Avengers Infinity War New Details Revealed


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Avengers Infinity War New Details Revealed
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The filmmakers behind the next Avengers movie are sharing some new details and we’re breaking it down for you right now! Think you know what’s in store for the next two Avengers movies? Guess again! While we still have Captain America: Civil War to look forward to in the coming weeks and five more movies after that before Avengers Infinity War Part 1 arrives in theaters, the film’s directors, writers and producer are already teasing us with some exciting new details.

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  1. They need to have ronan. He didn't die, he was consumed by an infinity stone. If he died there would've been kree blood

  2. doctor strange is going to introduce an infinity stone, it cant not do that. but which is the hundred dollar question. ragnarok could be the last stone, someone could die in ragnarok. how else would thor get his motivation and supposed darker side

  3. So nothing happens from Spider-man Homecoming? You said that from The news Thor and Doctor Strange movies events will be talked about in the move ( Something retailed to that ). What about Spider-Man Homecoming?

  4. * Cough Cough * Spider-Man Homecoming * Cough Cough* He is now in the Marvel universe now and Marvel has the rights to Own him and stuff.

  5. avengers infinity war has doctorr strange captain marvel spiderman iron man war machine black panther black widow antman falcon hawkeye skarlet vision thor the punisher daredevil jessica jones iron fist luke cage marvel agents of sheild ghost rider star lord gamora drax rocket groot and mabye nova rumers

  6. its amazing how they get into the MCU more and more with every movie, i dont even know why i always sticked to marvel since i rly like the DC heroes as well, but since i have been watching the spiderman and ironman cartoons since ive been a child i have a much deeper connection to the marvel universe. These movies just give me back some childhood addiotional to the awesome and inspiring CGI and VFx (since i wanna become a digital artist in exactly that genre :D), it just sends chills down my spine everytime i watch a new one. Its even better that i havent been into the Marvel universe that much so Doctor Strange and Thanos werent on my Radar until they appeared in the movies, so excited for the future stuff to come up! Keep it up Marvel ^.^

  7. why Marvel Kills the wolverine in same universe why not in the Avengers infinity war it can give a new captain for future and present Avengers in infinity war

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