Books That Will Change Your Life


Here are some of my must read motivational books!

You Are A Badass –
The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a F*ck –
Staying Strong by Demi Lovato –
The Four Agreements –
Girlboss –
Adventures For Your Soul –


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  1. This is wonderful! Thanks so much. On my way to the library now to pick up a couple of these. I also listened to You are a badass per your recommendation and it inspired me so deeply. Thank you for being a positive light in a sometimes dark world.

  2. I am obsessed with the success you have built with your channel! your content is amazing and your edits have gotten so much better from years before. I hope to be at your level one day <3

  3. Dale Carnegie “How to stop worrying and start living” though is a bit old or should I say “classy” it has so many great examples of real people dealing with stressful situations in their life. Definitely must read!

  4. I’m in the middle of you are a a badass right now and I love it!! You should definitely read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, it’s a spiritual bible and gives a new perspective on the human race as a whole

  5. I know it's the end of January but I was just inspired to update my resume with my new job and download audible. You are a Badass was my first download and I will be listening to it this week.
    Thank you! I've been watching a lot of your videos the past few days and I'm kicking myself for not doing so sooner.

  6. Unless you had "Bold" strapped around your chest and then got shot in the heart but the book somehow stopped the bullet…it do not "literally" save your life. Sorry to point that out but that is a HUGE bugaboo of mine (using the word "literally" improperly).

  7. I use an app called OverDrive to get all my books and trying to find the four agreements the only ones I could find were not in English do you have a site that you might go on that are in English if not you do you just read them in the language that they are in.

  8. I know this video was posted long time ago but as I am rewatching it just wanted to say: it's aweeeesome. Definitely do feom time to time some book hauls etc. Especially non-fiction. 🙂

  9. I'm currently reading the best book ever, it's so stinking good, it's called The Bible, and it's helped me to realize I'm incredibly loved, secure, and beautiful. 😉

  10. omg i saw the subtle art of not giving a fuck today!!!! i wanted to buy it but i had 3 books i already wanted to get 🙁 ill def get it next time now

  11. Don't leave out "A Glimpse Beyond The Aether"  Pegasus publisher.  Sci Fi / Romance  About a world where they know exactly what happens when we die.  Characters you will never forget.  An iconic woman who challenges destiny and can straddle two worlds.

  12. The only thing about these books, like I listened to the "subtle art of not giving a f*ck" before, but I can't even remember what it was about anymore. I know that I liked it, but I don't remember the point anymore.

  13. "In a world where we see so much negativity on the daily basis, it is really important to keep bits of positivity with you" , great words! they're my inspiration for reading those books, thanks Kalyn.

  14. You and everyone else should definitively check out "Be Awesome: Modern Life for Modern Ladies" by Hadley Freeman. It's such an important read for every female!! Males would benefit from reading it, too. However, I doubt it will ever become part of a school's reading curriculum… It includes too much valuable and actually useful life advice. 😉

  15. have i said this yet? I need MORE of these videos!!!! love book clubs. I even love you talking about only one book in a video just like you did on "the power o now" and "girlboss" Love you and look forwards to new videos!


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