let’s listen to 2000’s throwback songs


listening to 2000’s songs we forgot about ✨
with everything that’s happened this year I’ve found myself making extra content for anyone who needs the extra company, the boost in feel-good energy or just a moment of distraction amidst the 2020 chaos.
I don’t make any revenue from most of these Show & Tell series videos (despite the long ass hours spent editing) but I do feel like we get to cut loose a bit, get a little goofier than usual and hangout like we’re having a sleepover and that’s enough for me 💗
So this one is for any of you who are a 90’s/00’s babe, enjoys a nice glass of wine (or cup of tea), and a girls night in.
“Let’s go girls.” *in shania twain voice*

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2000s time travel 🍭:
02:06 – With You by Jessica Simpson
04:08 – Pieces Of Me by Ashlee Simpson
05:30 – Come Clean by Hilary Duff
08:18 – Leave (Get Out) – JoJo
09:37 – Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney
11:30 – Ironic by Alanis Morissette
13:29 – Don’t Impress Me – Shania Twain
15:13 – Cool by Gwen Stefani

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  1. When I heard come clean by Hilary duff all I could see in my mind was the opening credits of Laguna Beach. Might have to break out the old DVD and watch the good old times of high school drama again.

  2. I'm going to take a wild guess that your favorite on Gossip Girl was Nate. 😜
    I distinctly remember being in the 2nd grade, and the daily newspaper said "Hillary Duff Comes Clean" referring to her new single, and my mom said, "oh no!! What did she do?!" because all the pop stars had been going crazy haha.

  3. Words cannot describe how much I needed this! I love hanging out with friends and listening to throwbacks while drinking wine. Haven't been able to do it for a while, so this was great! Love you so much, Kalyn. Thank you for all the smiles and laughter!

  4. How can we support you in lieu of the ad revenue that youtube rudely keeps from you?! do you have a patreon, a paypal, venmo, anything we can use like a "tip jar" or any commission links we can follow for amazon buys? should we buy some koze sweaters??? literally anything, i fully believe you are a CREATOR and that is a CAREER that deserves to be PAID FOR YOUR WORK NO MATTER WHAT <3 <3 <3

  5. Ok so my very first concert was a Jesse McCartney concert at 6 flags when I was like 11 or 12. I had such a huge crush. We ended up waiting in the rain for hours until he finally showed up, sang two songs, and left. I was devastated. 12 yr old me learned real quick that men can be real disappointment lol.

  6. Thank you for this chill night that we all need! I got pumped when blink 182's I MISS YOU played. You are such my motivation to get my shit together this quarantine and to be really fine and at peace with myself. Sending tons of love from the Philippines.

  7. Why did I start crying when Jessie McCartney came on 😂 it’s crazzzyyyy how much music can literally make your mind travel back in time. I’m watching this video whenever I need a pick me up from now on!! 💜

  8. WE NEED MORE!! Love you for doing this. Who else has these nummers on repeat today? (The swimming pool scene with Jesse McCartney in Beautiful Soul gave my 12 year old me feelings that I wasn't quite ready for 😂)


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