3 Proven Tips For Instantly Boosting Your Immune System Today


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3 Proven Tips For Instantly Boosting Your Immune System Today
Better Sleep
Hands down, sleep fixes almost anything.

So, you must get better sleep.

Not necessarily MORE sleep, even though many people need to do this as well.

But BETTER and DEEPER sleep is the key.

This also means NOT taking drugs to help you sleep – this includes prescription, over the counter, alcohol and marijuana.

All of these impede deep REM sleep, which means your body doesn’t heal and repair properly.

Again, I go much deeper into how to do all of this in my email/video series, where you get access to it below.

But do your best to go to bed earlier and turn off and dim all the lights. Give sleep a bigger priority.

More Sun
Just like sleep, we need the sun – all organisms do. It has amazing healing powers.

In the morning, go outside, take a 10-20 min walk, breath deeply, get sun on your body and face. No sunglasses either.

This boosts your immune system, increases vitamin D – which most people are deficient in.

In fact, I suggest taking extra Vit D and K…

The right form, dose and is also very important and I talk about this in my email/video series that’s linked below, in the description area.

Getting sun first thing in the morning also helps improve your sleep at night by improving melatonin production, which boosts your immune system.

Additionally, the sun has many antimicrobial and antibacterial benefits. It’s super powerful and healthy.

And it’s FREE

Reduce Stress
Stress is a major immune suppressor because of the negative effects it has on your hormones.

As stress hormones such as cortisol go up, there’s a cascade of negative effects… such as lower testosterone levels, growth hormones, thyroid levels and an increase in insulin.

Not to mention other immunosuppressive chemical changes and whole body inflammation.

Plus, negative changes in your sleep and lower melatonin levels.

Lots of negative changes due to stress!

The problem is that stress shows up in many ways and forms.

For me, it was too much exercise and work, not enough sleep. Plus, over dieting was very stressful for my body as well.

For others, it can be emotional stress – money, relationships and so forth.

And many people, it’s just the negative, inner dialog they have with themselves – which is the worst of all.

Again, I cover all of this in my email and video series that you can get access to below.

However, today think about situations or people in your life that cause you unnecessary stress.

And then, see how you can reduce these “stressors”.

For example, for me it’s super easy – I don’t watch the news. It’s always negative.

Also, stop wasting your time worrying about things you have no control over, such as the past or the future.

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