️

  54. Hey Cassey, your positivity is always very much needed ❤️ I live in northern Italy and the situation here is horrible..people are dropping like flies, there are towns where the church bells just keep ringing all day (which is a sign of mourning here kind of) because so many people just keep dying. It’s horrific. Funerals aren’t permitted, so coffins are just being hoarded in the churches..the intensive care units and the healthcare system are on the brink of collapse, there just aren’t enough ventilating machines to keep all patients breathing..it’s horrible. Please stay safe xx This virus knows no limits, age and health don’t mean you can’t get it and can’t suffer..please stay safe xxx Thanks for the positivity you always bring ❤️

  55. People just love to hate this girl why are they mad now? Cause they cant afford 2 weeks of groceries? Thats not her fault i mean i dont have enough to stock up for 2 weeks either but thats noones fault

  56. Thank you for making this video. I love that creators are still putting out content during this time it’s really helping me escape everything that’s been going on. I just want you to know I appreciate everything you do

  57. So a lot of people are hating on her because she can afford two weeks of groceries! I understand that many are struggling but if everyone that could stuck up like this ,did, the stores would be safer for everyone else!

  58. There are tons of people on YouTube posting grocery hauls for the quarantine. Just search Costco haul and you’ll see people spending $500,600 even 1000 something on groceries to stock up. I don’t know why people are getting so upset at her trying to be prepared so she won’t risk getting herself, her family and OTHERS sick. This internet bullying has to stop. I’m not normally one to comment on videos but this is seriously ugly.


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