Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remaster On the Way? – IGN Daily Fix


In today’s fix: a possible Call of Duty remaster, Rosario Dawson is cast as Ahsoka Tano for The Mandalorian season 2, and drive-in movie theaters are a thing again! Are you as excited for Rosario Dawson to join The Mandalorian as she is? What do you think of this Modern Warfare 2 remaster?


  1. Okay but what about the gameplay? Mechanics? Will it be like original MW2? Same mechanics just new graphics or new graphics+new mechanics (new mechanics will probably be similar to MW2019)

  2. I'm pretty shure modern warfare 2 remaster was on the way a couple years back but because of the Vegas shooting and the game containing the airport Russian shoot shoot pew pew you know what mission

  3. Cod mw3 was my first cod game I started on I actually liked it but I liked treyarc more because of zombies but my personal favourite cod game I have played has to be world at war what an absolute classic it was. Just the best cod game I played even my nephew loved it because of the nostalgic memories of that game

  4. There's also been several leaks for the future of Activision, a bo1 remaster and an upcoming free cod game that is supposed to be made by treyarch. Cant wait because I'm so excited. But then again don't try to get your hope up because like I said these are just leaks for what's coming in the future an who knows when that will be.

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