Introducing Jake DuPree’s 21-Day Full-Body Transformation


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Are you ready for flatter abs, a tighter booty, and leaner arms in just 21 days? Join barre trainer and POPSUGAR Fitness favorite Jake DuPree on a three-week journey that will push you to challenge yourself in a series of cardio and toning workouts. These workouts are nonstop, but Jake’s signature sassy humor will be the encouragement you need to push through. This plan includes:

– Daily workouts created by barre trainer Jake DuPree
– A strategic blend of toning and cardio workouts to help you reach your goals 
-11 workouts organized over 21 days
– All workouts are under 45 minutes
– Minimal equipment needed, as all workouts can be completed without equipment or with light free weights and a pillow

Purchase the program, on sale now for just $19.99 on:

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  1. Please help me understand. Gay men like men, correct? Assumption number 1, the more manly a man is, the more attractive he should be to a gay man right??? So, question, why would a gay man, who wants to be attractive to another gay man… behave,dress, and speak like a woman? Please help me to understand this. This doesn’t make sense!

  2. Whew. The bigotry / hate on PopSugar is strong today. 😒

    I adore Jake. He is comfortable with who he is. Doesn't mean he is supposed to edit himself to make everyone else comfortable. One can always simply click to the next vid.

  3. No,no,no,no,no…no! Just no….. unsubed…. How could anyone think this is cool? A man batting his eyes like a woman? I'm guessing if this channel had a predominantly gay following the subs would be wiggling their noses back to him but being straight…its just odd and awkward to watch a man/woman combo personality interacting like there is gay on the other end…marketing fail maybe?

  4. For anyone thinking of buying this, I’m over half way through the 21 days currently. I love Jake and his workouts, but this plan is just his current workouts on YouTube. Sometimes you do the same workout multiple times.

    I’m pretty disappointed that they couldn’t film some fresh workouts for this seeing as it costs money. They are great workouts, but most of them are pretty much exactly the same every day.


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