7 Best Star Wars The Force Awakens Fan Theories


7 Best Star Wars The Force Awakens Fan Theories
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With so little known about the actual plot of Star Wars: The Force Awakens there’s more theories than stars in space, but like the universe, they continue to expand and grow more and more out of control. From the believable to the outright ridiculous, the one thing you can always count on from Star Wars fans to do is put a lot of passionate thought into their theories and today we’re sharing seven of the best and dissect them with similar passion.

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  1. Jar Jar can't be Plagueis because of the rule of 2…. there Vader and insidious and no more or they would be breaking the rule of two a master and apprentice

  2. there actually is a theory out there and a possible episode leak trailer or something that I did hear bout although not confirmed to be 100% legit jus yet. but according to a episode 8 leak rey meets up with Luke. and asks if he's her father. and Luke reply's no your my father. and according to the leak what happened was rey is anikan reincarnated. I found this information somewhere on YouTube and the guy who did video had a better explanation. I think the video was called star Wars episode 8 leak or something

  3. it's funny how Stephen was wrong because it was later proven that his crystal cracked in 1 large piece and 2 small pieces and was unstable so it needed to have the other sides project more energy to keep it stable.

  4. droids cant be Male or female they are non living so its completely up to its programming of what gender it idenfys by and R2 D2 and C3PO ARE Male droidd because anikan Skywalker programmed them to identify as Male themed droids.

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