HOME VLOG UPDATE! Art Gallery wall, more painting, & online shopping!


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  1. I love your style! I get so much insp from you but boy idk how you keep all your white things clean!! I swear any time I buy 1 think white it gets ruined in the wash or I stain it lmao.

  2. Your room looks so stunning! But just wondering why you are putting so much effort into your room when you are living with your parents? I’m not trying to criticise but aren’t you going to be moving out to your own place? Just curious 🙂 XXX

  3. HI! can you do a house tour? I love the couch and whole room your sitting in in the last clip. I think I am confussed though… is this your house or your parents? Lol… love your room and the fireplace looks great white!


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