AMAZON HAUL | The BEST Quarantine purchases 💸Nails, Hair, Toddler bits etc.


I’m not gonna lie, Amazon has been a lifesaver during lockdown! For self-care bits but also for keeping my toddler entertained! So here are my top purchases (Linked below)
Earrings – Sammi Maria
Top – Zara (Similar from ASOS

Kids karaoke microphone –
Dr Teals Epsom salt –
Dr Teals Foaming bath –
UV Lamp –
Sally Hansen cuticle remover –
Blue Sky shellac varnish –
Nails cuticle pusher –
Nail file set –
Jamaican black castor oil –
Hair steamer cap –
Passion twist hair –
Phone holder –
Large sleeper satin bonnet –
The Ordinary Caffeine Solution –
Play dough bundle pack –
YuYu Hot water bottle –
‘What a time to be alone’ book –
Rachel Ama’s Vegan eats –
Alphabet flashcards –

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– My camera: Canon 5D Mark 4
– My vlog camera: Canon G7X
– My lens: Canon 35mm / 24-70mm
– Editing software: Finalcut Pro X
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  1. Sorry about the re-upload guys! Yesterday the video went up before it was finished so I had to take it back down and re-upload. Thanks so much though for watching, I hope you enjoy! ☺️

  2. Really wanna know what you think about the ordinary caffeine solution! I've been using it since the start of lockdown and I don't think I can see any improvement which I am really sad about 🙁 there is literally nothing that helps dark circles !!

  3. Doing your nails at home is honestly the best way to easily save 100$ / month !
    I started doing mine 2 years ago , so so happy with the results, very handy and the results are professional

  4. I’m boycotting Amazon bc they need to take care of the safety of their warehouse workers and they aren’t doing a good job protecting them during this pandemic. And the make billions and don’t pay state taxes.

  5. Hi, Sam! You look extra beautiful in today's video! It's been refreshing & quite interesting to watch the way some people cope with having to change their lives around, growing more resilliant and self-reliant these days. Certainly, not everyone's experiences have been straightforward. Many have had a horrific time so far, some the most devastating we can imagine. Some people don't have the resources to even begin to cope. I'm just impressed with how some have been able to reach out to one another with support, care, and ideas. The rest is, well, just heartbreaking.

  6. Flour actually has bad bacteria that dies when cooked I wouldn’t use it as a substitute for playdough! Just thought i’d mention it incase you didn’t know 😭 also I had noo idea uv gloves existed!! Those are definitely going to be handy

  7. Sam you don’t really need UV gloves, just put on some sunscreen before you put your hand in there. It’s little hack😌 I’ve learned from my nail bae. U welcome

  8. This braid situation is confusing. Are they not done, is this a hair piece or wig….is this a rubber band method for griping the hair….just confusing.

  9. Hi Sammi I follow you for YEARS now and watched nearly every video beacuse you are so sweet. However, I recommend you to watch on fronline tha docu about amazon… I study political science and so I’m concerned about our society. We are soooo addicted to consumption (low quality stuff) that it is not healthy anymore. We make authoritarians rich with everything we buy but hardly have productivity in our own society and see our welfare /pp decrease = angry and blame politicians/reward those that can ‘bring’ us back to a glorious past with simple solutions.. but that is a myth with everything so connected. We need to rebuild our society and defend our values otherwise others will play with us.. as consumers we have so much power please stop buying those cheap things they won’t make you happy anyway. What is worth is a life in dignity.

  10. Yess I just went vegan and discovered Rachel Ama on youtube and immediately bought her book,totally enthralled with her!Love a good spicy filled,non-bland vegan meal! Also love your brainds!<3

  11. That YuYu Hot water bottle weighs a tonne (even when empty) when filled with water. It's ok around your waist, but over the shoulders or neck hurts like hell.

  12. hi Samantha, love the haul! instead of ordering play doh, you should make your own playdough w your little girl! i’m a pre-k teacher, and i usually make playdough w the kids and they love it! the consistency is better than the play doh brand, as well.

  13. Such lret down that you as a mom young mom with baby have time to spend time on tictoc is vety bad for the brain litrrally kids geeting braindead on tictoc its the worse app to get any inspo from pls dont advertise it

  14. Can someone link me to Melissas wardrobe pretty please? Just checked out your jewellery – its so nice just cant afford 🙁 Anyone fancy treating themselves should take a butchers though

  15. The ordinary products are a lot cheaper on sephora than amazon. I use the ordinary 30% aha and 2% Bha peeling solution serum and it's only $7 on sephora. On amazon it goes anywhere between $20-$30 which is ridiculous.

  16. I've got castor oil from Sunny Isle and it smells a bit like tobacco to me! But my lashes needed some TLC after extensions and they've grow back so long and thick!

  17. video idea: go through your old haul vids (6+ years back) and react to the clothes you brought and say whether you would still wear them, what you think, how your style evolved…

  18. I don't personally buy stuff from Amazon as I don't agree with how they treat their staff and that they don't pay tax. I think during this lockdown it is important to support small businesses by ordering from them direct (where you can). That is just my 2 cents x

  19. If you do not want to order from amazon you can go directly to the seller’s website and save them the 25% they’d give Bezos. You can often get a discount on those sites too.

  20. Just purchased the book as soon as I watched this video and I almost read the whole book in one night! Thanks for the recommendation, it’s amazing! ❤️ p.s you look beautiful! L x

  21. I subscribed to you way back in the beauty crush days, and over the years I have adored watching you and your content. You have continued to grow and evolve, as have I, and I just wanted to say you are a massive inspiration. You are the one person that I have remained consistently subscribed to and I enjoy every video. Love your style and you are absolutely gorgeous. Never doubt yourself, beautiful Sammi. Much love and good vibes your way during this coronacoaster <3

  22. Had to watch this video twice. First time just mesmerised, staring at your face, hair, everything. Second time to pay attention to the products you're showing lol. You could recite the alphabet on loop and I'd still watch in awe <3 Love you Sammi 😍😍

  23. I don't know if you've heard of Ellen Fisher on YouTube shes got 3 children and she often features different educating games and things for her children


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