how to bounce back | VLOG WEEK 04


how to bounce back from a hard week + my beauty routine ❤
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What do you do to kick back from a challenge?

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** This video is sponsored by Kenzzi ❤
My relationship with Kenzzi began back in September when I was offered a chance to try out their at-home laser hair removal handset. After trying it for myself after a few weeks and instantly noticing the difference, I began working it into part of my weekly routine and also share it with you!
I only ever share products I love and am excited about — and not having to shave my legs 3x a week is something I am very excited about lol.


  1. I totally get what you mean about how our mindset changes how we deal with what happens! Memories in our minds are painted portraits, not photographs. How we interpret the event determines how we remember it. What colours you paint your memories with influence how your life looks!

  2. You’re videos are so motivating!! 💚Where did you get your black and white patterned yoga mat that you used in your last video? It’s so cute!

  3. I’ve been feeling really down with essentially a “New Years resolution hang over” this is exactly what I needed to hear. I’m so proud of you for showing this side, not afraid to show you’re a little anxious sometimes or your feelings. Your content never fails to excite me. I have your GYST playlist every Sunday just seeing you get your shit done, makes me feel like I can do mine. ❤️❤️ hope at some point you do a yoga retreat we’d al be down to fo

  4. Oh gurl. Those brussel sprouts mixed with edamame look goooood. You giving me good meal prep ideas! This week I prepped a salad that has edamame and mango on greens and etc. The mango and the edamame really work together, too.

  5. I’d love to see podcast episodes on travel! All about how you plan your trips, from booking Airbnbs to packing and planning things to do. How you travel on a budget and how you travel alone. Your travel vlogs are my absolute favorite!!

  6. I totally relate to this, I feel like last week was just a rough week for me tool. On monday, I woke up early and felt like I'd gained a much needed fresh start to get back into my routines. Life has setbacks and bad days but it's all about how we react and how we let those days effect us

  7. Kalyn you look amazing in this video. Your hair curled like that blonde is just such a mood I love it you’re like a Canadian winter princess. 😍❄️⛄️

  8. When you said to play Khalid my phone said "okay" and stopped your video to play the song!! It was the loveliest surprise! When I'm down and off my wagon I actually watch your videos. You always seem to tell me exactly what I need to hear. Thank you💖

  9. I really enjoyed this vlog! I think it was because you were checking in a lot more and really showing us what you have been up too! Also, I love when you squeeze in some cheeky motivational nuggets 🥰

  10. Kalyn, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! i'm going through a very stressful period in my life because of my college exams and your videos and overall energy keep me motivated and inspired. i've been following you for well over 3 years now and without you realising you've changed my life for the better…i started yoga and meditation because of you and they have drastically improved my every day life. I never really leave comments but felt like maybe letting you know in case you see this. Keep up everything you're doing, your energy is like sunlight! x

  11. BE CAREFUL. okay I had to pause it 2 minutes in. Do not shave your upper arms! They are hormonal areas and shaving them triggers those zones making the hair grow more and thicker usually. I don't know if your are going to see it or if somebody else already has told you that on the comments but I thought it would be good if somebody told you!! And now I'm going to continue!!!

  12. You couldn’t have posted this at a better time. Life has been throwing so much at me. I’m pregnant with my first baby and everytime I go to the doctor all I get is bad news. I’m trying so hard to stay positive but sometimes I’m like what’s the point if bad things are still gonna happen. But Like you say I’m just “rolling with the punches” at this point lol. Love you Girl!

  13. I've been thinking about narrowing my own channel's niche a lot for 2020. I love making lifestyle videos, but I find that I often get 'off track' by uploading slightly too random content at times and not consistently. When you mentioned you started your channel as a 'tutorial-based' one, it made me realize that that's a good place to start. With a specific niche/intention and then grow your content and audience from there. Thanks for the inspo!!

  14. I'm loving these vlogs! I definitely feel more connected to you through these than I have in a while and I feel like you're getting your spark back. That you're really letting yourself grow and glow and I cannot wait to see what 2020 brings!!

  15. tbh I would totally love to see more of you doing your makeup even just a little clip during a vlog…. I'm just starting to dabble with makeup and seeing other people do it is really helpful, and I'm obsessed with how you do your makeup so watching you do it is mesmerizing lol

  16. Hey I’ve been a loyal subscriber for 2 years now!! I just want to say with the best intentions, there’s a reason that you need to be a licensed esthetician or specialized nurse to legally give laser hair removal treatments. Although home laser hair removal may not be as strong and dangerous as commercial lasers, it’s still dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Also home laser hair removal is not nearly as effective. I just don’t feel it great to advertise because you need very specific skin type / hair type in order to get good results even from professional laser hair removal. Therefore making the “home” laser hair removal a gimmick.

  17. Omg this was my exact mood this week. I SLAYED the first couple weeks of January and then slipped the third. Even what you said about the 2019 mood creeping in… FELT THAT! Back to slaying the game. ❤️❤️ Thanks for the good vibes!

  18. i loved everything about the video except for the loud rap- that rap to me was soooo annoying. The rap's volume is much louder than Kalyn! Could the video editor at least pick a woman rapper?


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