6 Best Batman v Superman Fan Theories


6 Best Batman v Superman Fan Theories
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Comic book fans will finally get the live-action faceoff they’ve been waiting for when Batman v Superman arrives in theaters on March 25th and with so many years having passed dreaming about it, there are tons of rumors and theories circulating. We still have a few more months before we finally see how it all plays out, but for now, here’s 6 of our favorite fan theories.

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  1. I was watching The Martian the other day and it occurred to me. Matt Damon should be the next Green Lantern in JLA movie. I mean come on, Affleck and Damon work awesome together in the past. So why not in a super hero movie.

  2. My theory is that letter that Bruce Wayne receives in the trailer was sent from Jason Todd aka Second Robin/Red Hood, who was murder by the Joker in Death in the Family storyline in the comics who later is revive by Ra's Al Ghul Lazarus pit and take the Red Hood mantle to kill criminals and get his revenge on the Joker and Batman/Bruce Wayne, Jena Malone character must be Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl/Oracle and maybe she is paralyzed in this one due to the Joker, And Jim Gordon maybe he is reference o mention maybe he is retire from commissioner of GCPD.

  3. i thinik jenna malone is definitely barbara gordon because jim gordon is apparently dead in this movie. and there's a graveyard scene- either for bruces parents, or jim, or both. having barbara to see the reprecutions would be good.

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