2020 Ready | My Resolutions | January Vlog


Happy New Year guys! A fresh new decade has arrived and I’m getting serious about my 2020 #resolutions! We’re starting January off strong and reflecting on what areas of my life need some major improvement (and a little TLC) and what current habits + practices are here to stay.


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  1. Does anyone else just love the start of a new year! So many possibilities ☺️ What’s the best advice you guys have gotten on keeping a new year’s resolution?

  2. yep, it's kind of crazy how much we don't realize we're addicted to alcohol. And it's the norm too, like it's normal to go out and get hammered every weekend.. Honestly I'm 26 and hangovers just don't sound that fun to me anymore lol. I want to find other ways to have fun with my friends

  3. 2019 was definitely one for the books. The best way I can describe it is that it was a rollercoaster. There were some amazing moments, no doubt, but there were some very trying times as well. 2020 is a year I'm determined to make better

  4. My NY’s intentions are to do those annoying life admin things straight away instead of leaving them until they’re a problem, to spend more mindfully and pay off my credit card and to get my overall health in check ✨

  5. Yay for dry January! I'm doing it till February tho, haha. I noticed that for the past 6 months drinking became more common for me than not drinking. Alcohol (even if consumed only a little) fucks up your energy metabolism and actually doesn't let your body use some of the vitamins you need to function! So I decided to go dry for a few months and gain a healthy relationship with alcohol again, and get my energy back and not feel so sluggish most of the time. Let's do thisss!

  6. You can't wash it in the rice cooker because it will be scratched. The rice cooker I'm using now also had to use another container to wash the rice.
    I know. It's inconvenient

  7. One of my resolutions is to get my youtube channel monetize this year (fingers crossed) I love your vids Jenn! Just discover your channel recently and I'm loving all the content! it gives me some inspiration. keep inspiring all of us beautiful! ❤️

  8. Jenn is always so positive and she’s always improving. That’s honestly so inspiring and this is also part of the reason why I’m such a huge fan of yours. I’m so proud of you jenn!

  9. My resolutions are to be in a better financial position at the end of this year than I was coming into it (pay down debt, stick to my budget, save more) and be more intentional!

  10. I’m an INTJ. Apparently, an INTJ person values intelligence. I think that’s why I love your channel so much. You somehow won’t miss relating things you do with the books you read. You’re very inspiring to me. Thank you Jenn ♥️

  11. I stopped drinking almost a year ago now, and I think it is really sad how much it is a normal part of social life to drink, that is pretty much expected of you. I'm lucky I have friends that don't make a big deal out of it, but I know a LOT of people get really weirded out when you tell them you don't drink and try to pressure you into it. Like, I'm not telling you to smoke if you're not a smoker, it's the same thing?! I think it's great you're trying to be more conscious about not drinking, and you'll see you will get used to it in no time, it's not as hard as it seems! <3

  12. Cuckoo!!! The best rice cooker ever in Korea :)))))
    You can wash rice in the rice container(I do that too). Just make sure to wipe off the water outside of the container when you put it in the rice cooker😆

  13. If you wash the rice in the rice container, the rice could scrape and damage the "special" coating.
    I remember coz my mum yelled at me for doing the same thing.

  14. Btw Jen! I think it says use another container to wash the rice because the rice can scratch the non-stick coating of the cooker over time such that your rice will eventually end up kinda ‘burning’ or getting stuck to the surfaces. Or at least this is what my mum taught me hahaha

  15. 2019 was a boring year for me.. it began well but after mid-June I began being sad almost all the time, alone and lazy. Not very proud of this.. I hope 2020 will be better 🙂 for everyone.

  16. 1. Read more
    I feel like we can improve so many aspects of our lives if we read more. I want to read for leisure but also for learning (self improvement & work related stuff).
    2. Do what I can
    I always try to do way more than I can in a certain amount of time and so I'm always extremely tired and busy.
    3. Take care of my relationships
    I think I put work over my boyfriend/friends/family and I want to stop doing that and be more present for them.

    I'll also come back to this comment next year and see how I did!

  17. Hi Jenn, love this vlog, the "Mugi Cha" comes in a tea bag packet too, u can get it in Daiso if u can get it in the US. Love the talk about how u want to journal yr journey👌😍🎈 It's good to be motivated & I love what you said that is if you're not comfortable with what u do then you are not growing👍❤️

  18. My resolutions are:
    – to finally move to Japan by the end of the year (or have it set and booked for early next year)
    – to film more videos
    – to declutter a lot!
    – and to stop overthinking and just enjoy things

  19. I’ve heard that if you wash rice in the container, special coating of inside surface will be scratched. And you can’t put it back if the bottom is wet because that effect temperature while it’s cooking😗

  20. I watch your video first today
    I've never seen youtuber who makes me soooo happy:)
    Im lucky to see you!!!!l love your positive energy❤thanks for your effort to making videos for us

  21. OMG i've been wanting to journal about what I learned too because I forget everything!!! I spent a lot of times learning about the universe after interstellar XD and now don't really remember anything T_T

  22. you shall not wash the rice in the rice cooker container bcs if you rub the rice inside the rice cooker container, the layer of any material the rice cooker has (which logically made the rice cooker pricey) may crack and bo broken

  23. My resolutions are to keep being active, try salsa dancing!, get my second master's degree and get a job, get creative again, and put effort into/be mindful of my good relationships with friends and family 🙂

  24. Thank you so much for posting this! 🥰My new year’s resolutions this year are:
    1.sleep earlier (maybe at like 10 as someone suggested)
    2. Workout more
    3. Study in a more mindful way
    Thanks again Jenn!💕👍🏼

  25. I just wanted to comment and say — how much I LOVE watching your videos. I have been watching you for years since you were in CC. Theres just something about your energy and esthetic that calms me down and makes me super inspired. Thank you for all your beautiful content <3

  26. I love your channe Jen. I’ve been a subscriber since before you had 200k subs. I really appreciate how you’ve held onto your transparency and authenticity despite your growth. ♥️ much love

  27. I always feel so motivated about life after watching any of your videos Jenn! My 2020 resolutions are to make a lot of art and enjoy downtime/chill more. I always feel bad about just watching a show or being “lazy” but I’m trying to just actually CHILL this year 🙂 that way I can actually be productive during work time!

  28. This was lovely <3 You're practicing dry January, working out with your bro, practicing mindfulness…! Love it.
    Would you be open to making videos about running a business/being an entrepreneur?

  29. Thank you for sharing about mental health and seeing a therapist, I see one since one year and the first rdv of the year is tomorrow yeah, 4 weeks of Holidays I miss her! I' m so gratefull to have find the good therapist, she helped me a lot during bad times, last year and now as I feel better I can see it. And yes journaling is very good as you talk about but talk with a goid professionnel help so much ! I feel 2020 too better than 2019 as far ! Happy new year Jenn, Ben, gretings from France 🇫🇷 ! 😉

  30. omg I also hate cleaning at night I always try to finish cleaning before it gets dark 😂

    also, what breed is cheeky? I’m thinking about getting a new dog and have been trying to decide which breed to get ☺️


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