Immortals Fenyx Rising Hands-On: A Playful Pantheon


Our first hands-on impressions of Immortals Fenyx Rising, the Ubisoft game formerly known as Gods & Monsters.


  1. Typically, can you turn off the attack damage numbers in Ubisoft games? I haven't played one since Black flag. I have a real problem seeing those numbers in games. its make or break for me.

  2. A very beautiful game, so colourful and silky smooth, much more so than BOTW, which looks so muddy and flat. Sure, BOTW is 3 years old now but I blame it more on the child console it was released on. This game, by comparison is simply gorgeous to look at. I'm hopeful that the gameplay will be as equally impressive. I'm also hopeful that Ubisoft will come to its senses and rename this game Gods and Monsters.

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