At Home Leg and Booty Workout


Try this AWESOME legs and booty sculpt today – BLOG POST:
(weights and props optional, you could use books, water bottles or anything you have handy to add resistance)
1- Reverse Lunge Curl and Knee Drive (10 each side)
2- Calf raises (15 reps – 10 pulses)
3 – Sumo Goblet Lifts (15)
4 – Lateral Lifts (20 each side) band optional – here’s the one I use from my Amazon store :
5 – Hamstring Runners (20 total) I’m using cut up towels – on carpet you can use magazines, plastic plates, anything that slides
6 – Reverse Tabletop Slide Lifts (10)
7 – Box Popovers (10) One of my all time favorite booty blasters – invented this last time I moved when all I had to work out with was moving boxes in my house lol.

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