How about a little ZARA unboxing + Try on?


(Soz for the re-upload, something went wrong with the last vid’s processing!) How about a little distraction from the madness? A Zara unboxing and try-on. I hope it can bring some fashion-joy for a little while in this crazy time!

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Top – Sold out but similar from ASOS
Jeans – ASOS

Hot pink oversized blazer –

Black faux leather oversized blazer –

Halterneck bodysuit –

Beige wide leg trousers –

Wool trousers –

Indie’s Dress –

Indie’s yellow socks –

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  1. Ooooh, that pink blazer 👌🏻…first I sad like ‘naaaaah’, but then you put it on 😍. That with some skinny black jeans, black tee and black boots – maybe belted, would be veeeery Scandi. 👋🏻 from Denmark!

  2. Love that u keep on making vids and keeping the positive vibes🤩 personally i would say return the pink blazer, i feel like its not an item that could be worn often…

  3. Could you please do a video on how you would wear these things with mum boobs.. so, like the underwear you’d pair it with. I’m still getting use to my new body and I NEED HELP

  4. slappin the plant.. just like I do. Wow, I really thouht I was the only one and I felt like such a bad mom. Now I feel like the plants might actually be on earth just to tolerate people like us hahahaha ! Love you sam! Great vid 😀

  5. This is my first time watching your channel. I like your energy, but other than the pink blazer and the black bodysuits, I didn’t care for much else on this haul. Would love to see more people feature the shoes from Zara this Spring, they have so many amazing styles right now!

  6. LMAO the "don't be" and your face in the cutaways were hilarious. Appreciate you putting out content in all this madness ❤️, hope you and the family are well

  7. I am jumping on the bandwagon of formal Friday, where I will dress up , makeup done nice meal with a bottle of wine and chill . Buy online to keep the economy going , dress up once a week while social isolating.

  8. I love your energy here Sam!!! In those dark times I am glad we can watch something funky, esthetic 🙂 love he first white jacket… Once I am out of my quarantine I am gonna rock it 😀

  9. Sammy your videos bring me so much joy! I am so inspired by your style and I can totally relate to your love for coffee and the anxiety that comes with it haha! My masters program has gone online and I have been stuck at home for over a week now. I feel uncomfortable to say the least but I am SO grateful that you are uploading because it's exactly what a lot of us need! Stay safe & healthy <3

  10. I like the fact that you didn’t ignore the real situation. I do think it is so damaging when vloggers make fashion videos completely pretending that everything is roses and butterflies. I think it is damaging in the the aspect that it promotes desensitize behavior.

  11. Thank you so much for this video. It's nice to just watch a normal, fun and inspiring video in these times. I loved the pleather jacket. And I'm looking for a good blazer for work (for when quarantine is over) so I may have to give Zara a shoparoo.

  12. I'd been debating ordering that ecru biker jacket and this video tipped me over the edge haha its beauuuut. thanks for your videos you have such a calming positive vibe its like getting a hug watching you 🙂 x

  13. i love that pink blazer !! your style is on point. Also in this time of quarantine for many people ill be coming to your content more so if your thinking of a video idea if you havn't done it already id love to see kinda a wardrobe collection like your fav blazers/suit sets, your top denim, jackets and coats and just like the pieces you've collected overtime to showcase. I love you and really appreciate your channel at this time xx

  14. Thank you for mentioning mental health. Physically I'm ok but mentally this is a very difficult time. Because as an hypersensitive and hyperactive woman it's really hard not to go out and to not be stressed. What helps me is seeing that our beautiful planet is getting better than ever =).

  15. Hi Sammi! I know negativity is the last thing you need on your channel but I am hoping that some constructive criticism is still appreciated.
    It's about fast fashion. I know you have tested the waters in the sustainable fashion world and asked us to be easy on you on this transition. But I don't see how a Zara haul is you trying to become more sustainable, even if you did do a video about sustainable fashion. There might be a lot of people who have gotten interested in shopping sustainably/reusing/thrifting and then they see a Zara haul from someone influential like you who is 'also interested in sustainability'. It just sends the message that it's fine to sometimes cheat because 'Sammi is doing it'. I haven't said anything for a long time because I know that not everyone is here to save the world. But then I started reading the comments and literally every third comment says 'ohhh I need this'. And this is 100% your contribution to the problem. I don't want to make you look like the bad person here, we all have faults. But the difference here is that you're not only wearing these pieces but also promoting them, therefore promoting fast fashion. It's your direct (and massive) contribution. And someone who constantly buys and promotes fast fashion, should not call themselves a feminist. It's not just my opinion, fast fashion is a feminist issue.
    Also I think that you are very good at styling your clothes but you sometimes end up looking like every other blogger because you buy from these brands. I feel like there is this unique style hiding behind all this and you could really take advantage of it (and also grow on youtube) if you channeled and expressed that! I would love to see it! Let's all stop playing safe, for god's sake, it's 2020 and the world is literally falling apart. We can all take small steps!
    Please don't take this the wrong way and don't feel too attacked by this. I know we all just need love at the moment. I will still keep watching your channel because I love your personality and I do know you care about these issues. I just won't watch your fast fashion videos, I only clicked on this one because I felt like I needed to say something..
    Anyway, hope you understand. I hope you and your family are safe and well!! <3

  16. 😍 Great Content! Love it! 👏🏼👏🏼 I love to see content not related to our current situation.
    WHERE IS THE CARPET FROM? It's so beautiful. Maybe you have mentioned it already in another video but I would appreciate a reply so badly! 🥰


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