Bikini Try On Haul. Guess if it’s cheap or expensive!


I’ve been DYING to know if those cheap Amazon bikinis are any good. I’m going on vacation soon and needed new swimwear, so I decided to go on a bikini shopping spree and buy cheap bikinis and expensive bikinis so I could truly test if there was a difference in quality, fabric, design, fit, or SOMETHING that could really distinguish a $20 bikini from a $200 bikini.

This video is soooooo not sponsored by anyone. I bought all of these bikinis myself so that I could know once and for all – ARE ZAFUL BIKINIS ACTUALLY ANY GOOD!??? In fact, to take it up a notch I’m gonna play a game with you. I want you to guess which bikinis are cheap and which are expensive. At the end of the video I will tell you if you got it right or wrong! Ready? Let’s play!

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  1. my favorite bikini i found last year was by callia (carrie underwood) from dicks sporting goods. i would consider it mid range on price, i waited for a sale and spent maybe 50. but its so comfy and well made and covers well. ill be getting another this year.

  2. It's kinda troubling to see you (who should know about the fashion industry, considering you own a line of clothing) doing the whole 'cheap clothes can be as good as expensive ones' video supporting fast-fashion, Amazon, the ecological cost of buying a ton of clothes you don't need (or did you need all of these bikinis?)… without even acknowledging the fact that price tags take into account the quality and eco-friendliness of the fabric, the way the workers who made the bikini were treated, where the bikini was produced (so, you know… if producing it supported your country's economy), the potential longevity of the clothes (you can find a lot of cheap clothes which look good at first but most of them won't stand the test of time the way good quality clothing does) and so on…
    I'm not hating on you. But, and that's a complain I often have when you decide to do videos which are outside of your range of expertise (you know… pilates, in which you are great!), that was really thoughtless. Being thoughtless is not necessarily the worst thing in the world for normal people. But you are potentially addressing over 4 millions of people, here, including a lot of people who think of you as a role model, believe anything you say, and will copy whatever you do no matter the environmental or human cost.
    As they say… great power comes with great responsability. You don't have to advocate for fair trade or a sustainable world, but if you chose to address things like diet, fashion, veganism… please, do it carefully. Because, considering how influential you've become, it matters. At this stage, you have the power to do a lot of good. Which means you can unwittingly do a lot of damage as well.
    For a quick and easy reminder :
    About fast-fashion :
    About Amazon :

  3. #5 yellow and #7 blue (my favourite on you) are the most flattering on you. First one in animal print is quite nice but too close to your skin colour. Last one was nice on you in the green. The dark green #4 is awful ( sorry). Looks tight and uncomfortable and isn’t flattering. Some of them you seem to have adjust all the time.

  4. With bikini season arriving, I am the most picky. I'm all about the chest coverage because I am very busty. I use to go for the speedo one-piece back in the day when I was chubby and was in a swim team. I want to wear a bikini, but the coverage was looking flimsy on me and not supportive. I have a few tankinis I like that support but feels sexy on me and a few bikinis that are halter/crop top looking . But now I do want to play with more color so we'll see.

  5. Cassey, you look stunning in everything! I can see you are proud of yourself, I am so happy for you 🙂 Have fun on your vacation! 🙂
    Btw, most of the time I guessed right. 🙂

  6. On Zaful bikinis: I love them and I’m so addicted to them. 90% of my bikinis are zaful. Most of them are super high quality. I just would recommend looking at the reviews for bonus info because there are some that run a little smaller or bigger but most of them are true to size and great quality

  7. Just a thought on the whole body positivity thing no matter what your size … would you have filmed/ posted this video before you lost weight ? Absolutely no hate here I just think it’s interesting how we preach we should love ourselves at any size but most likely love ourselves / have more confidence when we are smaller thereby enforcing a smaller body = better body mentality . Love to hear other people’s opinions on this 😊

  8. I live in Australia and there is an amazing bikini brand in Queensland called Jaymes Swimwear. I have a few pairs and they are amazing! All hand made and great quality.

    I have no issue buying cheap bathers but I have to try them on first. I can't buy them online.

  9. I have a few zaful bikinis I bought last year. I could tell which ones in your video were from there – the double layer in all their bikinis helps them feel thick, but then they look thick and don't lay on your body as well. I bought them last year because the last time I'd bought a bikini was in 2008 I think! I have a speedo bikini for actually swimming – not super sexy but incredibly secure!
    A tip for getting your bikinis to last esp. in chlorine – never wash them in the washing machine! Give them a good rinse in water after you're done swimming (I like to hop right in the shower with it on) and then hang to dry.
    The key to sustainable fashion is too keep your things AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. I'm not planning on buying a new bikini for years. The ones I have should last a long, long time, even if they were cheap ones. Make it last!

  10. Loved this video and was also doing serious “research” looking at all those Zaful suits before my honeymoon last year! Maybe I’ll give them a shot now too 😉 just a recc’ but please do a foam rolling stretching video!

  11. My guesses
    1. Expensive because of the print (0/1)
    2. Cheap because the fit looks too loose on the bottom (0/2)
    3. Expensive because of the cut and reversible style (0/3)
    4. Cheap because of the fit again (1/4)
    5. Cheap (2/5)
    6. Expensive (3/6)
    7. Expensive (3/7)
    8. Cheap (4/8)
    9. Expensive (4/9)

    total score 4/9 so I suck at guessing lol
    Your body looks amazing!! I wish I looked that good in a bikini!

  12. I’m so happy for you that you’re becoming more confident. You were and are a beautiful person, whatever your size, but it’s amazing to see you trying these new things that previously you wouldn’t have felt confident enough to do. Thank you for being such a positive influence in the fitness community xx

  13. Try out San Lorenzo swimwear. I found them accidentally when in Hawaii and since I have a bug collection. Best fabric ever, fits perfectly they have now lots of sale items. The original price is quite a lot. Hiiiigly recommended.

  14. Beautiful bikikis! And now we really see your hard work outs paid off!! I didn't see how perfect you look.. but now I do!! Wow I don't think I could ever reach this level (maybe after 6 months ~ year of working out everyday cuz I don't have to lose much weight but gain muscle) but inspired by you!

  15. Your body is looking awesome girl! You look skinny AND healthy!! I remember one u were doing the competition. Your body was very tone and it did look pretty but it didn’t look healthy. Which probably sounds stupid because you probably weight the same now as you did there, but now you look healthy!!

  16. Lots of people on here are being nice and supportive, but I've seen a couple comments coming at Cassey for not being more "thoughtful" or "sustainable"; yet no one has mentioned that it's nice to hear a celebrity/influencer acknowledge that you don't have to buy expensive to still feel confident in your skin! The critiques about fast fashion are FAIR, and buying cheap sometimes is ~not cool~ but guess what: so is being elitist and condescending!!! Not everyone in Cassey's fanbase can afford to be buying expensive things, even if they're more ethical, and if Cassey only bought super expensive ethical/sustainable things, she'd be out of touch with a lot of people for whom that's just not reality (and that's not shameful, it's life!) Besides, let the girl do something that makes her happy without shaming her for not being perfect, sheesh.

  17. I love how u are so confident in urself and how u are proud of the body u have made and shaped! U are not ashamed of to show off ur hard work and i love this!!❤❤ it makes me want to workout and be this proud and happy about my body❤😊😊

  18. Thank you for always being so inspirational and sweet!! You look amazing, so toned and confident, Cassey 😊
    And I know this has nothing to do with anything, but would you please do a house tour? It's completely fine if you don't want to, I'm just curious

  19. Umm they all look cheap to me.

    You look fab, but I thought your high-cost ones would be from like Anthropologie or Land's End, or a maybe a sports brand like Under Armor. Because if you compare those to cheap suits, there is a definite difference!

  20. Hey Cassey, as much as I love supporting you, the issues with doing a try on haul is you're advertising horrible companies like Forever 21.. they dont care for their production line workers. Women die in the working facilities, they are sometimes forced to be on birth control because that's less expensive for the company. Please look Into fast fashion and its effects.

  21. I like the leotard strapless 1st one cheap to mix and match and i dont spend a fortune i get really nice bikinis and they last the whole summer months i hate swim suits …cant wait 2020 bikinis..👙😁

  22. Yellow High-waisted bikini = Eww. Too thick. Looks kinda diaper-ish. Not a good color or texture. Baywatch bikini – LOL how you're trying to adjust it all over. Oo! That Lime reversible at the end is super cute! The peach version is okay, but the lime looks so cute on you! My other favorite is the Daisy reversible one…but only the daisy side. Price-wise…No clue. LOL

  23. Hey girl! You look amazing! I've been doing your videos for about 7 years and this video really showed me how eating clean (you) looks different in a bikini vs eating a lot of refined sugar (me). Its a stark diff. But still, I know I ought to eat less sugar but sometimes it really serves me from a mental standpoint. Interesting video!

  24. Cassie is body goals 🥰 I don’t have much boobs either and we have a similar body type but I’ve snacked once too many times BUT I’m back on track and I can’t wait to feel confident in a bikini again 😝

  25. Τo be honest I got everything right…though some of the cheap ones were pretty decent, at least in camera, it's pretty obvious which 2 are expensive from the fabric and the way they fit. Would they also deserve their retail price, definitely not!But the difference is big!Btw the frankis pink one looks amazing, this color really suits you big time, as I'm sure the lime one will when you get some tanning. Overall you can wear whatever you like cause you look healthier and happier than ever, and it shows!!I really wish one day I'll be able to see that much of a difference in my body, too. I would really like to look more toned up and I should, according to the working out I do, but for some reason it ain't happening. And since I don't plan to starve myself any time soon, cause I love me and don't think being 1,68cm and 59kg is considered having extra weight, I'll stay as I am, until I find a way to get the results I want some other way!


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