15& “Can’t hide it(티가 나나봐)” Full Ver.


15& “Can’t hide it(티가 나나봐)” Full Ver.

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  1. 예전3학년때 학교에서 북서울 간다고 해서 갔는데 선생님 찾으러 갔다가 그 뮤비찍는서 보고 벛꽃잎을 날리고 나서 주웠던기억아 나네여 ㅎ

  2. 找這首歌 找了一個小時 天啊~好在 終於被我找到了! 這首歌非常好聽,這兩個女生 顛覆了我對韓國女團的印象~不瘦 不高 不正 ,但 她們的歌聲超美,歌超讚!

  3. the more i think abt it the more dumbfounded i am with this low budget type of bs by jyp they didnt even shoot an mv and they shot the teaser/trailer in the freaking jyp building? yall fucked up jype

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