getting ready to move + taking a Youtube break | VLOG 30


a week in my life ft. taking a break from the digital world, visiting my home town and my curly hair routine w/ Function of Beauty!
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Vlog Chapters 💗:
00:50 – how many weeks until I leave Toronto
02:17 – my hair routine products: function of beauty ✨
04:30 – my curly hair routine
05:33 – iced coffees in Kingston
06:18 – Taylor Swift drops folklore
07:41 – heading back to Toronto
08:54 – folklore 2nd time listening
10:13 – taking a digital detox night
11:30 – life update + taking an August youtube break 💓
14:30 – an update on my move + buying a house

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  1. Girl, you can take a break whenever you want. I will be here for you always! I feel like we truly connect in so many ways. Have a lot of fun and relax. Can't wait to see your new home and your new life! Very excited! Love you to the moon and back and take care! Hasta pronto amiga! Can't wait for Youtober btw! Favorite time of the year!

  2. Everyone needs a break. Especially when packing up an entire house to move to another city. I'm sure you will be better prepared and your imagination and juices will be flowing and the viewers will receive great content. Can't wait to see the new place and city.🙃🙏

  3. Enjoy your time away Kalyn.💛 You totally deserve it. Can’t wait for you to comeback in September and until then…your playlists will definitely be on repeat.✌🏼☕️

  4. Take time to yourself, you deserve it.
    Manifest that beautiful house that you will get
    And you will get married in and have beautiful kids running around.
    You are great, and inspiration, and you are beautiful. Thank you for all the positivity and for never stop working and showing us content. We love your life.

    <3 Didi

  5. I'll be watching repeats in the meantime! Enjoy your time off, don't worry we are here, we love you and can't wait for your new chapter! But no rush!!! Wishing you peace and happiness!! Xoxo 💕

  6. Oh Kalyn!!🧡 Take a break whenever you need it and however long you need it!💛 you don’t owe anybody anything except for what you owe yourself! 🙏🏻 I wish you a great august with Folklore and Toronto vibes and I‘m excited for Youtuber, but no pressure. If you don‘t make it this year, thats OKAY! ❤️🙏🏻

  7. Kalyn, I just want you to know that you leave a lasting effect on our lives, and if you need a break to come back and share yourself and your wisdom with us, please take it!! I live for your Youtobers and you made me fall into a deep love with fall! I can’t wait to “spend” fall 2020 with you and the awesome playlists you create for us! Best of luck on your move and I hope you find the house of your dreams!! 🥰💕🍁🎃

  8. OMG, it is so normal to take time off work and recharge or enjoy all the things you have less time for when you work. Gonna miss your vlogs, not gonna lie. But girl, the month august off is so well deserved. Enjoy it and we will all be here when you return 😉

  9. i love you and i'll miss you but i'm so happy you're growing up as a person and deciding what's best for you i wish you the best always and can't wait to see what's next to come <3

  10. I am from Ontario and have been living in New Zealand for 4 years. Your vlogs give me such nostalgia and really make me miss home even more!! Summertime drives in ONT is such a mood. Thank you for this!

  11. First: sending all the love & positive vibes to Larissa. ♥️♥️
    Second: we love you and we’ll be here when you get back. Can’t wait to go on your next adventure with you!

  12. Oh my god I got emotional ☹️ you are my inspiration!💗 I’m sure this month will benefit you a lot, especially when you’ve lived in the Toronto for the past few years, it’s good to savour the last few moments before starting a new chapter! Looking forward to your future videos Kalyn!!💗 Especially Youtober🍂🎃 See you soon🥺 x

  13. Just want to say I love your videos and they always inspire be. Don’t worry about taking a break we all need some detox from time to time. I’m super excited for September and the future Ottawa vlogs! Love you girl and goodluck <3

  14. i will miss you so much Kalyn! 😭❤️it’s weird cause i myself am in a transition too this coming august (college) so i know in my heart this break on yt will make you feel better and aligned more! ahhh this make me more excited to see you back on yt! i know it’s going to be different and fun! take care Kalyn! love you to the moon and to saturn! 😭❤️

  15. I've been taking a break from watching the majority of subscribers I have and when catching up with yours I learn that you're moving to Ottawa?!? I just recently moved there (mid-May) and looking to relocate here (from September, even told the landlady earlier today that August would be the last month for me). It's always so refreshing watching your videos and I live for your GYST videos. I've noticed some similarities between us such as writing (I want to write books), tarot readings (been into it for years now and have several decks), sensitivity to energies, and vegan! It has helped me a lot to watch your videos when I get stuck. Would love to do a tarot reading for you! Hmu if you're interested!

  16. i hope you have the best month of august, kalyn! gonna miss you for a montthhh!! i love your videos bc i always get the best, positive vibes and you motivate me to live my life like that!

  17. Wow felt so nostalgic. Been following since forever and your videos help me connect with myself and you remind me to always be checking on myself. Thank you. Have a nice break ❤️

  18. You do you Kalyn! I hope you have a good August break, and I am excited to see where life takes you! Funny enough I also am closing a chapter of my life in August and am opening a new one with college. Much love! 💙

  19. I cried after seeing this video. It's not coz you are taking a break. But I realised the fact that I have grown with you. I wait for your videos. You were such a blessing when i went through a lot of dark times. My favourite month is October coz there is Yoctober every year. ( I'm sorry if I spell ed it wrong). I love you. U deserve this break. I love you so much……💜💜

  20. Ive been watching your videos for years and feel we eerily similar people lol. I live close to Toronto and we have the same moving date! lol enjoy your break 🙂

  21. Girl you deserve this break, enjoy it! Enjoy your last few weeks in Toronto <3 Ottawa will be waiting for you! I hope we bump into each other sometime in the future <3 Side note, jb will be here next July sooooooo 😉

  22. I so support you in taking some time off from making vids. Very wise decision. Enjoy yourself, and the rest of Summer, lots of love to you Kayln, Thank you infinitely 🤍🤍🤍

  23. Also, I'm so happy you're taking time for yourself this August! And Tay has a song on her album called august, that alone should be considered a sign for you to just chillax! <3

  24. Aww Bentley burrito 😍. You deserve a break. You are a rockstar and you work really hard to give us amazing content. Take August for yourself to enjoy and process the changes. I cant wait for youtober this year!!

  25. We will miss you, for sure, but you deserve this break. Thanks for always be creating and letting us be part of your life. August i'ts my birthday month so i'll might follow your advice and take a social media break. See you when i'm 23, we'll be right here💕 lots of love from Mexico

  26. Kalyn I just found myself nodding the whole time when you were talking about taking a break. I totally understand. You taking care of yourself and being your happiest self is what shines through in your content. Go out there, and enjoy your break girl! We'll be right here where you left us when you're back 💗

  27. Dont hesitate, take this break, you deserve it. Everyone needs to take time away from their work and it's completely healthy and good. Those that love and support you and your content will understand and still be here, and for those that don't, you don't need them. Take care, enjoy the rest of your summer in Toronto and see you when you get back.

  28. Kalyn, you are the most hardworking person out there. You always put too much pressure on yourself to perform and take too much on your plate. You deserve a break, darling. Don't worry about us or anything else, we will still be here when you return. Take care of yourself and stay safe. I pray this month brings you immense happiness and content. Love you to the moon and back❤❤

    P.s.: You are not alone in this world, we all are there for you.

  29. I did the same thing to my curling iron in high school 😂 I have been watching your videos since… 2011 I think lol I wanted a curling wand and I saw that you could take the clamp off and I never even thought of it lol

  30. awww I miss you already lol but I know that this is much needed time off and I can't wait until you and Bentley come back with new shared adventures ❤️

  31. Is it wrong that I completely don’t mind watching you clean the place and do gysting even if it has been repetitive🤣 just feels like we are hanging out and cleaning the place l together and I love it🥰😁

  32. I am glad we still getting the coffee talks even when I would have unterstood if we wouldn't have 😀 have a nice break and I am excited to see again here in September ❤️

  33. I think it's my first comment on your channel, although I've been in a Koze crew for at least 5 years. It just feels right today.
    I want to let you know that I completely understand you – 2020 has been A LOT, full of events in our personal lives and careers with the added extra stress of global events and current state of the world. I know how hard it can be to allow yourself to take a break, especially if you are passionate about what you do, but, I think, it's what most of us (myself included :)) should do now to take care of ourselves and be able to give our best to the world!
    I give you all my support and love and thank you for being with me through both happy and challenging times ❤️Looking forward to seeing you in September, when, I hope, we all will be rejuvenated and ready to rock!✨

  34. So glad you are finding time for yourself and taking that big courageous step. Can't wait to hear how refreshed and new perspective you have when you are back. Enjoy Toronto! We'll be here when you are back!


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