I am the least conservative person on earth when it comes to outfit ideas and fashion, but I am going on vacation and need some modest clothing! So I am going on a shopping spree to find fully covered looks…

a very big challenge for me, since usually I dont even wear pants lol.


ps remember, the way you dress is for you and nobody else. ALWAYS reflect who you are and whatever makes you feel beautiful. always.

3,070,000 kisses!
Amber 🙂

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  1. PS – the entire point of this video is me shopping TO BE RESPECTFUL OF A NEW DIFFERENT CULTURE WHILE I VISIT!!! (yes, if you follow me on insta you know i am in Dubai lol – I researched a lot and you know my normal outfits would be totally inappropriate, so i went on a special mission to find things that would be beautiful AND respectful. In absolutely no way was this meant to be offensive (obviously!!) my intentions are always pure and to spread love and light. I found LOTS of beautiful things online after this – u will see in the vlog :)) Anyways…greetings from Dubai! I love u all! AND PLEASE REMEMBER YOU ARE LOVED! In any dress and any pants or lack there of lol. To the moon & back xx -Amber ♥️

  2. I love watching you Amber, but modesty can we wonderful, empowering and beautiful. I'd recommend trying it consistently for a solid amount of time and seeing how it feels, as opposed to just for a vacation.

  3. Hey Amber, I’m not sure if you already left for your trip, but I have a good tip for dressing modestly. What I would do Is wear jeans any type with any top you like and a light blazer on top. It’s modest but you can make it look cute ❤️

  4. Obviously she wasn't trying to be disrespectful. I'm a hijabi and I'm not offended cuz it's a new style for her😂❤️but like ps I lived in Dubai for a while and they're not that strict 😂❤️luv u amber❤️

  5. If you are coming to dubai you actually can wear t shirts, off shoulder, not too shorts short skirts or dresses above the knee .. but without being falshy 😂😂 have fun 💕 hopefully will meet you somehow 🙈💕

  6. Hey amber, have you seen the green sequined bikini Kim Kardashian wore for her Halloween ig legally blonde Harvard video remake? You have more experience in diy’s than I do, and I’ve seen rhinestone bikini diy’s but literally no sequins on YouTube. I don’t know if you would be interested to make that but i still would love to see it and hope you don’t mind me requesting it

  7. To add to my last comment they have the sequined ones on Etsy but not exactly like Kim’s. Here doesn’t look as much as a competitor bikini and that’s what Etsy has

  8. You can wear modest clothes and look sexy! All those boring clothing peaces are the worst.. Try watching Alexandra..? Uh i forgot her name but just look up capsule wardrobe alexandra
    Edit: It's alexandrasgirlytalk

  9. Lmaoo girrrl you were putting too much thought into it. Its really not that hard lmaoo. Just a tip whenever you wear a dress and you feel like you look like a sac of potatoes, just add a nice sleek belt on your waist.. works every time 👌🏻

  10. Not all people are good in being modest and so fashionable its not easy job it gets better by time and a lot of trail , but don't worry that much i live in dubai people who told you to wear modestly they know nothing every one here wears what ever they want literally but now in dubai its spring windy weather not even summer so don't worry yourself that much.

  11. Showing skin doesn't make something cute, Amber. Really appreciate the effort though. I think you got too dependent on being an "insta hoe" not realizing that you actually look beautiful even without all the skin.

  12. She made it sound like being modest isn't okay. I mean I understand her personal preferences but you know what I've noticed? When we have personal preferences… say…good videos, she posts a video about her struggling so hard and crying in her million dollar apartment. But if it's her preference, we just have to suck it up coz we're bullying her if we voice it out. I'm modest, I'm fabulous. It's sad that she can't feel that way without showing off skin. But good effort, I'll give you that

  13. Its hard for me to find clothes because I don't wear crop tops a short shorts and I don't wear short dresses and plus nothing ever fits right I'm a size 7 pant in womens but I wear a large top because mediums is too small up top lol😂😂

  14. I love how you are respecting other cultures 🙂
    Well just to help: if your going to Saudi for example then yes it is BETTER to be modest.
    If your going to the UAE , dubai specifically then i think knee length cloths are ok

    Cant wait to see whats the country 😍😍 im sure it is going to be beautiful and informative

  15. Ohh actually we don't really wear like you're saying we are trying to wear like Americans….. so if you wear like a long stuff and cover up that doesn't mean that you are doing it for the country or somthing it's kinda ok to wear what you wear😂😂😂💕

  16. Oh my god Amber I love you so much and also it’s almost 4M subscribers I love u!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ You always make my day keep being yourself love you!❤️❤️🥰 (by the way I am writing I love you so many times 😂 well I love u so)


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