Jenna’s Ratchet Dog Salon


I know there will be comments in here about this being cruel to the dogs and what not, please just read this before you leave one of those: I love my dogs more than the world. I would never do anything to them that was cruel, and the most important thing about doing things like this with your dogs is that you know their limits and work with them to make it a fun experience for both of you. Any dog that you try this on will likely have a reaction to the initial sensation of being sprayed with something, and why not, it’s a totally new experience for them. For them to be a little fearful at first is to be expected. But if you watch as the video goes on how much (and how long it took us) to make this a fun and rewarding experience for them with praise and treats there really is no problem. Honestly in my opinion the nail polish is the absolute best because they don’t mind it in the least and it looks hysterical. I promise you I would have stopped using the spray and shut of the camera immediately if I thought they were getting distressed and if you do want to ever try something like this with your dogs do stop if it’s too much for them. I just really really want you guys to know I would never hurt them or stress them out on purpose and I promise you a million percent that they really had a good time doing this and got a nice warm bath afterwards. Love you guys, Jenna.

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  1. By the way, don't do any of this to your cats. They will lick the spray paint. You also shouldn't paint their nails. Their claws retract, meaning they would get nail polish inside the claw area. (I don't know what its called)
    You can, however, put colored claw covers on them. Those are used as an alternative to declawing.

  2. Jenna 2015: I could just bathe them and clip their nails, but no one wants to see that
    Jenna 2018: so today I’m giving my dogs a royalty free spa day because they stink

  3. First of all can everyone just like the video for the most amazing wholesome description. Like what other youtuber would do that

    And second of all anyone who thinks that Jenna would ever harm her dogs CAN GET OUT

    I know this video is like four years old but love you jenna☺️

  4. its fun watching people grow, i wonder if jenna would still stand by this video as much as she did at the time, by no means was it abuse but she seems to have really tightened up the strings on whats right and whats wrong pet wise? i doubt she would make this video again or anything like it in 2020. the online pet community is fucking horrendous for bullying and such, yes sometimes people are in the wrong when it comes to pet care (which she has experienced before with her fish and she did the right thing in response) but the need people feel to bully and essentially tear someone a new one instead of being kind and informative is scary.. the online animal community is full of self proclaimed professionals and the behavior of those people is absolutely disgusting !

  5. Jenna 2015 “I could just bathe them and cut their nails but that’s boring and who wants to watch that? Not me.”

    Jenna 2018 “giving my dogs a bath while they listen to royalty free music”

    Jenna 2019 “Bunny’s first bath”.

    Hahaha. Apparently we did want to watch that.


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