Joe Rogan Experience #1426 – Justin Martindale


Justin Martindale is a stand-up comic, writer, producer, and actor.


  1. novel coronavirus is NOT an airborne illness, it is transmitted by droplet/contact meaning you need to come into direct contact with it or be within 3 meters of someone who is coughing, sneezing, etc. the virus into the air

  2. Speaking from unfortunate extensive experience, you do not get withdrawal after using once… if you’re an addict you could potentially be mentally addicted/fixated and then use everyday until you are physically addicted (withdrawals), but you do not get withdrawal after using once.

  3. If there’s anyone reading this that’s dealing with a mental illness just know your not the only one out there and people you don’t even know care about you and hope your doing better.

  4. When you bring up taxes and the fact you don’t trust where they go at 51:35, can we bring up providing a “check list” of where we as citizens would have our tax dollars allocated? I’ve felt this way for a long time, and I’ve paid state taxes that pave my roads and pay police and fire department and schools, however I have a serious problem with Federal taxes being a “grey” area. Can you please address this with someone ?

  5. Invite the owner of the Cookies Brand, Berner. He's a (wack) rapper that is taking the cannabis industry by storm. Millennials are collecting the silly mylar bags to be cool. I'm sure it's good cannabis because Arjon scouts his genetics and he has God and his team growing for him.

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