today we’re not doing a how to DIY video, and I’m not making a dress out of any crazy material – today, I’m taking you with me to the Middle East!

I’m doing a series called the Shopping World Tour, and I just went on my dream vacation to Dubai, U.A.E! And since you loved watching me go on a shopping spree Aladdin style, I thought it would be fun to show you the REAL Dubai too – travel vlog style! (not just the rich fancy stores lol) So from food to sightseeing, gold chandeliers to the tallest building in the world, what I wore, fashion and culture, spice markets to malls, skiing inside and even a camel ride, here is me adventuring through the Dubai desert for the first time!

Enjoy the very extra travel vlog!!! This is everything you need to do on your trip to Dubai if you find yourself lucky enough to go – and if not, I hope this brings even a small piece of the world you gave me back to you.

All my love forever more. To Dubai and back always,

3,080,000 kisses!
Amber 🙂

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  1. OMG .. I love how you really respectful to other cultures, and you try really to discover who they really are.. you don't travel to get drunk or meet men or do whatever cheesy things others do.. you travel with your soul and that's why I love you so much, and we are honored to know you even if its though videos

  2. youre such a pure thoughtfull heart member. so respectful, kind and beautiful. as a muslim the way you behaved and acted in the mosque, with the culture and the people i felt very respected and proud. thank u so much!

  3. It is not fair!!!! I want to meet you so bad I was always dreaming about this moment but it never came true and now you are here in the UAE and I missed it I was going to go to Dubai mall when you left but my parents changed their mind!! I got so sad when I saw your video because at least I may have some chance of meeting you!!!!!!!!!!🐨

  4. Joy to my heart seeing Amber Glow like that. Also when she bumped into her followers priceless 😍 very beautiful video i loved it all. Thank you for sharing with us. Xoxoxo 💋❤️😘

  5. Omg the rice you ordered twice is briyani! My favourite too! Also you look soooo good in lehenga 😍 Thank u for sharing the world 💕 your as beautiful as dubai! Love you sooo much my angel! 🤗💖💞💕

  6. I love you amber but somehow I managed to love you even more after this video
    I love how respectful you are to other cultures and how open to know more without judging
    As a muslim and from the middle east I'm proud to be your fan

  7. They say money can’t buy happiness. It can’t, but money can accentuate your beauty, it can give you things that happiness can’t really give. It gives you experiences and things that you could only dream about. No one can look at this video and say I wouldn’t want this. It comes with its perks and it’s cons, but with some hard work, long hours, determination and ambition, even the most unlikely things will occur.

    Good luck to all those who venture into this mysterious world alone, holding known other than hope in their heart. “The only thing stronger than fear is hope” Do not let fear hold you back. Now come back here in 5,10,15,20 years even and retell us all your tales. How fear never held you back, how you always found a way. If you climbed Mt. Everest or beat cancer, or if you became the Prime Minister. Or…if you gained peace of mind, or self-acceptance, or if you finally finished highschool with all its bumps along the way. We all have an adventure awaiting us…Good luck to those who walk through the night, head held high, with only the stars to guide them.

    Xoxo~Enjoy every second of it

  8. Hi Amber! I’m from Dubai and I just wanted to let you know that you were located in Abu Dhabi which is a little way from Dubai. The palace hotel, which I’ve been to 3 times and LOVE, is located in Abu Dhabi. I know it can get confusing sometimes but I love you and I’m glad you had a great time!

  9. Why did this make me cry a little😭 like goodness such beauty, such inspiration. You definitely gave us a piece of the world back with this one. You captured some of Dubai beauty so much so that I feel like I have to experience it someday. This brought me so much joy and happy tears. Thanks Amber!

  10. You should visit the global village, louvre museum, dubai parksand resorts,warner bros world, ferrari world, yas mall, motiongate dubai, lego land, yas waterworld, and dubai glow.. waiting for your next fun video ❤️❤️

  11. I started watching all your videos years ago, and as a Muslim I now have much respect to how amazing you are. You are literary kindhearted and deserve all happiness, thank you for the final quote from Islam, thank you for showing the right image and the positive point of view.

  12. aw kurdi beshrmia hookah hije linehit hamw dawlitaki auropia tueshi teriku hookah kirin dubai ser qesakanimin bik biexwae awe hookah keshabit lea kurdistan lia dubia bexwa aigale xoenibuea girdea teawit nitawkit xoshbuet hookah waku peawkie sdam hsin ki hookah linawbert haemwtianiawa tosh waibika bexwa gir wat kert ser xotw hookah kit nieshinaet junkia hookah shetki hoea shitkie honea keamek hwdeae jw jw

  13. Hey, Amber! Could you post the names of the places you stay at and visit while on vacation? Like, I’ve thought that several time while watching your travel videos… I want to stay at some of the same places!


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