Justice League Snyder Cut Coming to HBO Max 2021 (Live Reaction) | SJU


We react to the news LIVE that the Snyder Cut is coming to HBO Max in 2021 as it comes in about 00:02:20 into the stream!
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Snyder Cut Coming to HBO Max 2021 | SJU
Hosted by Joe Starr (@joestarr187)
Featuring: Spencer GIlbert (@SpencerJGilbert)
Produced by Ryan O’Toole (@ryanohtrue)
Tech Director: Jonathan Moulton

Executive Producer: Roth Cornet
Writer/Producer: Joe Starr
Writer: Eric Goldman
Supervising Producer: Max Dionne
Senior Producer: Billy Patterson
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand


  1. You guys are hypocrites you always hated DC fans and now because the cut will be released you’re on the other side

  2. Australia fires. Kobe's death. Corona virus. Pentagon confirms alien footage. And now… Snyder cut to be released.
    I dont think we need further proof that we are nearing the end of times.

  3. Now I want the Trank cut of Fant4stic. Can we get a petition started for Disney to release that on Disney+? I would love to see what that movie would have been.

  4. Can someone please explain why everyone is so excited? BvS sucked, Justice League sucked…so why are we hyping something that would likely suck?

  5. The great part in this is that if the movie is good you can always bring back these characters from this universe in future movies. Remember we still have wonder woman, aquaman and maybe flash movies coming out. Also, the concept of the multiverse allows you to have different versions of a character.

  6. So strange how this channel disrespects the Snyder Cut. I’m understanding the fans who are considered toxic, this shit gets old. Thank god it’s happening.

  7. Are we really arguing about semantics or perceptions on what the term "cut" means???
    Cut as in a finished product ready to to show —OR— cut as in Snyder's vision backed by discarded film footage that can be assembled to his desires (or his original plans before the wrecking ball came).

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