How I lost 17.5 pounds in 12 Weeks | My 90 Day Journey


Over 90 days ago, I had a breakdown. I realized after years of being in the public eye, I was no longer living the life I wanted. I spent a long time carefully constructing a plan to get my mind and body in the best shape of my life & going public with it was huge for me, because I knew I needed you guys to keep me accountable.

You’ve seen the rest. The backlash, the plateaus, the emotions. My intention was always to be transparent with you every step of the way, and I’m finally ready to talk about it all. Hope this video helps you guys think a little differently and inspires you to reach your own goals!!

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Cassey Ho is an award-winning fitness instructor, entrepreneur and online personality. As the creator behind Blogilates, the #1 female fitness channel on YouTube, she’s transformed millions of lives through helping them achieve their strength and weight-loss goals. She focuses on making fitness fun and the results are evident. Cassey’s unique format, POP Pilates©, which launched as a workout video on YouTube in 2009, has become a live fitness class that can be taken at gyms all over the world with over 3,000 POP Pilates classes being taught monthly. Her authenticity continues to shine through, making her one of the most relatable fitness icons online and beyond. She’s also the author of the best-selling book, Hot Body Year Round and is the designer of her own activewear line, POPFLEX.

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  1. Hey Cassey! I've followed you during this period, but never said anithing 'cause I felt like I had nothing 'right' to say…
    Now I want to say that I was a bit worried for you, 'cause I'm still struggling with bulimia, but I couldn't wait to se you happier.
    I'm glad that this journey brought you happiness and I wish you good luck for the future.
    Love you

  2. You are amazing. Honestly, don't listen to anyone who is trying to bring you down. I'm so happy that the 90-day challenge turned out so well for you and that you're happy 🙂

  3. That food genetic testing was so interesting. I love seeing you and how much positivity you have! I want to start a journey too especially with the holiday season and practice that change!! Thank you for sharing and showing us that you can make a change at anytime and you will see the fruits of your labor 😉

  4. You do what makes you happy, those who are worth your time will grow and support you, those who are not will make themselves known and you cut them out of your life.
    Sucks you weren't getting constant support, people's need to put down others for whatever self validation is really old.

  5. I've always thought there was something wrong with me because every time I watched a health video, they would always say "forget about the scale" and they'd follow up by saying, "In order to lose the weight you need to do this for you, not the number on the scale." So I always thought, do I not love my body just because I want to know what the number on the scale is? But now I feel so much relief watching this. It's okay for me to look at the scale. I love myself either way! Thank you so much for doing this. ❤

  6. Congratulations, Cassie! So proud of your journey and how stood to your goals and crushed it! This was very motivating and encouraging! I saw the grid that you did to track your progress and you wrote down something like "ttl change". Can you explain what is? Also, just purchased the fit journal! Love how cute it is! Thank you for sharing your journey with us! 🙂 xoxo

  7. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED YOUR ENTIRE JOURNEY! Thank you for not losing your true self (it's what's on the inside that matters), and kudos to you for being so brave and swimming against the currents of labeling, hate, and unasked for opinions. I've been a fan of your pilates classes since 2015 and I've loved you in every stage of your growth. The first 6 minutes of this video was my favorite part because holy crap does the internet need to hear that. Loved your honesty and positivity, congratulations on surpassing your goals 🤗👏🏻💖

  8. Thank you very much for the video. I really like how you took the scientific method of collecting data. It was nice to see some correlations in the graphs. I also want to express that I understand how upsetting the comments from the public can be. And I am sorry that they hurt you so much. Something similar happened to me, but on a smaller scale; there is somewhere my lecture on the structure of the universe and once I started to read the comments I felt terrible. All comments were sexist (well, I am a woman in a science environment). It felt so bad that I even googled 'how to deal with hateful comments', as I could not stop feeling miserable for many days. And I found a video of one music producer as he experienced exactly the same. And he said: 'Don't read the bad comments' and it actually helped. When I see any hateful comment, I skip it. These people just try to push down others, and, as it was shown in different studies, most the people, when acting online, do not treat people as people, but as things. I just want to tell you that your video was touching. I admire you and you are a big inspiration for many and for me too. Thank you for all your work. Sending warmest greetings from Belgium.

  9. I’ve been struggling with my weight for a few years now. My whole life I’ve been super tiny. About 3-4 years ago I started a new anxiety medication and my weight was 94 lbs. I’m 5’1”. I now weigh 150 lbs and it’s all fat. I look shitty, I feel shitty and I’m depressed. Because the medication I’m on has messed with my leptin, I have to work a little bit harder to see changes in my body. I’ve started and failed many, many journeys, but you have given me the inspiration to really give it my all and focus on becoming healthier mentally and physically and learning to love myself. Thank you for this video, this is exactly what I needed to see today ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  10. Cassie – I really liked this video, it was inspiring to see your growth and progress. I say this with love. As someone that has struggled with body image, food, other people's expectations – 2 book recommendation: Overcoming Binge Eating, by Fairburn. It outlines a great protocol for all adults with 'food stuff' and you might find it interesting as a trainer too. Also, 'I Can Make You Thin' – problematic title, but shows a great awareness of body psychology. Additionally, I'd love to see you and Mel Wells get talking about food and exercise on your channel. Love!!

  11. This is amazing!!! I have been in a plateau recently but seeing this makes so much sense!! I am also someone who sees these things as facts so it's helpful to log for me. Seeing someone's 90 days journey fully laid out is so inspirational. Thank you <3 <3 thank you for doing this. You bring the joy and self-care back into working out.

  12. This is so irresponsible! You looked fine before. What message are you sending to young impressionable girls? By all means lose as much weight as you see fit, it is your body! But sharing this is sending the wrong message!

  13. Congratulations Cassey!! We're all super proud of you and thanks for the explaning your data! I'm also on a similar journey since coming back from a month of travel but I was always confused whether I'm not losing weight because of my diet (I try veerry hard to eat clean) or my workouts everyday (I try to go kickboxing everyday).

    So looking forward to your January challenge! Maybe a slimming/stronger arm challenge? 😀 stay positive and beautiful! ❤️

  14. People have nothing better to do than to make other people feel bad about themselves because they are bored with their own lives. Those people need to go outside and do something with their lives. Everyone decides which direction their lives go. If you have a shitty job right now thats on you. If you hate your living situation, thats on you. YOU are the only person that can change the way you live your life. I used to think "whats the point of life? You go to school and learn things that you'll most likely forget and then you work until you can't and then you basically just survive until you die." I was working at an animal hospital working from 5:45am to 4:30pm 4 Days a Week. It sounded better than it was. My boss was an unethical person and there was plenty of gossip happening around in every department. This was when i was questioning everything in my life. Was this all i had to look forward to? I had felt that i needed that job and that i needed to suffer through the bad working there in order to eventually have the position that I thought i wanted. Eventually i started working more and more in the Vet Tech area, And soon came to realize it didn't matter what position i worked in. What mattered to me was the PEOPLE i worked with. I decided that i would quit that job but use what i learned to create my own business. I understand that it may be hard for people to just drop everything and start up their own thing, but if you really want it, you WILL make it happen. I love my job. i have bigger goals for my job to work toward and I'm excited about it. I also have more time to take care of myself. More time to travel and spend with family and friends. Its amazing how much your viewpoint can change when you start to realize that you ARE worth it and you don't need to be miserable.

    When people are miserable they will drag people down with them and then everything starts to become a "negative" thing. Surround yourself around positive people and people that are motivated, i promise these people will make a big difference in your life. Also another big thing that helped me was nature. Go for a hike or go to the beach and just take in all the surroundings. There is so much beauty in the world and you should see it. Instead of sitting at your desk or being on your phone and saying horrible things to people on youtube or Instagram or twitter or any social media, Do something good for yourself. Social media is amazing in the aspect of it helping so many people. The only reason why social media gets a bad rep is because of the PEOPLE behind it. Those who put other people down, those who feel the need to photoshop themselves because they are scared about what the PEOPLE will say if they don't look perfect. Nobody is perfect. Literally none. Everyone has insecurities. Everyone is going through something. That does NOT give you the right to judge them. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. If your unhappy DO SOMETHING about it. Do Not bring other people down because of your unhappiness. Its not their fault that you are not taking control of your life.

    And I'm not sorry how long of a "rant" this is. If i am able to reach even one person with this message then i will be happy.

    Cassey You keep doing you. You are amazing and beautiful and healthy. That is the dream and you are living it. Thats all that matters, do not let someone who is miserable with their own lives tell you how to live yours. What is true for you, is true for you. Everyone is different and thats okay, just keep sharing your story. It is YOUR story after all. No one else's! Thank you for putting so much effort into putting workouts out there for everyone. I love your motivation to keep going and staying positive! You always look for a solution when the road gets bumpy. I absolutely love that about you! KEEP DOING YOU! <3

  15. I'm so proud of you for working your personal growth edge and being so brave to do it so openly! You are such an inspiration to so many of us. I love the image of the flower and if it was told that it was ugly, stupid or not enough by another it does not decide to close. If someone decides to close their heart to us we do not need to do the same because then we close our hearts to ourselves. Our freedom from the approval of others is our fierce self Love! Keep up the good work!

  16. This is very inspirational Cassey! I can tell you are happier with yourself and no matter what the haters say, you are a real inspiration to so many people all over the world!

  17. Hmmm..I was somewhat pretty emotional after watching this because I was so happy and so proud of you tears of joy So glad you did this for yourself. I can see so much happiness in you from this journey! Thanks for being the positive and powerful Casey!

  18. I totally feel you when you say that you kept holding back your honest opinion out of concern that people were too rude and judgemental. It is very easy to criticize the others without being able to put ourselves to their shoes or try to truly understand them. Personally speaking you gave me tons of motivation and on a period I was heavily struck by stress, you helped me reconsider my health being and confidence. A very sincere thank you from me. So keep being yourself. People that respect and appreciate you for what you truly are they will never treat you like this. The rest of them can keep their hate and criticism for themselves

  19. You are so amazing! I am grateful for your transparency. It is a hard work to be transparent to your self. Cheers to your courage and dedication to celebrate yourself and sharing your beautiful journey with us. 👏🏻🤙🏻🙌🏻

  20. Honestly, I didn't get it at first. I saw the pics and thought, "the before looks just fine to me! Cassey is already fit and beautiful!" But I made myself think harder and I watched this video and now I get it. "Just fine" and "good enough" aren't 100% the best a person can be. Think of Olympic athletes — is just fine enough? Is "good" really enough? It isn't! So, Cassey, thank you for reminding us that it's ok to see ourselves as beautiful no matter what but also valuing the journey of seeing how much we're capable of and challenging ourselves to find that out. It really clicked when I remembered how I've always dreamed of being athlete-level fit. I don't know if I'll ever reach that dream but either way if that's the goal I have I shouldn't be afraid to try my best like you have, Cassey. I'm happy for you and I hope you continue to be able to enjoy dancing and the new, free you! Congratulations! <3

  21. Low key ugly crying when she shouted out her hubby for the support… This was such an awesome journey to check in on throughout as someone who loves tracking fitness data of all sorts. Great video!

  22. You're not loving yourself well by feeding yourself things that are bad for you. You're not loving yourself well by being unhealthy because it's easier. Taking care of someone (in this case, yourself) well isn't always easy, but loving someone well means prioritizing their wellbeing even when that's difficult.
    Good job doing this! Also, life is just easier and better when being your authentic self is the only option you allow yourself 🙂
    On a side note, your before looks like my current and I'm slightly taller than you with a lower body fat percentage than your after. I wonder where the differences lie in how people's body fat gets distributed and what percentages are really optimal for the various body types.

  23. I'm so proud of you! You are glowing, you look happier/confident.
    I realized a few months ago that I find numbers incredibly triggering, I can't weight myself, take measurements, count macros, calories, do meal plans etc. I tend to under eat a lot and I think I was subconsciously still starving myself like I used to as a teenager. So I stopped doing all the above and have been trying out "intuitive eating" since and I feel so much better. I'm concision of what I eat and make sure I eat balanced meals, that I don't go hungry and stop eating when I'm full but I have no idea how much I'm eating, how much I weight etc.I feel like I'll never be able to get my body to look the way I want it to since I can't measure progress but now I have actual energy without needing to drink coffee. I can eat a piece of cake or a slice of pizza and not feel incredibly guilty about it, I enjoy food a lot more now. It's fascinating watching people online talk about numbers like its nothing, I'm hopeful that someday I won't find numbers so triggering.

  24. I think what you did is very brave, I am also on a diet right now but my friends don’t get why. I am 158cm(5ft2) and 52, started at 54kg and want to reach 46.5kg

  25. Thanks for sharing 😀 Losing a small amount of weight and maintaining it is so difficult. I will definitely try tracking more. Also, thanks for the tips and words of wisdom.

  26. Hearing your weight/height being the same as mine but seeing how different we look reminded my teen eating disordered/scale obsessed self that those numbers really really shouldn’t be anything major to focus on in comparison to your mental and physical health.

  27. Thank you so much for this video Cassie. IAM currently struggling with finding what works for me with diet and exercise. I too use good as medicine, but since my hysterectomy, I seem to either stay the same or gain. I am as of today heavier than I have ever been, and I feel terrible… sluggish… uncomfortable in my clothes. I teach yoga classes, and have always been active and pretty fit, but right now I feel like my body has betrayed me, and I am afraid people will walk into my class and see me, and not want to do what I do because of how I look. I'm all about the whole big picture; not just how l look, but moreso how I feel, and right now I am feeling pretty hopeless and depressed because I have been trying so hard, but it doesn't show. I try to stay positive, and always have an attitude of gratitude, but today I am in years. I love what you do. I am sorry that people can act so nasty, mean, and insensitive. You are a beautiful inspiration to me. I love real, and you are so real, upbeat and positive, and brave. I am thankful for you and what you do.

  28. You are amazing, and I have no words to express how much your honest, authentic, and courageous journey means to me and so many people out there. I’m so sorry you had to deal with unsupportive people and it’s inspirational that you can wish them all the love. Thank you again for all you do!

  29. I can't believe people were every rude or mean to you!!!! You're a doll, built perfectly before and after. Don't focus on the people who dislike themselves and only attack as a form of validation. Listen to the people who love you and see you as the light you are. <3

  30. Cassey, i love you even more! (although i never thought that it's possible 😂)
    Thank you for being honest with us, for showing your real self, for sending that much of love even though there are people who try to hurt you. There are no words for those things you have done for us. You helped us to see different perspective of your journey. You are right, being a bully is never ok. Thank you for everything ❤

  31. Have you heard of diet breaks? (When you eat calories at your maintenance level for a few days and then return to a calorie deficit.) This helps with pushing through plateaus. Paul Revelia at Prophysique has lots of info on this. I think you would like his videos.

  32. Love this and thanks for sharing your personal journey with us! Your positive energy definitely help me today. I was slacking on working out but today I decided to be consistent again (the holidays and winter cold make me super lazy). 😊😊😊

  33. Oh man! Tears in my eyes by watching this video. Thank you Cassey!! Your speech gives me hope to go through my last week of 6 weeks fitness challenge. My goal is to lose 25lbs. I once so upset that I know I’m not gonna made it. So far only 11lbs lost. But, I have this motto copied down in my weekly journal: “The goal is just the destination to walk toward.” Fitness and healthy is a long term journey. I know one day I will get there! Thanks again! And, I’ll be there for your new January challenge 🙋🏻‍♀️ can’t wait! 🙌🏼

  34. Finally got around to watching this video, and I'm so happy for you. I've been following along on and off for years ever since a fellow dancer friend shared your videos with me. (Extreme Abs 2 was a go to lol) I've always enjoyed your joy and go get'em attitude, and I'm happy that you're focusing on being your true authentic self, because that's definitely why I enjoyed your videos all those years ago!😊 Best of luck to the days ahead! Also so cool your enjoying dancing!! As a ballet dancer I loveeee trying new styles and I love seeing other people enjoying dance😊😊❤

  35. I hate to see how bad people reacted when you first started, I've always seen you as such a positive strong woman who is empowering all of us to be healthier but also to be true to yourself. While I was scrolling through instagram and saw all your posts I was like: ''why is she hammering so much on the fact that she is who she is, don't we all know?'' But I didn't know it was because people were shaming you for who you are. Sometimes you just gotta throw it in their face a couple of times before they understand. I'm happy you did this journey, because you really do look slimmer but absolutely NOT anorexic or anything! I didn't know 17 lbs could be so.. normal? I guess hahaha. I would have expected to see you being wayyy too thin but you actually just look fitter and healthier. I'm glad you shared your journey with us <3

  36. You have more negative comments because you have 4.75 million followers. SO there will be a lot more hate comments on your page then on a page with only 100,000 people watching. But for smaller influencers they still get hate… just not as much because there are less people watching. So you might have a weird small percentage (but still large amount) of people who think you look fat for a trainer… and thennnnnnnnnnn a greater percentage of people thinking you are already fit and a low weight they dont think you need to lose weight. Then you have an even greater percentage of people who think just do what you want and be happy we love to learn from you.

  37. I’ve been a follower of yours since 2015 and I did the PIIT28 challenge.

    I think you are amazing! I love watching your videos and I think you are inspirational. This has motivated me, not start a 90 day journey but motivated me to get back on track!

  38. You're glowing!!! I'm loving this newfound happiness and Authentic Cassey is such a breath of fresh air! Thank you for sharing your journey with us, its been really inspiring. I'm also really happy that you've been doing more of the things you've been wanting to do, like those dance classes, and/or the things you don't always get a chance to do.

  39. People say mean comments because they are jealous. They are jealous because they can't find the willpower to do what you do. So instead of using your work to help improve themselves (like I do) they hate on the internet. Ignore those people and stay focused on being your awesome self! Just know that in all thoes mean people who might get insulted and say crappy stuff that you are greatly effecting others! Thank you so much! You are in my home almost everyday! I'm almost done with the 30 day glutes and about half way through the 30 day abs…I love it!

  40. If you would have said all of what you said in the beginning, at the very beginning of your journey. I think the backlash at the beginning of your journey, Would not have happened. But instead you said that you “this is the HEAVIESTi have ever been” then You have a huge list of all the things you were going to do. In order to be a certain weight

    It was so hard to hear, it was hard to read. I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM WITH YOU WANTING TO LOSE WEIGHT. but you came off as some one who didn’t not like their body. That you were doing this because of how you didn’t not like how much your body weight.
    I promise you if you would have started off the blog post the way you did this video, I know people would have understood.
    You should have read the blog from the beginning. It was so hard to hear
    But I have watched this whole then going on and to you anyone who doesn’t just agree with you, is a HATER.
    Just know I am not a hater, I was a huge fan. Even considering becoming a pop instructor, but now I feel like you changed your motivation as the journey went on. I also feel like at the beginning you did it because you were the HEAVIEST you had ever been. And all the other stuff was extra.
    I also feel like if self care was a goal as much as weight you would have tracked that as well. And made that as much as a priority.

    And again. I will day I NEVER CARED ABOUT THAT YOU LOST WEIGHT, I care about how you ORIGINALLY spoke about your body.
    And if you never lost any weight, would you still be happy? Would you still be okay with your results? what if you actually gained weight even as you try like crazy to lose? Would you still be as happy?

    This of course is my opinion.

  41. I love the idea of your 90 day journey. I can't believe that people would comment negatively about you. In just the short time since I've discovered blogilates, you seem like such a nice person. I hope that your new start will be everything that you hoped it would be. You are a great role model. For each person who makes a negative comment, think about how many people you are helping. That's worth it's weight in gold.


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