Giving My Honest Review On Random Things


They say honesty is the best policy. For today’s video I’m reviewing your suggestions and giving my HONEST opinion about them. I review Verb’s Energy Bars, Avene’s Facial Mist, a shoulder brace, Insight Timer and a menstrual cup!


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➥ Verb – Salted Peanut Butter: *If you buy on their direct website, it’s $22!*
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➥ Tampon Tribe – Menstrual Cup:


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  1. i love your review of the menstrual cup! thanks for talking about things that all women need info about and so few people are willing to speak candidly about! much love jenn <3

  2. i feel like for people who are already hooked on caffeine/coffee those energy bars don't give enough to the kick lol especially since a cup of coffee has a few shots of espresso and one of those bars probably doesn't do anything haha

  3. Question about using a menstrual cup. What is your experience like washing the cup especially if you're not home (at work, friends house, museum etc). Is it a weird process? Do you plan ahead to not have to clean the cup when you're not at home? Is it messy?
    Any help would be appreciated 🙂

  4. I love how honest you are and aren't like some YouTubers who give good reviews just because they're sponsored or collabing with other companies. Thank you for being here since the beginning and thank you inspiring me to try new things in life! 😘

  5. love these random reviews!! i’ve always wondered about these but never really thought to look into some of them til now. thanks for the suggestions!!

  6. I recommend trying out the put a cup in it quiz! It’ll give you personalized suggestions based on how you answer the quiz! Helped me find the perfect cup on the first try

  7. MY FIRST THUMBS UP VIDEO EVER! An instructional for learning and demonstrating how to insert a menstrual cup is amazing and should be an open conversation for all/non genders ❤️ 💕 💗

  8. omg you were so calm when you tried the menstrual cup the first time LOL I recently tried and ngl I was sweating BULLETS when I first tried to take mine out bc I DIDNT REALIZE THE NUB WENT INTO MY VAGINA SO DEEP lol but all in all I love the cup!

  9. Hi Jenn! I’ve been using a menstrual cup since last year and I love it ! I’ve tested one with the little thing to pick it up and the actual one without and I prefer it (it’s from a French brand called Lunéale). I’m never going back to tampons. Also, I tried a menstrual panty but didn’t really like it. Enjoy your day 🌼

  10. It's currently going 1 am and I love how your videos put me in a good mood before bed. I literally get excited each time I receive a post notification 🥺❤️ (btw our periods are syncing )

  11. I just wanna point out that the Avene´s Facial Mist really help my irritated skin. It really helps me to reduce redness in my face, and also a nice texture because its does not get as irritated!

  12. WOW u have the most raw and straightforward demo of the menstrual cup and i loved it! Thank you for all these honest reviews. Please keep making more 🥰 this is what a real influencer should be!

  13. Hey Jenn! Could you do a video about how you’ve been styling your hair? I recently got my hair cut short but I’m not sure how to style it and yours always looks so great!!!

  14. love this type of video! i have always been curious about the menstrual cup, just based off your short clip of you trying to insert it, maybe it's not as scary as i think. i too am curious how much blood comes out of me, they said its not as much as you think when you have your pad. Thank you jenn for your honesty 🙂

  15. I wasn’t a believer in the Avene spray until I saw a video Katie Jane Hughes did. Basically I have dry ass skin on my face and I layer it in between each skincare item I use and it helps my skin hydrate so much. It honestly shocked me. I do live in a very dry climate and have dry skin for reference. Hopefully that helps anyone in the thread.

  16. Honestly as a twenty-something trying to relax from her first job, Jenn you could talk about anything and help me relax from a stressful week! You inspire me to keep making my own videos and keep pushing. Sending you lots of good vibes!

  17. Super entertaining and helpful video from Jenn as always. I just wanted to let you know Jenn, I use menstrual cups and find the removal satisfying too. So it's not just you. Maybe we're both weird HAHAHA

  18. Who else loves jenns aesthetic and positive role models! She has helped changed me life and encouraged me to chase my dream of becoming a YouTuber and making films!

  19. If you get the bars directly from verb it’s only 22 dollars for a pack of twelve. Still a bit much for what they are imo, but more reasonable than $41. Also, I’ve been using the Lena menstrual cup for over three years now and I love it!

  20. Omg Jenn we've reached a new level in our relationship if we got to chill with you in your bathroom and watch you make faces while putting in a menstrual cup! We've come a long way! 2015 Jenn could never haha.

  21. Putting on my best critic hat and giving my honest review on 5 items 🌟 Putting time stamps in case you wanna skip around~

    – Verb Energy Bar 0:06 — Also a heads up that it's $22 per bag on Verb's direct website!
    – Avene Facial Mist 5:45
    – A Shoulder Brace 8:56
    – Insight Timer 11:48
    – Menstrual Cup 17:11

    What would you want me to review next?

  22. The thing I find with menstrual cups is after several months of usage, you do have to dispose of it, which isn't that adding plastic anyway because of how it's contaminated and non recyclable? Ive had one for a year and sometimes I use it. I do prefer organic non bleached cotton products without plastic or chemicals more because you can't always rinse the menstrual cup in public places, but that is my preference.

  23. I bought the flex cup because it is my first time ever trying a menstrual cup. I thought it would be simple to put it in bc I have been wearing tampons for years and the videos looked straightforward, but I was unable to get it in!! So if anyone has any tips, I would really appreciate it!

  24. i like the bars for an afternoon pick me up!! around 2pm i always hit a slump. but they are steep!! i’ve snagged them on sale a couple times/split the 4 bag pack with my brother so it’s a bit cheaper.

  25. Okay but Cheeky randomly napping and chilling in the background when Jenn were reviewing the mediation app is literally the most wholesome and softest thing ever. And then when she put her head on Jenn’s lap 🥺🥺🥺🥺 awwwwwwww gosh she is SO CUTE

  26. Wow jumping from one product category to a completely different one felt so entertaining and representative of what we may all consume in daily life. I loved that I didn’t have to commit to the same topic for a whole video if that makes sense, sometimes you’re just not in the mood for that, so this was very diversified and refreshing! 💖

  27. Can you try Flex Cup? The way you take it out is pulling a string like a tampon. But that would kinda defeat the purpose of your last point since you’re satisfied to see the blood lol

  28. What i love not living in the US is that my country (Singapore) does not have a culture of shaving legs, at all. Non baby smooth legs are 100% acceptable and fine and thank GOD

  29. I've been using the menstrual cup for two years now, and I (obviously) LOVE IT! It totally changed my life, and I always tell my friends to try it! I'm curious about the meditation app, I was looking for something like that rn! Thanks <3

  30. This is perfect! Been wanting to get a menstrual cup for a little while now but I somehow got worried that it would be hard to take out? I'm genuinely just so t i r e d of tampons, the mess, the fact that they leak anyways and not to mention when you switch the tampon out so quickly that you're worried you forgot to take out the first one. The usual.

  31. keep in mind that you can buy single pouches of verb for $22 (12 pack of one flavor) like the $41 thing is a 2 pack bundle – thus the bars are only $1.83 a bar, which is pretty normal.


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