Avengers 2: Who will die? – It’s A Wrap!


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Joss Whedon is not afraid to kill off major characters, so who do we thing will get the ax in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’? Host Erin Darling (@ErinADarling) is joined by our panel of movie experts including Evan Dickson (@EvanDickson) from Bloody-Disgusting, Epix Correspondent Simone Boyce (@SimoneBoyce) & Jovenshire (@TheJovenshire) from Smosh Games to discuss.


  1. Quick silver dies by saving hawk eye who was saving a child  an his last dying word was "you didn't see that coming" an Ultron basically killed him while flying in a queen jet just shooting some how hulk took care of that by throwing him out of the queen jet in which he landed in this train wreckage an Scarlett witch pulled his metal heart out not knowing that Ultron had copies so vision took him out for good after having a brief conversation on the humans an there intelligence War machine, Thor, black widow, Hawk eye, the vision, Scarlett witch, iron man, nick fury, agent hill, The falcon, hulk, and cap they stay alive, but I already know who is the NEW AVENGERS are in the end oh yea and the hulk and black widow has a fling in the movie so fifty shades of grey an hawk eye has a family that consist of one girl one boy an one on the way an his wife lives on a farm in which Nick fury helped in all that ijs

  2. Quicksilver is dead, but the time stone hasn't shown up in the movies yet… Maybe in Civil War or Infinity War they go back in time for a scene or two and save him?

  3. I have watched it and major spoilers ahead… Iron man wins hulk vs hulkbuster, quicksilver dies a hero (he sacrifices himself to save Hawkeye) scarlet which fatalities ultron and rips out his heart because he accidentally killed quicksilver and hulk leaves the avengers because of the hulkbuster accident and lands somewhere new Fiji but he will return Thor gets a glimpse of asgard in flames (ragnorok Easter egg) and ultron and quicksilver are due to return yay 🙂

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