20 Minute Round Booty Workout!! Grow and Tone Your Booty (No equipment)


You guys, I know last week’s booty workout was already really hard but since we’re doing level 2 this week, we have to step it up!!! This time, we are going to do ALL the glute exercises on one leg and then switch to the other to seriously burn out your muscles and make them stronger!!! You’re really going to feel the heat with this at home workout!! Your moves are:

0:00 Intro
00:52 Pointed Butt Lift – R
2:28 Hammy Curls – R
3:58 Straight Leg Heel Lift – R
5:30 Fire Hydrants – R
6:58 Cross Butt Kick – R
8:30 Pointed Butt Lift – L
10:00 Hammy Curls – L
11:35 Straight Leg Heel Lift – L
13:03 Fire Hydrants – L
14:30 Cross Butt Kick – L
16:02 Bridge Pulse
17:31 Long Bridges
19:01 LongBridge Pulses
20:36 Stretch
21:18 Outro

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  1. Can somebody explain me why booty growing and booty fat reduction moves are similar… I want to burn fat on my booty n thighs..should i be doing these exercises or not…i am confused🙄

  2. I have two cats (brothers adopted together). Chief is orange calico and Shadow who is black and white. Shadow always lays on my yoga mat as soon as I roll it out

  3. I have a cow "My", 2 dogs "Chap" and "Jesse" a horse the "wind" goats "Penelope" "earrings" and another three and a goat. I have 19 white, black, brown hens, I have cats 13 many colors .. I hope I did not forget any .One hour in the morning and one hour at night in a small farm .. it is so beautiful to be waiting for you and to be loved ..🐓🐈🐎🐐🐄🐔🐕🐾

  4. My pup’s name is Corazon, we call her Cora for short! She is a 4 month old lab and I finally got her to nap so I could do this video, only for sir George to bark and wake her up 😂

  5. Cassey! My booty was earthquaking, you're amazing! My babies (Chips & Brie) were working out with me the entire time per usual 🤭 So excited for the ice cream-esque new Popflex collection!

  6. I have a miniature australian shepherd named Indy who loves to jump at me just like George jumps at you 😂 (he also sometimes gets so confused when George has a squeaky toy in the video)

  7. My pets names are Bubbels ( frenchie ) Bob ( Boston) and HeddaLola ( Olde English bulldog) ♥️ and thanks for keeping me fit and happy everyday ♥️♥️♥️🌻🌻🌻

  8. I have two hamsters. Ones a dwarf hamster named marshmallow and the other is a teddy bear hamster named lasagne. I spoil them all the time and have way too big of cages for them but oh well. 😂❤️❤️

  9. Lol imma be sore after this. My muscles havent done this in a while. But thank goodness Cassey talks the whole time. Helps with my stamina because she gets me thinking only about the things she's talking about..puts my mind somewhere else.

  10. my cats name is rilla and she likes watching bird tv on my laptop while i am at work
    whenever I workout she thinks cassey is a bird so she just gets in the way of the screen and bats at her the whole time. if i try to take her away from it she just screams to get back to cassey
    so basically rilla's a workout fanatic

  11. Pets are such a blessing! I have two dogs and one kitten. the dogs names are Sunny (Sunshine) and Stormy and the kitten's name Is Gussy. Gussy is a big fan of doing these workouts with me, and by that i mean he naps on my mat while i put in the work.

  12. The leg that's not moving is the one that hurts more when I do these exercises. Does anyone have the same problem?? And does anyone know if that means I'm somehow doing the exercises wrong??

  13. I had two dogs. A shih tzu named Louie and Dash the pomeranian. Unfortunately, Louie passed in July while undergoing surgery. So, my 2020 got worse. Pets are truly the most amazing companions in this crazy thing called life.💕

  14. You are so right about pets, they bring so much joy into our lives 💗I have 13 budgies, 1 cockatiel, 4 canaries and 1 dog 😂 writting their names would take like forever 😂

  15. Hi my dog’s name is Beauregard “Beau” he just turned a year old on the 3rd. He is a Brown with black ears Standard Poodle. Both of his parents are jet black but Beau came out Brown because his dad is a “Parti” poodle. Which means he can produce any particular color. Beau has two brothers that are white. One with Brown ears the other with black spots. Interesting right? Lol

  16. I did the whole thing WITHOUT STOPPING!!! I was absolutely dreading this workout because of how hard it looked. My butt is definitely vibrating and I know I'll be sore tomorrow but I loved it.

    P.S. My kitten's name is Munchie🐱

  17. Doing a few on one side, actually puts more pressure on my wrists, knee and sciatica nerve( I’ve got L5/S1) disc prolapse. So I just do alternate sides but still keep up with the same sets.

  18. We have a dog and a cat. My sister's dog is named Almon, he is brown with white spots on his chest and toes. My cat is Ember, a gorgeous all-black fluff ball of sassy love.


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