Honeymoon Recap + Apartment Hunting in NYC


I give you a cute little recap of our honeymoon in Hawaii and then take you with us as we go apartment hunting in NYC
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  1. Love your videos Tess!! I have been following you since 2014, it's amazing how you've grown, not only as a person, but even in the quality of your content which is absolutely beautiful! Love from Italy <3 Take care x

  2. This is not video related but have you watched Katy Keene on CW? It’s a new show about group of friends that try to make it big in NY 🥰 btw I can’t wait for more content from you this year! Very excited and my favourite apartment was definitely the second one 💜

  3. Tess talking about starting a family makes me feel so happy(?) like when we've known her for the last 7-ish years and see her mature to the woman she's become makes me feel like we've grown old with her

    it's 2 am I'll sleep now

  4. Wow, I love you and your authentic work ethic. I admire you more and more. I believe in you, it made me feel good that you said “I will work my way up” because that is the raw truth of life and you were honest, thank you. I will continue to push forward as well beginning university🧡

  5. Oh my god… I was listening to you talk about the first apartment and was like oh that place is cute and then you said $4,300 and I died a little inside… I don’t even want to imagine paying that much… omg. For that you can live in one of the more expensive areas of Austin. I really hope it never gets that expensive here 😭❤️ My home is changing so much though.

  6. Thank u for being transparent about the pricing and ur thought process on how u make the decision. It’s super helpful! Looking fwd to ur next video about problems w ur current place.

  7. Oh wow, apartment 2 looks a lot like where Michelle Choi lives 🤔 esp the kitchen and living room area

    Thanks for sharing, Tess! Rlly informative and great to satiate the curiosity of those with no intention of moving to NY 😂 i abs adored the last basement apartment, so much space and you get a garden backyard

  8. wow I live in Las Vegas and for those prices you can live like royalty here omg that’s crazy ! but thanks for sharing a lot of YouTubers never do ! can’t wait to keep seeing your journey ♥️♥️

  9. Hey Tess, i love your videos and those apartments you showed are very cute. However have you guys ever thought about buying a condo instead and investing your money? You could live outside of NYC and travel there when you wanted. 4k a month is insane for rent! Although I assume that it might be actually a good price for NYC? I don't know as I live in Canada and have never been to NYC lol. Just wondered… anyways obviously you guys can do what you want but I just wondered if you guys ever considered that. 🙂

  10. I am so beyond appreciative of this video. I loved that you included the different neighborhoods that ppl could look up which is the hardest part imo, and I really really appreciate you including the price. I know ppl are always so "secretive" about price on youtube ( and I get it no one wants to be judged), but seeing the different costs helps create realistic price points and expectations for ppl.

  11. Hi, why don’t you move to Westchester county or Long Island? You can whether get an apartment for literally half the price and bigger size or you can buy a house and your mortgage would be around 4K a month which makes more sense since you’d like to start a family. You’d have an easy commute to the city if needed. I live in lower Westchester and I love it! There are many apartments and houses that are older with ton of character which seems like you both love. I think it’s something to consider. Good luck! 😊

  12. 3:50 "Thinking bout the future, maybe start a family" GUYS CAN U IMAGINE mini tess and mini pat part of the channel, all photogenic and super stylish like their parents AAAAHHHH MY HEARRRRTT!!

  13. 4300 a month ?! #commitment
    Wow that's so insane to hear… we own our home and only pay 2500 for a 4 bedroom house! I can not imagine paying someone this much when it's really not even yours 😳 but hey if you can afford it why not 😄

  14. I hope u see this, but u should check out the building “9 on the Hudson”. It’s in NJ only 8 minute ferry ride from the city, the amenities are amazing especially if u are planning on having a family soon. Definitely recommend u check it out !

  15. I’m happy you guys are appreciative of my transparency with prices. It’s what I would want to know before I moved here and from what I’ve seen, it’s the norm for the places and neighborhoods I was looking at. I guess you now know why I’m not one of those youtubers buying designer stuff all the time…. I’d rather live here. We are all crazy, but we all live here for a reason. It won’t be forever, but for now it’s all worth it 🙂

  16. I love love love all your vlog & weekend in my life videos!!! I used to watch your get the look videos all the time. It’s be soooo cool if you brought those back, but did get the looks for characters from rom coms like A Walk to Remember, She’s the Man, To All the Boys, etc.

  17. THAT BROWNSTONE is to die for, the dark issue i understand but there seems to be a good amount of light coming from the garden, the bug issue could be dealt with using a variety of products.
    i want to move to new york one day it’s a dream of mine, i would be an ICU nurse somewhere so hopefully that salary would allow me to live there with a roommate

  18. WOW!! I thought Austin was expensive – for these prices you could afford an apartment in the most expensive building in downtown Austin. I knew NY was expensive but was never actually told real numbers, thanks for sharing!


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