How This Dancer Fuels Her A.M.-to-P.M. Routine


[Paid For by Yogi] When you work from home, creating a routine to frame your day becomes even more important. Watch the video above to see why professional dancer and entrepreneur Meagan Kong follows a set routine, from the stretches she does to get her day started to the three flavors of tea she brews to help herself transition to different parts of her day. SUBSCRIBE to POPSUGAR for more!

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  1. This video would have been so much more useful and interesting if she actually went more into the food she was eating and had the tea after. It's ok to advertise because we know you need to make an income but when it's just purely advertisement with barely any effort into the rest of the video concept it looses it's credibility (heck I even started to doubt she dances at all😂) and feels like you don't have much respect to your viewers. A real waste of a potentially great video 😕

  2. I was waiting to see what food she’s going to eat. I understand that this video is sponsored by yogi but it’ll be more genuine if you show what other nutrients she is putting in her body. This just full blown advertisement, it’s disappointing

  3. Daily routine seems like catch up on social media and emails, chat with family and friends, eat a couple healthy meals, workout, drink tea, and put on a face mask. Sounds like a great weekend! 🤣

  4. Where is the food? Please don't do this. If a teenager watched this video they'd think you can live on that diet and starve them selves! You are sending a bad message to people. We need nutrients to be healthy and tea is not providing it


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