30-Minute Calorie-Burning Cardio Dance Workout That’s Perfect For the Holidays


{Presented by Samsung Galaxy Watch Active}

Get ready to torch calories with this high-intensity dance cardio workout. Led by Dance FitSugar host Deja Riley, this is the perfect workout to do during the holidays when you don’t have time to make it to the gym. Turn on your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, and get ready to watch your heart rate rise.
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  1. Not again😬😬…Well am a gud dancer and I love it very much but these dance workouts r too boring not groovy at all… the only one I love till date is Sydney benner which had some Justin bieber moves n awesome music.. n then have never brought her bak like ever😢…

  2. Ugh not again🙄 I wish you updated something else as well when it’s a dance work out week, which is pretty much every week the past several months😑

  3. i really dont have that much space for dancing…(in my college dorm room) and i dont want to annoy my neighbors by making all those footstep noises plus im way too uncoordinated to dance😟 anyway thanks for your workouts

  4. this was awesome, Deja is a really good instructor. from the previous dance cardio workout where the last "put it all together and add a twist" part was too fast, here it was much better. also i like the short abs section. this really packs a punch and it's great to de-stress. unpopular opinion but thank you a lot for your dance workouts!!

  5. I actually enjoy the dance workouts!
    Preferably they could release the dance workouts and the usual cardio/strength based workouts around the same time. So everyone has an option as to the type of workout they would like to do.
    Just a suggestion.

  6. I'm always challenged with this dance work out, working out on my coordination more than my muscles. I like your choregraphy, I just feel it's a bit of a shame that your dialogues sound choregraphed as well to promote the watch. I understand you have accepted to do the promotion for this product (or another one in other videos), but it doesn't sound natural at all and it's a bit ackward or annoying.

  7. Thank you for the very low impact option in which you don't have to jump or do the little jumps. Seriously, this means so much to me with my joints and bone pain. Thank you

  8. I woke up early for this?? When you title something “calorie burning” I expect it to be tough and more strenuous, not these super slow demonstrations masking a Samsung watch commerical

  9. I search for new workouts and workout channels every week and always seem to come back to POPSUGAR Fitness. Their workouts are effective and fun and I prefer longer videos (30-45 min) instead of the short ones targeting only one muscle area.

    And the most important reason for me is that this channel isn’t as superficial as the usual pilates/workout-channels out there. The name of the videos are not “get a sexy butt in 6 minutes” or “get long lean legs like *insert celebrity with natural long lean legs here*”. When they reference to a celebrity it’s to show that the personal trainer is really good (so good that celebrities with a lot of money pay them to train them) and not to make us believe that we will look like the celebrity if we do the workout. At least that’s how I see it. I just want to give this channel cred for being about working out and feeling good.

  10. I feel like there's always super skinny women in workout vids and people in comments are like "GOALZ". Now I can finally say the same about the woman in blue, she looks strong! Loved the workout!

  11. Per my Apple Watch 😉 I burned 160 "active" calories. I was really excited about doing this video with you checking your watches, because generally I burn about half of the calories that the video says you will burn, I usually do all of the "advanced" moves or at least most of them. Half way through I was pretty close to you, but at the end you were over 200 and I was still under. My total calories were around 200 but my watch doesn't consider "total" calories for my daily goal. Does the Galaxy watch measure active and total calories? Thanks for the workout. The routine was well choreographed and I liked the ab exercises.

  12. Before the dance videos I would use this channel everyday but ever since the dancing started I have found new favorite channels. I really wish things would go back to the way they were. I LOVE ANNA and I'm really hoping there will be more variety in types of workouts soon.


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