How To Fix IBS – A Proven Blueprint (part 2)


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How To Fix IBS – A Proven Blueprint (part 2)

If you haven’t listened to part 1, please do so before you continue. Or at least, make sure you do so after listening to this second part.
The direct link to part 1 is found below this video, in the description area.
With that said, today I’m going to reveal proven methods of fixing IBS forever. The people who have followed this “blueprint” have gotten long-term results.
And this is based on personal experience with friends and family, in addition to clients.

As stated in part one, there is no permanent “cure” for it – as there isn’t for most health problems.
However, what you’ll discover today will allow the IBS symptoms to be minimized to the point that you basically won’t be dealing with them anymore.
Inflammation is The ROOT Cause
Before I start, I want to let you know that the underlying problem with IBS or other “gut” issues or stomach problems is inflammation!
In fact, inflammation is the root cause of many health problems.
The good news is that it’s very manageable and FIXABLE… and I’ll give you more details about how to reduce inflammation at the end of this video
How To Fix SIBO
As discussed in part one, up to 80% of IBS issues are related to SIBO, which stands for “small intestinal bacterial overgrowth”.

If you have this, you would first take an antibiotic, such as Xifaxan (zy-fax-in).
Unfortunately, antibiotics will kill off ALL bacteria, including the good ones and this can cause fungus and yeast growth.
So, you’d then need to take an antifungal drug, such as Sporanox.
How To Fix IBS – With Supplements
At this point, now we need to replace what’s missing or imbalanced. Thus, we need to first fix the bacterial issue.
This means taking BOTH prebiotics and probiotics.
I would then suggest taking MCT oil, more specifically – Caprylic Acid C8, not C10. All you need is maybe 1 teaspoon, 2-3x daily.
Taking digestive enzymes with meals is also a good idea.
And in between meals, you can also take L-Glutamine. I would take the powder to save money, about ½ teaspoon, 2-3x daily. Just put it in water. It has no taste. It also turns OFF your appetite, so that’s another side benefit.
How To Fix IBS – With Food
Avoid Dairy – I’ve said it before, milk is for babies and cow milk is for baby cows. Dairy is problematic for almost everyone.
Alternative: Instead, have rice or almond milk.
Remove Sugar – try to eliminate all sugars in your diet, this also means “syrups”. Read labels. This also includes alcohol, juices and even fruit.
Alternative: If you want to sweeten your food, have Stevia. As far as fruit, limit it to citrus (lemons, limes) and berries
Avoid Vegetables:
Avoid Legumes:
Avoid Gluten & Lectins:
Avoid Omega 6 Fats

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