How Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC Affects ‘Dexit’ – IGN Now


The biggest controversy surrounding Pokémon Sword and Shield is the exclusion of hundreds of Pokémon from the game. However, the newly-announced expansion pass for the game will allow around 200 older-generation Pokémon to be caught or transferred in the game. Does this make everything right with Pokémon fans?

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  1. Some people will have to actually buy it, cause they don't have friends with switches, or Pokemon Bank, and they might not have enougg money. This is a problem with many kids.

  2. I’m kindah over everyone whinging about the dlc. It’s a product that you buy, not a right that you own it. It’s also creative content of someone’s hard work and effort. They can do whatever they want with it. On another note, there is nothing that is perfect in life so just stop expecting everything to be 100% perfect.

  3. Also in past times they released a new game you probably bought just for like 1 extra Pokémon or slight variation (crystal, gold and silver for example). This if anything is more new content for less!! Far out!! You people are so toxic and never happy. I think you need to turn your attitude around!!

  4. Gamefreak does their dedicated fanbase so dirty. Hope sinnoh remakes can be the pokemon games we deserve. Has pokemon ever been the game of the year or even nominated? They do make a lot of money.

  5. People who complain about Pokemon SwSh fit these 3 Categories:

    1. Can't afford a Switch
    2. Can't afford Pokemon SwSh
    3. Can't afford the Expansion Pass

    Get out of your parents' basement, and get a job.

  6. Nintendo originally started business as a manufacturer of gambling cards, chips, and dice. Their connections with the Yakuza allowed them to brutally shake people down for money. It looks like Nintendo is returning to at least one part of their roots.

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