A Productive + Wholesome Week 🥰


They say to work hard so you can play harder. 2020 has already been kicking my butt, but I must say this hustle has gotten me feeling hiiiiigh. Here is a little glimpse into a productive week where I juggle work, friends, fam and me-time . Enjoy~

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  1. That hair style still looks really good on you. I know one of your goal this year is improving your Korea. So If you dont mind can I tell you sth. When we say happy bd to elders, we say 생신축하합니다. I hope it helps for you. I wish you are my en teacher too.

  2. jenn reading the korean on the ginseng label is like me reading korean when i was learning korean characters, can’t understand what it meant but am able to read it out 😂

  3. Jenn you're all I've got on YouTube nowadays, from the ol' school days at least. Somehow you have grown and I have been able to grow alongside, and even closer to your channel. Always inspired by you, rooting for you to win, and appreciative of your ability to showcase what matters! Much love and success to you Jenn!

  4. Jenn어머님 생신축하합니다❤️어머님의 밝은 미소가 너무 예뻐서 영상에 나오실때마다 저도 모르게 웃음이 나와요🥰항상 건강하세요!!

  5. I think you should just eat a spoonful
    Of red jinseong instead of putting in a hot water! Also keep it in the refrigerator! Read the instructions 🙂

  6. Hey Jenn! Love your videos. So relaxing and comforting to follow along with your life. To help achieve the relaxed bob style, be sure to leave a few inches at the bottom of your hair uncurled. So don’t wrap the strand all the way to end of the wand. Also, I’ve had success with alternating the direction of the curl 🙂 Once cooled, brush out with your hands or a brush to get a relaxed look. 💓

  7. Hey Jenn!! My new year’s resolution was to give up on alcohol. So far I haven’t had a single sip. Although I’m not really a fan of booze I used to drink a glass occasionally. But the next day the hangover was unbearable. 🥴😷 I’m also restraining myself from chips and Cheetos which I find more difficult to give up!! I crave them often! 🤤

  8. My mom passed away in December after a long fight with cancer, oh how I wish I could also take her out on a shopping day and buy her all she want 😥It's so nice what you are doing for your mom ❤

  9. Hi Jenn! I’ve been sober for 3 months & exp my first bar sober! I got free pop and was ecstatic! Thank God I had great friends and great convo so I didn’t feel at all tempted.. but I also had an energy drink prior to keep up 😅 so proud of you for doing dry January! Thank you for sharing! 💗

  10. I know Emily is one of your best friends but she's also always around when you're working. Is she part of the EGGIE team?? So curious💛 I'm totally surprised that she's not a model or a YouTuber cause she's so pretty!

  11. I’m watching this whist fully. I recognize that stage you’re at and it’s exhilarating. You look like you’re giving it your all as you do and also enjoying the process. So wonderful you can share your journey putting out inspiration and hope to all your admiring fans. This is how you do it

  12. Final Girls was SO GOOD!!! I literally couldn't put it down. I also loved Essentialism, but I feel like I need to read it again at some point to further digest everything he said. It definitely has helped my work anxiety though. Thanks for the awesome book suggestions!

  13. i absolutely love how busy you always are, and how you still manage to keep so organised. you are my biggest role model in this aspect of life <3

  14. really wanna recommend the book “DRINK” – it helped to articulate everything i was feeling when i also wasn’t drinking, and really gave me further insight into things like the marketing of alcohol to women. check it out!!!

  15. I already commented, but im back! hehe I just wanted to say that I have been watching your vlogs for many years now! And out of all of the vloggers I watch, your vlogs are ALWAYS my favorites! Your personality is so real and authentic. Your content is super creative and relatable. ( I loved the shot of the groceries on the conveyor belt- so cute) Just wanted to say THANKS and luv ya!

  16. OMG YOU WATCH LOVE ISLAND! When the UK version is finished, I highly recommend watching the Australian one, season 2. I kinda lost interest in the UK one but the aussies have stolen my heart. whoops. And yeah, it does take up a lot of your time but it's time well spend 😉

  17. "100% chemical-free active ingredient" is an inaccurate statement.
    Chemical are substance that contains matter.
    Though this term, "chemical-free" is tolerated, its a false claim used for marketing.

    I'm sure the product is great, but I feel that the company could be more specific about which ingredient that are harmful to coral reefs, so that they can educate their consumers rather than install fear in the world "chemical".
    sorry, had to rant a little.

    (btw love your videos! Very excited for your Summer Eggie collection to come out! <3)


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