Don’t like your body? This video will change that.


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Loving your body begins with loving you as a whole. Your body is not a separate thing from your mind, your heart, or your soul. Every part of you is interconnected, and a change in one will change the other parts of you too. That’s why when you go on a quest to transform your body, you’re actually on a journey to transform your mind as well.

If you want to continue this practice of self love, I need you to join my #bodylovechallenge. It’s 7 days of small, actionable things you can do to build a less toxic relationship with your body. Each task takes less than 1 minute a day, but will help restructure your mindset for the rest of your life. Are you in?! If so, comment “I’m in” below!

The Body Love Challenge begins on Monday Feb 10. To prepare, head over to the @poppilatesofficial Instagram and grab the challenge graphic. If you do the challenge of the day everyday for the entire week – meaning you’re posting to your IG stories or your feed for 7 days straight, I’m gonna do something super crazy for you. Ready for it?

This summer I’m hosting my 2nd annual POP Pilates retreat – it’s basically the ultimate wellness weekend full of workouts, healthy food, POPFLEX fashion shows, evening gowns, pink carpets, and heart to heart time with me and with girls from all over the world who love POP Pilates. It’s a 4 day retreat in Scottsdale, Arizona and I want to see you there! If you want to win a free ticket to this year’s POP Pilates Retreat, all you have to do is participate in all 7 days of the #BodyLoveChallenge! At the end of the challenge, I’ll pick one lucky POPster – from anywhere is the world – to win a ticket to the retreat!!! More info on the retreat here:

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Alright you guys, I’m gonna leave you with this: Today I want you to let go of your insecurities and embrace yourself fully, as one complete and beautiful human being. Don’t ever forget that. You are a complete and beautiful human being.


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  1. I love myself and my body. I just don’t know how to improve my fat thighs. I just want them to be more toned so that buying clothes isn’t an absolute nightmare. I genuinely don’t hate them I just don’t know how to make it better 🤨

  2. I'm so into this challenge but for my mental health I actually deleted my social media as a way to love myself slowly but blocking out that 'huge comparison site' so I was hoping I could still be in with a chance for the retreat if you let me show my commitment in another way xx
    P.s I love you so much and you always make me feel like a better person ❤

  3. How coincidental I see this video hours before I plan to take back my health and wellness. I just had a baby a few weeks ago and it's not the easiest road to recovery mentally and physically. I've just been feeling so bad about myself until today, then I ended up seeing this video right before bed, i really needed to❤ plus the retreat will be in my home state, i think it's a sign…. I'm so in!

  4. The timing of this literally, yesterday was one of the worst days then I clicked on this video last night and got half way through then woke up this morning to see the rest and then you said the challenge starts Feb 10 lo and behold today is Monday Feb 10 and I want to change myself for the better in ways where I know I will love myself this journey is going to be for me ❤️ SO IM IN BABY! p.s. if you got this far and read this you are drop dead gorgeous never forget that 🥰 and hope you all have a wonderful day

  5. my upper lip hair is really dark, and it looks like i have a mustache even though i don't. sometimes people comment on it, and it makes me feel so insecure

  6. I have to share these lyrics with everyone, one of my favourite songs ever.
    Paula cole – Me
    I am not the person who is singing 
    I am the silent one inside 
    I am not the one who laughs at people's jokes 
    I just pacify their egos

    I am not my house or my car or my songs 
    They are only stops along my way 
    I am like winter 
    I'm a dark cold female 
    With a golden ring of wisdom in my cave

    And it is me who is my enemy 
    Me who beats me up 
    Me who makes the monsters 
    Me who strips my confidence

    I am carrying my voice 
    I am carrying my heart 
    I am carrying my rhythm 
    I am carrying my prayers

    But you can't kill my spirit 
    It's soaring and it's strong 
    Like a mountain 
    I go on and on
    But when my wings are folded 
    The brightly colored moth 
    Blends into the dirt into the ground

    And it's me who's too weak 
    And it's me who's too shy 
    To ask for the thing I love 
    And it's me who's too weak
    And it's me who's too shy 
    To ask for the thing I love

    I am walking on the bridge
    I am over the water 
    And I'm scared as hell 
    But I know there's something better 
    Yes I know there's something better
    Yes I know

  7. The questions you asked actually did make me feel how ridiculous how much control a few body insecurities can effect your life. I’ll be blunt my first of many on the list was “small butt” like how ridiculous does me having a small butt stop me from having a good day sound? Lmao thank you for this reality check

  8. Insecurity is the by product of a society, media and global beauty industry that promotes capitalistic messages that make people feel insecure. Promoting false 'beauty' norms, unattainable financial success and a general message that a woman's worth can be valued. Our worthiness is intrinsic. If you are alive you are 100% worthy of love, success, happiness, all of the other good stuff life offers. Insecurity doesn't come from you and you alone. We are all products of our environment to an extent and in 2020, our environment really has a LOT to answer to! xxxx

  9. I used to be extremely insecure about having big hips and a big butt. It's now the first thing that girls compliment me on and hilariously, it's the part of my body that I like most.

  10. I loved that reminder about our answer. We need to hear it more often!!!!! Bye-bye, insecurities, I am better than that! And, yes, comparison truly is the thief of joy. It can be seriously destructive. (Doing this little exercise during the #BodyLoveChallenge feels even better, even more empowering & positive <3)

  11. Yup true that! That’s why I stopped being afraid and created my channel! And all social media… because at first I thought I sucked n I was fat n n would not be followed how ever I have 178 subs and although I’m just starting I can tell that I will do it and help others! I love my self my body n my life!


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