GIRL TALK: Jealousy, Ex’s, Friendship Advice & More!


If you guys like these sit down chat about real life type of videos, let me know and I’ll make it a series 🙂
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  1. Fun video. You all mentioned how hard it is to date in NYC and it is true cause there are so many options out there on all the dating apps. But for example relating to Kara, I don't think guys that you are starting to date will be thrilled to see pictures of you making out with your ex in your Instagram feed. Just an observation.

  2. Omg! I use hi mama worked in preschool, so cool to understand Carrie’s career! I really love this vid, you guys should do this more often. I crave a friendship like this, my best friends and I all live in different cities, our reunions are few and far between but girl time is so important. Love your friendship! Also loved seeing more of Julia and Kara ❤️

  3. I’m sorry. So late to the party but TESS YOU GREW UP IN WISCONSIN? I need to know where. 😂 I grew up in Beloit and went to college in Madison. Now I’m living in Chicago — such a small world! 👐🏼

  4. I really wish I had friends like you girls! I actually just moved up to NY (Poughkeepsie area) from FL to live with my boyfriend. It’s hard making new friends when you’re older. We just had this conversation the other day that you normally make more friends through old friends or meet friends through work, but everyone I work with is much older than me. We’re actually going into the city in December to see the Rockettes and go ice skating… any chance you all would like to meet up?Message me if you’re free!

  5. This was so sweet and fun to watch! I am (much) older, and I have a few treasured friend groups that have been with me through every life event imaginable. They are, as you stated, my family. We put in the effort to stay in touch, but the most amazing thing is that no matter how much time passes ( life is busy) we never lose our connection. I consider myself so very blessed to call these people my friends💕

  6. I loooove this video i love you guys energy together ❤️❤️❤️❤️ wish you can make it into a weekly or monthly video and cara should definitely start a YouTube channel ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  7. I love when you talked about your friend group and Pat’s relationships. As I’ve gotten older I am more and more passionate about the idea that guys and girls can JUST BE FRIENDS! It’s refreshing to see your friend group have a really healthy unit of both men and women, all with great friendships among each other. My friend group has grown to be like that more, and it’s awesome!

  8. your talk about relationships and friends was right on!! in my group of friends there are two couples and i treat everyone the same because they are not my friends’ partner they are my friends and that is a key thing

  9. The way you talked about dating in New York… I feel like it’s the same issues here in London!! Too many people, too many options, seems like no one’s ever satisfied. Very difficult!

  10. I always thought kara and josh were dating but then recently in a vlog you said that he’s single so I assumed it was my imagination that they were together 🙈and moved on but I’m glad to know I’m not crazy lol

  11. I really wish I had a group of friends like this. Here in Germany everybody is soo focused on themselves and their career, we rarely ever meet out friends. And I feel like most people here only have „separate friends“ rather than big friend groups. Makes me kinda sad.


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