How I Stay Motivated GRWM


Thought I would take a day off of the sweats and the au naturale face to give you guys a GRWM as I answer your questions about my quarantine routine, how I stay motivated and how I look after my mental health. ✨


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  1. Hey everyone ♡ For today's video we're doing a chill GRWM. What is one thing that you found that you don't miss while being in quarantine?

  2. Introvert doesn’t mean you’re not social or that you don’t enjoy groups and parties. It just means you need time to recharge after and socialising takes effort. Whereas extroverts gain energy from being around people. You can be an introvert and very social!

  3. OMG she looks gorgeous in this video…😍
    Jenn, I literally love you how you talk and just everything about you!
    It's been only 3years since I started to subscribe to you but I'm feeling like we have known each other more and more.
    You're video always makes my day happy and feel sweet like I'm at home. Thank you💕

  4. I absolutely love all your content Jenn!! I found out about your channel not too long ago but your videos always are so soothing and aesthetically pleasing plus just brings me so much joy to watch and because of you I started reading a lot more and started to read books that you have mentioned and I have fallen in love with that, your channel, and you 💕

  5. Don’t know why but I really think JENN has become more mindful and wiser after the lockdown has happened.I can’t put into words how much JENN affected me and changed the way I live. Love you JENN.

  6. The things that you say, they really hit home for me. I relate to many of these things you say and I guess that's why I look up to you very much, prolly cause I see similarities in the way I do things. Really love hearing your updates! I needed to hear many of these things come from someone aside from myself lol

  7. It has been like 3 months since I did makeup cause in my country, covid19 started in February… I dont have any places to go to😂

  8. I haven't done my makeup at all during quarantine. No point if I'm going to chill at home or go to the store with a mask on. Saving so much money by saving makeup. XD Still love watching your makeup videos, though!

  9. I enjoy going for a drive I love to drive also I lost my job so now I'm doing door dash n Instacart working part time at 711 my husband is dying in a nursing home he's got myasthenia gravis my kids n grandkids can't help me n my great grandkids are babies he use to be a truck driver OTR right now sitting on the porch because no orders to run.

  10. Love this content. I kinda hope you will see this, but do you think it's possible if we like a Zoom Meetup, like a chill chit chat kinda meet up. Is anyone else interested in this ?

  11. I lost my job because of the virus, and it's making me very stressed and anxious.. I need to find some motivation to pick myself up, definitely needed to hear this

  12. Hey Jenn! very impactful content in this video! Thanks for discussing and sharing on mental health which a lot wouldn't out there. It is very vital to hear and take things one step at a time
    I couldn't agree anymore better when you said about how you motivated yourself, cause self-motivation precedes people's motivation.

  13. Thank you so much for this! I feel like this week I've finally gotten tired of just existing in quarantine and I'm ready to continue on with my life, even indoors. These tips and trick are going to motivate me in this.

  14. I really needed this video, it couldn’t have come at a better time. I love your positivity and outlook on life, however I know you have worked so hard for it and that makes me admire you more! Thanks for the videos!

  15. Hi beautiful,
    I am one of your. Subscribers for years and recently I just uploaded videos for my kids and hope you can check out and subscribe us that would mean alots😍

  16. I can relate to the always rushing thing 🙁 like everything has to be done immediately without really selecting which is really urgent and which is less urgent at a time

  17. You inspire me soooo much!! Whenever i watch your videos and listen to you talk(not in a creepy way tho) you just make me want to become more and more better and seek ways of improvement. I hope you know how much you inspire us❤i love you soo much and appreciate you soooooo much❤

  18. wow i really like these videos of you talking about motivation and staying positive. I love how you talked about embracing the slow down and become more intoned with yourself. I always find myself feeling anxious about the future or feeling the need to go- go – go. But its actually alot more rewarding to slow down and let yourself be abit more present. Thank you for reminding us 🙂 it applies to home life and work life for me.

  19. i really love and appreciate how real you in front of camera and how your words made me start to reflect on myself. god bless you jennn🤍🤍 lots of love from malaysia !!🇲🇾

  20. Such a statement for emotion. This is very important to recognize. There’s always a clear sky above the stormy clouds. Don’t get drawn to it 🙂

  21. this is my first time ever commenting on a YouTube video but I jus wanted to say how relevant this q&a was to things I’m experiencing during this time thank u thank u <3

  22. I couldn't enjoy this quarantine as my job requires to go to work normally.. But I discover your channel and now I'm trying to have a energetic morning routine thanks to you. Today is my first day doing that so let's see 💪

  23. when u find out you're rushing everything when it's not even necessary is so confronting lol! i'm currently reading '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' and the author discusses the importance of prioritizing.
    highly recommend and maybe it'll help you 🙂

  24. This was a lovely chat. I kinda wanted to take notes from this to be honest! Somehow even though I am not super into makeup at all your GRWMs are so watchable and like go deeper in a beautiful way. love you!

  25. Hey Jenn! I just wanna say i was never a reader…but watching your videos made me motivated to try read everyday and include it into my daily routine. Thank you Jenn! ❤️

  26. Jenn, I loved this video! Do you think you could go into a little more detail for your thought process when it comes to decision-making and goal setting? I really appreciated what you had to say about making goals more concrete! xx

  27. I loved how you talked about novelty and the different levels of it! I’ve definitely felt the same after being in quarantine! Also I went thru the same flow with masquerading as an extrovert and this validated that I am definitely an introvert

  28. Please come up with a podcast series Jenn, your content radiates positivity 🙂 Take care and thanks for making my day better xx


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