I’m back! How i’ve been feeling, life updates & doing my makeup..(yet again)


Annnnd i’m back….again lol – I finally feel in a bit of a better place to come back with regular content so i’m starting with a VERY chatty one, what i’ve been up to and how i’ve been feeling recently. Good to be back x

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  1. Would love you to cover your tattoo removal journey in videos! Will you get a cover up once it's faded or no?

    Do you still feel like you'll get more tattoos in the future? You and HeyClaire were the OG tattooed beauty baddies to me 😍

  2. I got my tattoo removed at pulse light clinic in Bank area in London and I’m really happy with the results. There was still some marks/scarring/slight bumpiness due to the original tattooist going too deep, but the pigment was nearly all gone. If your tattoo was done well and your skin doesn’t feel bumpy, you should be able to get rid of the pigment completely (over a long period of time, but it’s worth it imo!). I’ve now got a new tattoo over the top which covers up the scarring and you cant tell there was a big black tattoo there before at all! Message me if you would like me to DM you before/after pics x

  3. You’re SO enjoyable to watch and listen to, Sam! You’re interesting and beautiful and funny and relatable and real and girl has depth! Thank you for sharing glimpses of your life, and life lessons, with all of us. It’s inspiring. ❤️

  4. 2020 is moving mad you know 🤔 I’m so happy to see my sisters flourishing tho! You’ll be just fine! We love your videos whenever you’re in the space to put them out 😍

  5. Love you sooo much ❤️ you're one of the only YouTubers I've seen staying down to earth throughout the years and journey to success on YT. I can only wish you to find nothing but peace within yourself

  6. It seems like you have really found yourself after this divorce and you’re experimenting different things. Sometimes in a relationship you morph into the other person and you lose yourself a little. So happy for you!

  7. I've been finding the exact same thing creativity wise, all of a sudden I've started painting non stop and listening to music constantly. Is it in the scorpio air? MayB

  8. Would love to see a q&a about whatever you fancy so bring on the excessential! (Wow that's hard to spell?) Great to hear your life thoughts as always 🙂

  9. Tattoo removal, I don’t have specific names of places in LDN.. but I recently got mine removed using the PicoWay Laser and it worked nicely. It doesn’t damage the skin as much as other lasers so less scarring. If they have those in UK, maybe a good place to start by looking for PicoWay. 🥰

  10. Just wanted to say I loved this video! I live alone and am at a very similar point in my life so it was nice to hear someone else going through similar life stuff. I liked that there was no background music or too many jump cuts so felt like doing my makeup with a friend (lol) that was recommending me new products. Also, the existential q&a sounds like a really good idea- love hearing others’ views on more deep topics

  11. I didn't know you were going through so many changes.. But that's exciting too it seems. You look great, you seem to be a bit more free. Glad to see you back and stay well my friend. P. S. – yes to existential crises and questions and theories and beliefs yes. 😘

  12. Yes, spiritual stuff! I love, how we grow together. Years ago I was interested in your Style and Makeup. And now I'm interested in your inner growth. (Hope that, makes sense – I'm not a native speaker)

  13. A spiritual q&a sounds amazing. Wondering have you read many lives many masters by Dr Brian Weiss? It would be interesting to discuss as he deals with reincarnation. It's the most interesting compelling read. Would love to see what people views are

  14. I got my nose pierced with a ring but they do advise you start with a stud so that the piercing won't move about so much while the hole is trying to heal. Minimum healing time is 12 weeks as your nose is very sensitive, I got mine changed to a smaller ring at about 14 weeks and even getting it changed still made me tear up so yeah, be patient – it will be worth it to make sure it heals properly

  15. I'm trying to stop saying sorry!!! I say it all the time without even being in the wrong just thrown in at the beginning of a sentence. Such an annoying habit! Trying to replace it with 'okay'. Good to have you back Sam! x

  16. It's not advised to have a hoop in a nose piercing initially because its more likely to develop irritation bumps due to the curved shape. And it can also cause it to heal with a slight curve so studs won't sit completely flat.

  17. Wowowow you are glowing girl! Living in your truth works on you!!! Such a shift for the better, this path is going to be a beautiful one x

  18. Totally here for the existential Q&A. Thank you for being so vulnerable with where you are at on your journey. Have been watching you for YEARS and it's so inspiring to see your growth (as we grow too!). Thank you!!

  19. So glad to see you back! been pulling away from most youtubers i watch bc honestly… sick if capitalism and in-genuine calls of action. but I'm so here for the transformation youre going through and i cant wait to see more


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