35-Minute Nike HIIT Workout


Join Nike Master Trainer Betina Gozo for this HIIT interval workout that will leave you thanking her for your toned body and tight booty! The workout includes three intense circuits of full-body moves, each time varying your work and rest periods. Bring a water bottle; you will crave those breaks. (Don’t worry, you get them!) Betina’s can-do attitude and constant smile will encourage you to push it to the limit! Ready? Let’s HIIT it!

Wardrobe: Nike

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  1. Just finished it. It was one of the best workouts i have ever ever done. THANK YOU so much for giving this to us. Popsugar, you are the best. You make it possible to sweat with smile, because we can do it for free and we can do it with you. We love you

  2. So glad to of seen this as I've loved Betina's workout from last year and have done it at least 20 times! This one was great, loads of cardio and I loved the weights which now I know what's in store might go heavier next time. So good to have a decent cool down. Bettina is super motivating with her enthusiasm, instructions and she is total body goals. Thanks very much for this and all the workouts Popsugar 💪👍🤘🤩😘

  3. Getting to the end of circuit one YES!! Betina: we got another one. Ok, I can do this….
    Getting to the end of circuit two. YES!! Betina: one more.
    No Betina, no!!!
    This workout was brilliant, you were all so motivational throughout but Jeez it was tough!! Definitely one I'm going to keep coming back to.

  4. I’ve just finished this workout and feeling so much better! I loved that it was both HIIT and weights.
    Also I burned around 225 calories according to my fitness tracker, considering I am a petite woman it’s a good number of calories!💪🏻

  5. Don't have time to do this routine right now but will save for later! I absolutely love Bettina and am glad to have her back

    Edit: I finally did this routine and it's easily one of my favorites!

  6. Best feeling of the day – completing the finisher 🥳
    Worse feeling of the day – that wasn’t the finisher – there is more 😳
    But seriously this was an excellent and fun workout. Thank you.

  7. Finally Anna, a full 30 HIIT that isn’t dancing. I have been waiting for this and doing other channels for months in the meantime while you were on the dance vibe… so I shall def save this one

  8. I can't finish no more 😨 i noticed i m at 12 MINUTE thru the video we'll ima finish practice my twerking 😣😣😣 i will FINISH all the way thru next TIME my dumb bell is 5 lb

  9. Thanks for having the timer on screen. I've moved away from Pop Sugar because there are too many dance workouts and too much talking (at times), where the chatting between moves or sets just kills all momentum. But, that may be ok for other people. To each their own. Plenty of other channels to watch. But I was happy to see this video and will be doing it this week!

  10. This was such a great strength training workout! Will definitely being doing this one again! Loved Betina's positive attitude and motivation!

  11. I absolutely LOVE Betina. She is so energetic, creative and really knows how to elevate that heart rate, make you sweat and have a good time. We need more of her, please!

  12. I LOVE BETINA!!! So excited to see a new video with her. I love incorporating weights into cardio since it makes me feel like I'm actually building muscle. We need more vids with her please!!


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