14 hour road trip with my dog ♡ VLOG 32


drive to the east coast with my pup + our first week of isolated adventures ✨
follow the adventures more closely on my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kalynnicholson13/

in case you don’t make it to the end of the video or miss that part of the chat, *I am self-isolating* and I’m on my second week now. Larissa decided she felt comfortable visiting//bubbling with me but aside from that its been isolation station for Bent and I until mid-next week 💛

Road Trip Chapters 🚙:
00:30 – where we’re going and why
01:15 – how long the drive will be
02:30 – road trip BEGINS!
04:19 – destination one complete!
07:27 – road trip day to BEGINS!
07:48 – airbnb tour
09:30 – morning routine day one
10:24 – updates from the car
13:03 – best friend things
14:00 – a mini sunset night routine
15:30 – final updates ✨

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  1. Can someone explain what the self isolation rules are in Canada to me? They must be different in the states….. Self quarantine (meaning no contact with others, no grocery stores, gas stations, etc.) is mandatory for a full 2 weeks after travel here. This is especially a concern for those with compromised immune systems. Just want to keep the health of these two beauties in mind <3

  2. I could never live anywhere but the Maritimes. Don't even think I could leave Nova Scotia. I love the smell of the ocean and am no more than 20 minutes away from at least 5 beaches. Enjoy your time in Moncton, it's beautiful! Glad you are self-isolating too. We've worked hard on keeping our cases low in the Atlantic bubble.

  3. I am just so dang happy for you, my heart is smiling. Thanks for vlogs!!🥰 and sending Larissa so many prayers, love and hugs. It was good to see her in the vlogs again!💕

  4. Are you isolating from you parents and sister or do all of your bubble plan to isolate for 2 weeks? If your visiting them and theyre not isolating then it’s really isolation or a bubble lol

  5. Hello from France ! I love this video so much. I felt so peaceful while I'm watching this. This road trip is all I needed and I'm so happy to see you so happy too. 💜

  6. Moving away from Toronto was the smartest thing you could have done. Paying that much just for a roof over your head puts a lot of pressure on a person. I follow a lot of Canadians on here and it makes so much sense, if you work online, to live where you want. As long as your happy and have Internet it's smart to take advantage of being able to live somewhere with livable realeastate.

  7. I really like you video and how calm, happy, and peaceful you express to me. I need to say I really love your place. It's such a good and natural place where I want to visit. I hate the caos and places full of people. I wish you luck and please keep your positive energy well. I love it so much. Looking forward to your next video.

  8. dipping the banana bread in coffee is so like you lmaoooo it made me crack up hhahaha…
    also your makeup look while you were driving to larissa's place omg fall vibes…we need that look when you have the time, please teach us too! love that you're feeling well:)

  9. Can anyone help me with some questions I have about this vlog? I must have missed some earlier update because I have a few questions that perhaps some extra-kind person here might be willing to answer for me!

    1. Why is Kalyn self-isolating/in quarantine again right now?
    2. Has she begun looking for a house to buy?
    3. Where is she going to live while she goes through the house-hunting process?
    4. Is she in New Brunswick purely to visit Larissa or is she planning to look at houses there?
    A big thanks in advance to anyone who is kind enough to help clarify any of these questions for me! 😊

    I’m devastated to hear that Larissa is battling breast cancer. I had no idea! She most likely has a weakened immune system in that case, so she must be extremely vigilant about protecting herself from Covid… Poor girl – that’s awfully young to be hit by the big C! She’ll have youth on her side so I pray to God she makes a swift and complete recovery very very soon. But it must be SO scary! She seems like SUCH a lovely person – I’m so upset she’s having to go through this. 😢. Sending lots of healing vibes across the pond to you, Larissa – I know you can beat this!!! xxx

  10. Hey im not sure if im the only one…but im confused with how her moving situation is going. I know that the previous apartment is gone but like did she buy a new one why is she taking so much stops…just overall. Not sure if she talked about it.

  11. Such a warm feeling after watching this vlog! This is the first year I actually like fall (usually, spring is my vibe).
    Kalyn, wish you luck, love, and bless on every step of your new way <3

  12. This September is a life-changing month. I quit the job I didn't like, I'm also moving to leave alone and yesterday I sent a very close person off to the country he's from. And this morning I didn't feel stable enough, and I brewed a cup of coffee and started watching. And now I'm crying so much, but these are the tears of relief I couldn't let myself feel till this very moment.
    It's so sincere and inspiring what you're doing. Thank you, Kalyn, for always being the source of comfort.

  13. The maritimes is so beautiful. I live in Nova Scotia and it's such a beautiful province, but they're all beautiful, love that beaches are easy to find, lots of wildlife, big fields and lots of country side.

  14. Just put on sweaterweather playlist whilst doing my homework and it has really helped me relax 🙂 thank you so much for giving me time to relax and chill in the storm, your videos bring me so much joy and happiness. Love you so much <3 Lou Xx

  15. i have family in new brunswick and if we were to go there rn from ontario we would have to quarantine due to their provinces rules. Do you not have to quarantine?

  16. Ah I’ve been so anticipating these vlogs ❤️ I just recently went through a big life change too so I feel like I NEED this energy in my life right now ✨☕️

  17. I’ve been struggling this past month with some external factors; experiencing loss and grief, not knowing how to deal with it all. Your videos, your energy, and your wisdom has really brought me so much comfort throughout it all. I’m so glad you allow us to join you on the journey.

  18. Your videos are like a warm cup of tea on a chilly day 🧡 So comforting. Glad you’re settling in and that you feel like you’re where you’re meant to be right now. Looking forward to all your fall content!

  19. Happy 1st vlog as a ‘non- Torontoean’! Here’s to your new adventure! Awww Bentley’s food and drink break 🥰🥰🥰 and saying I’m coming to chill on that hammock too! 🥰🥰🥰. And Hey Larissa !! ❤️ 🤗

  20. The fact that I just got back home from my own 15 hour road trip the day before you posted this, is just too ironic. Also for the fact that my husband and I went to Minnesota for a family reunion for his family on his dad's side and I felt exactly like you when I got up there. I have NEVER been to Minnesota, but when I got up there it felt like home and like I belonged there. I miss it so much and I want to move up there so bad now. I wish you safe travels and a whole lot of fun and new memories with Bentley.

  21. Omg watching your vlog is making me feel so calm and relaxed and happy. It's like being with a friend, and god I miss my friends so much as I live far from every one I know and it's very hard to make friends even though I'm here for a year now. Thank you for the spark of joy, the call for adventures and the dreams. Love you girl

  22. I didn’t know that you’re from Kingston! My dad lives there I visit all the time and I always get a coffee for my drive back to my hometown so if u have any coffee recommendations let me know!

  23. i live in the U.S., but my Grandfather is from Moncton & that area. He moved to the U.S. when he was 18. I've always wanted to go to Nova Scotia. You can take a boat from Bar Harbor, Maine to Nova Scotia (not now of course, but we go to Bar Harbor, so I thought that would cool someday).


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