JRE MMA Show #90 with Rashad Evans


Joe sits down with former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, and a 2019 inductee of the UFC Hall of Fame, Rashad Evans.


  1. So far after listening to this podcast at the place I’m listening to it out I think Shenzhen young would be an excellent guest for him too bad he doesn’t know who that isJoe Rogan that is

  2. Out of all the guest That Joe had on his podcast that talked about dmt or mushrooms, I feel like Rashad is the best by far. Very intelligent and well spoken. I can sense inner peace and love within him. That’s powerful

  3. Joe, I have some really interesting information that would be good if you could contact back it would be worth it. Check out my insta dm regarding the subject. DWNR is the @ please contact.

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