DAY 1: 5 Day Home Workout Challenge with Betty Rocker – FULL BODY FIRE


DAY 1: 5-Day Home Workout Challenge

We are kicking this off today with FULL BODY FIRE 🔥

➡️Here’s what you’ll need:
1. A little space to move
2. A chair or ottoman or step
3. Weighted objects: water bottles, water jugs, laundry jugs, or dumbbells

I will post this workout on the blog so you can reference it again too if you like!

➡️I recommend today reading about your 4 Pillars of Health and how/why you can support them for optimal results:

While you’re there, browse from any number of fitness and fit body topics! Check out the Fitness 101 series for articles about body fat, resistance training, how your muscle works and the truth about your weight. Good stuff!

Today’s workout we will do for 3 rounds:
If it’s in parenthesis that means I’m adding that in as we progress ❤️

1️⃣In and Out (jump) squats (add high pull row) (0:30-1:00)
2️⃣2 push ups to 2 superwoman lifts (5-7)
3️⃣ single leg split squats (hammer curls) (8-12 each side)
4️⃣Skater lunges (0:30-1:00)
5️⃣Fully hinged row to squat curl (8-12)

Be sure to check in and let me know how this goes for you! ⬇️⬇️

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