IGN Reviews – Metal Gear Solid: HD Review


IGN gives its review of the Metal Gear Solid: HD collection. 3 classic games come to the PlayStation 3, but do they make an exclamation mark appear over our heads?

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  1. Ok im going to play mgs3 mgs2 mgs Pw mgs tpp mgs 4 and mgs GZ and metal gear and metal gear 2 solid snake all of them in 2019 once again because i freaking love this game.

  2. IGN never played a MGS game and it shows with this review. MGS3 story in my opinion was the best in the series. Perfect combination with gameplay and cutscenes. Peacewalker to me felt bland on the PSP didn't buy HD collection. I own the MGS collection PS2 which came with MGS 1 through 3, enjoyed them very much. I'm glad Konami didn't remaster these games for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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