15 MIN DAILY STRETCH – a full body routine for tight muscles, flexibility & mobility I Pamela Reif


Live Session ♥︎ We train all the time .. but do you stretch? / Werbung 

This 15min Routine is perfect to do on a daily basis, to make sure our muscles and joints are not too stiff from sitting all day long or training a lot. This helps to increase your mobility and flexibility 🙂

We will stretch our hamstrings, thighs, hip flexors, back, work on our spine mobility and so on. It’s a „Full Body“ Session

I’m actually super excited for this, since I really need to step up my stretching skills 😀 and I’m optimistic that I will stick to this better, if I will have a fix video that I can follow haha. This was definitely missing on my channel!



No Equipment needed. Just prepare a soft surface like a yoga mat or towel 🙂


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  1. Thanks for joining me for the live session this morning ♥︎ 
    There was a tiny lack in the end of the livestream, so I re-uploaded the file! 

    I’m super excited for this video as well, since I really need to step up my stretching skills 😀 I’m soo optimistic that I will stick to this better, if I will have a fix video that I can follow haha. My goals is 4x a week!!

    xx Pam

  2. Liebe Pamela, Sie sind ein Schatz❣(seid alle Schätze❣) Danke!!! Es ist so schön entspannend.
    Wie wäre es noch mit einem Video für Leute die am Computer arbeiten müssen. Danke viiielmals!

  3. I loved doing this stretching routine! I am also doing your 45 min fat burn program and I love it! Keep doing what you are doing now and I want also to give you a lot of good vibe. You are amazing! Thank you for everything! ❤

  4. Diese Stretching Routine ist wirklich wunderbar! Ist vielleicht auch gut für diejenigen, denen Yoga etwas zu anspruchsvoll ist und die sich ein bisschen darauf einstimmen wollen. 🙂

  5. Thank you for this Ms. Pamela, it will help me to stretch my whole body. I think, it will also help me to increase my height. Hahaha. Again, thank you so much! ❤️ From Philippines! ❤️

  6. Hi! How often should I workout each part of my body to prevent muscle growth but get lean and slim?(model body)Is it better to exercise full body every day or different parts everyday? Because I don’t want to become muscular…

  7. 💖💖💖💖🌹🥰🤗 LOVE YOU SO MUCH,Thanks for your wonderful workouts 🙏🏻💖🌹💐🥰 I training with you more than 6 months every day and I have really good body, I see the results, I just wanted to say Thank you so so so so much☺️🙏🏻💖

  8. Found this just by chance & ended up doing it before bed. It was a perfect 15-min stretch after a day at work & felt SO good!!

  9. This is such a good stretch routine, my whole body feels so much looser now. I find it so hard to find a good stretch routine that stretches everything that I need to stretch out and this one does it for me. 🙂

  10. I have been following your workouts since a month now and they are amazing. I just have a question (hope you'll get back). Does working out like your 20 minute full body workouts and cardio help in shaping the face too? I am trying to gain weight healthily but I seem to get it all in the cheeks. I started working out so that it doesn't hit the face. Does it work? Because I feel like it's still catching up on my face :/

  11. Klasse, ich habe erst gelacht als ich gesehen habe das man sich einrollen und versuchen soll die füße aufn boden zu bekommen… aber… es hat funktioniert 🙂 das hätte ich nieeeeee gedacht.

  12. Great video! I admire your streching skills, but I think this workout is advanced and beginners can make a lot of mistakes – some tips for people with weaker flexibity will be nice 🙂


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