Are Spray Tans Bad For You? | Fit or Fiction


Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr, and Jessica Alba all get that perfect Summer glow with a little help from their spray tans, but is this beauty trend potentially harmful? While a Summer glow might be the go-to accessory of the season, you’ll want to know the facts before heading to your nearest salon. Watch the video to find out more about spray tanning and whether or not it’s the right choice for you.

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  1. I don't much understand why everyone is so into tanning! I wouldn't want to risk my health by UV rays or putting chemicals on my skin. I think everyone just needs to embrace the skin color they were born with, and for me, that is so pale that I literally glow in the sun.

  2. I've said this for years & avoid it. Our skin soaks up everything & all those Nasty chemicals. If it causes cancer in animals it will cause cancer in us. It's just ridiculous that there would not be a correlation. All the chemicals in all our body products are causing cancer & disease. That SPF lotion you are wearing has it too. I stick to all natural products.

  3. Pretty much anything we put on out skin or in our body could potentially be found to cause cancer so it's just getting ridiculous . If you want to spray tan your skin go ahead can't spend our lives worrying over every single thing we do

  4. I don't spray tan. I prefer just being outside doing some sports and getting a tan.. I spend most of my day outside (when i dont have office work to do) and I have a nice tan.

  5. No we should use natural sunscreen. I use carrot oil which has SPF of around 40. You could also use coconut oil at 8. Or there are other products such as Maya Solar. Conventional sunscreens are full if parabens & other nasty chemicals that cause cancer

  6. Skin is the biggest organ you have. And anything coming from mainstream media or corporations do not have the public's best interest at heart. I would want to know what I was putting on my body before I put it on there. And the FDA (fraud and death administration) who also says vaccines are safe, gmo franken foods are safe, chlorine and fluoride in your drinking water is safe too. And lets not forget that Round Up is safe too. Keep trusting authority as truth will get the uninformed and unsuspecting victim dead.


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