decorating for CHRISTMAS


get ready for Christmas with me ❤
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Are you prepped for the holidays yet?


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  1. Awww this has really got me into Christmas mode :3 our (me and bae) Christmas tree is literally a mish mash of nostalgia – gaudy tinsel, ornaments we've collected since we were kids, both of our mum's old baubaul sets… I don't think I'd have it any other way, much as I like a good aesthetic 💖

  2. After the long day I had at work today, it was so refreshing and wonderful to have a video notification from your channel. Amazing video, I’ve also been very excited for Christmas and this has definitely heightened the excitement 🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️😭 Loving the length of your hair! It looks amazing! Thank you for such a beautiful, uplifting and inspiring video ❤️

  3. Carrie had more, she had Aden that she treated SO BADLY. Everything Big didn’t want to give her Aden would and she was being a complete bitch to him. From the cheating, to the fake engagement 🙄 she was the main character but in my opinion she was the worse character.

  4. I'm normally not a christmas kind over person, cause normally I think it's so overrated… but I'm getting very strong Christmas celebration vibes this year! Give me green, silver and purple and I'm happy

  5. the “chanukah” area has blue and white holiday items. does canada have dollar stores? great source. big lots too. even the grocery store chain jewel usually has a sizable chanukah section!💙⛄️💙

  6. This might sound weird or mean depending on your perspective but this is the first video by that I have enjoyed in a while. I feel like lately, especially this hear videos were hit or miss and I didn't feel connected with your content, but this one felt different. It is probably a me thing, but I really enjoyed this video.

  7. I put my tree up last weekend, and it honestly just boosts my mood having all the Christmas lights on. 😍 🎄I tend to stick with traditional Christmas colour schemes: green tree, white lights, and red, silver, and white bulbs!

  8. I’m feeling very red this year. Went shopping and got basically everything on red. It’s red and green and white for me this year and I don’t know why I feel so drawn to red but we’re running with it.

  9. Your thumbnails don’t suck and even if they did, your intro is like a whole art installation so 👌
    I decorated my tree pretty early this year cuz I was going through some stuff and needed a pick me up, I have a nice red and silver theme ☺️


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